Taimali, Taitung

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Taimali Township
Rural township
Skyline of Taimali Township太麻里鄉
Taimali Township in Taitung County
Taimali Township in Taitung County
Location Taitung County, Taiwan
 • Total 97 km2 (37 sq mi)
Population (July 2018)
 • Total 11,192
 • Density 120/km2 (300/sq mi)

Taimali Township (Chinese: 太麻里鄉; pinyin: Tàimálǐ Xiāng) is a rural township in Taitung County, Taiwan. It has a population of 11,507 in 96.6523 km2 area. Taimali Township is located on the Pacific coast.[1]


Tjavualji was established 1,000 years ago by the Qian YaoKao, also called the Da Ma, who were ancestors of the Paiwan people. Qing era records show the placename written variously (Chinese: 兆貓裡/朝貓籬/大貓狸/大麻里), etc.[2] According to Paiwan legend it had been called "the village of sunrise" (Jabauli or Tjavualji in Paiwan language) because there the sun rises from the eastern sea.

In the early 1900s (under Japanese rule), other aborigines such as the Amis and Paiwan peoples were moved to the village. In 1920, the village was officially called Tamari (太麻里), which is essentially the name used up to now. During the 1940s (also under Japanese rule), some residents from Miaoli, Nantou, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung also settled in the area. Due to the increasing population, the Japanese government subordinated the village to Taitō District, Taitō Prefecture, and in 1937, its official name was changed to Tamari Village (太麻里庄).

After Taiwan was handed over from Japan to the Republic of China in 1945, its name was modified to Taimali Village (太麻里村).

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises nine villages: Beili, Dawang, Duoliang, Huayuan, Jinlun, Meihe, Sanhe, Taihe and Xianglan.

Tourist attractions[edit]



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