Xihu, Changhua

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Coordinates: 23°57′34″N 120°28′48″E / 23.95944°N 120.48000°E / 23.95944; 120.48000

Xihu, Changhua
Chinese 溪湖鎮
Xihu Township in Changhua County
Xihu Township

Xihu Township (Chinese: 溪湖鎮; pinyin: Xīhú Zhèn) is an urban township in the middle of Changhua County, Taiwan.[1] It is a traditional farming village. Along with Xiluo, it is one of the centers of vegetable-growing on the western side of the island. Famous local foods include lamb hotpot and kyoho grapes.


The area of Xihu township is 32.0592 km2. As of January 2017, its population was 55,694, including 28,302 males and 27,392 females.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises 25 villages: Beishi, Biantou, Dating, Datu, Dazhu, Dingzhuang, Guanghua, Guangping, Hetung, Hutung, Huxi, Macuo, Nande, Panpo, Pinghe, Taiping, Tianzhong, Tungliao, Tungxi Village.Xiliao, Xishi, Xixi, Zhongjiao, Zhongshan and Zhongzhu.


The township has one senior high school (溪湖高中), two middle schools (溪湖國中, 成功國中) and five elementary schools (湖東國小, 湖西國小, 湖南國小, 湖北國小, 溪湖國小).

Tourist attractions[edit]

During the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan (1895-1945), Xihu was an important center for sugar manufacturing; because of demand for sugar transport, a railway system was set up. Local officials have now set up a tourist train featuring a 60-year-old steam engine that pulls several train carriages full of tourists during weekend runs. The locomotive is Taiwan's first unmodified steam engine, Engine No. 346.


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