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Lego Vikings logo.png
Parent theme Lego Vikings
Subject Vikings
Availability 2005–2006
Total sets 7

Vikings is a stand-alone theme originally released in Fall of 2005. It is based upon the Norse warriors most commonly referred to as Vikings, as well as their mythology.


Minifigs: 1 Viking.

Minifigs: 2 Vikings.

  • 7017 Viking Catapult versus the Nidhogg Dragon

Minifigs: 2 Vikings.

Minifigs: 6 Vikings.

  • 7019 Viking Fortress against the Fafnir Dragon

Minifigs: 6 Vikings.

  • 7021 Viking Double Catapult versus the Armored Ofnir Dragon

Minifigs: 3 Vikings.

  • 7020 Army of Vikings with Heavy Artillery Wagon

Minifigs: 7 Vikings.

  • G577 Vikings Chess Set

Minifigs: 24 Vikings.

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