List of terrorist incidents in April 2019

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This is a list of some of the terrorist, alleged terrorist or suspected terrorist incidents which took place in April 2019, including incidents by violent non-state actors for political, religious, or ideological motives.


  • Types of incidents are selected from the Tactics of terrorism page.
  • Casualties figures in this list are the total casualties of the incident including immediate casualties and later casualties (such as people who succumbed to their wounds long after the attacks occurred).
  • Casualties listed are the victims. Perpetrator casualties are listed separately (e.g. x (+y) indicate that x victims and y perpetrators were killed/injured).
  • Casualty totals may be underestimated or unavailable due to a lack of information. A figure with a plus (+) sign indicates that at least that many people have died (e.g. 10+ indicates that at least 10 people have died) – the actual toll could be considerably higher. A figure with a plus (+) sign may also indicate that over that number of people are victims.
  • If casualty figures are 20 or more, they will be shown in bold. In addition, figures for casualties more than 50 will also be underlined.
  • Incidents are limited to one per location per day. If multiple attacks occur in the same place on the same day, they will be merged into a single incident.
  • In addition to the guidelines above, the table also includes the following categories:
  0 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  1–19 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  20–49 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  50–99 people were killed/injured by the incident.
  100+ people were killed/injured by the incident.


Total incidents: 128

Date Type Dead Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
1 Bombing 0 2 Diyala Governorate, Iraq Two Iraqi soldiers were wounded when an explosive device targeted their vehicle in the Sheikh Tami village located in Diyala.[1] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
1 Arson, looting 0 0 Chibok, Nigeria Boko Haram militants set on fire several houses and looted a village in the area of Chibok.[2] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
1 Execution 5 0 Borno State, Nigeria Five people including 3 civilian militia members were executed and filmed on video by the Islamic State backed faction of Boko Haram.[3] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
1 Shooting 8 5 Sholgara district, Afghanistan Eight policemen were killed in a Taliban attack on a checkpoint in the Sholgara District of the northern Balkh Province. The Taliban was blamed for the attack.[4][5] Taliban War in Afghanistan
1 Attempted bombing 0 0 Bastia, France Two homemade explosives were found in front of government buildings on Corsica. This happened three days before the French President Emmanuel Macron arrived at the island. There was no claim of responsibility.[6] Unknown Corsican conflict
2 Bombing 1 2 Gourma-Rharous Cercle, Mali A French military doctor was killed and two others were injured when an explosive device detonated on his vehicle in the Gourma Region.[7][8] Militants (suspected) Northern Mali Conflict
2 Bombing 2 1+ Seiyun, Yemen Two Yemeni soldiers were killed and a number of others were injured when their vehicle struck a roadside bomb in the Seiyun district of Hadramout province. No group has yet claimed responsibility or been blamed for the attack.[9] Unknown Yemeni Civil War
2 and 4 Arson 0 0 Opelousas, Louisiana, United States of America Louisiana black church fires: After the burning of a church on March 26, two other churches were burned down in St. Landry Parish. The Greater Union Baptist Church on April 2 and the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church on April 4. The son of a St. Landry Parish sheriff's deputy has been charged with the burnings.[10][11] Holden Matthews Terrorism in the United States
3 Shooting 1 3 Jalawla, Iraq A policeman was killed and 3 others were left wounded in an attack by militants in the Jalawla district of Diyala Governorate.[12] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
3 Shootings, clashes, hostage taking 62 0 Arbinda, Burkina Faso 62 people were killed in attacks by terrorists militants and subsequent communal clashes due to the attacks in the town of Arbina in North Burkina Faso.[13] Militants Insurgency in the Maghreb
3 Shooting 1 0 Kulgam district, India In Shalipora village of Kulgam District, Abdul Majeed, a panch (a village level local self-government institution member), was shot and injured by suspected militants. He died the next day in a hospital.[14] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
3 Shooting 30 22 Murghab District, Afghanistan 30 soldiers were killed and around 22 others were wounded in Taliban attacks on the Bala Murghab district in the Baghdis province of Afghanistan. Some early reports also said that air support also caused heavy casualties to the Taliban during the incidents, although other reports said no reinforcements had arrived in the area.[15][16] Taliban War in Afghanistan
4 Ambush, shooting 5 1 Daquq District, Iraq Five policemen were killed and another one was wounded when Islamic State militants ambushed and opened fire on a patrol carrying the policemen near the area of Daquq.[17] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
4 Car bombing 0 7 Mogadishu, Somalia Seven people were wounded when a car bomb exploded outside a police academy in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu. The Al-Shabaab group claimed responsibility for the attack.[18][19] Al-Shabaab Somali Civil War
4 Bombing 0 5 Jalalabad, Afghanistan Five civilians including a child were wounded when a bomb exploded outside a bus in the Afghan city of Jalalabad. No group has claimed responsibility for this attack yet.[20] Unknown War in Afghanistan
4 Shooting 4 2 Chhattisgurh, India Four Border Security Force (BSF) personnel were killed and two others injured in an encounter with Communists in a dense forest area near Mahla village in Kanker District of Chhattisgarh.[21][22] PLGA Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
4 Bombing 1 18 Puli Khumri, Afghanistan A civilian was killed and 18 others were wounded when an explosive device went off outside a health complex in the city of Puli Khumri. No group has claimed responsibility for this attack yet.[20] Unknown War in Afghanistan
4 Execution 2 0 Merca, Somalia Two traders were killed by Al-Shabaab militants while the traders were ferrying goods to the Merca town in Lower Shabelle.[23] Al-Shabaab Somali Civil War
5 Car bombing 3 1 Ar-Rutba District, Iraq Three civilians were killed and another one was wounded when a booby trapped vehicle placed by Islamic State militants blew up when truffle hunters tried to open the vehicle in the Anbar Desert.[24] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
5 Shooting 1 2 Chhattisgurh, India A Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) trooper was killed and another injured in an encounter with Maoists in the forest under Saleghat area near Chameda village in Dhamtari District of Chhattisgarh.[25] PLGA Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
5 Shooting 2 0 Than To District, Thailand Two Border policemen were shot and killed at a mosque after gunmen entered the mosque in the Than To District. The attack is suspected to have been done by Southern Insurgents.[26][27] Insurgents (suspected) South Thailand Insurgency
6 Shooting 4 5 Sar-e Pol Province, Afghanistan The Taliban attacked checkpoint in the Sari Pul province killing 4 policemen and injuring 5 others in the attack.[28] Taliban War in Afghanistan
6 Shooting 5 (+5) 7 Ghazni Province, Afghanistan The Taliban attacked checkpoints in the Ghazni province killing 5 policemen and injuring 7 others, while 7 Taliban were killed in a gun battle that ensued.[28][29] Taliban War in Afghanistan
6 Shooting 1 0 Sopore, India An off duty army man was shot and killed by militants in the Sopore district in Kashmir after he was returning home.[30] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
6 Suicide bombings 3 (+2) 45 Maiduguri, Nigeria Three members of a civilian militia and a civilian were killed while 45 others were wounded, when two female suicide bombers detonated their explosives in the Muna Dalti settlement in Maiduguri. Boko Haram is suspected for the attack.[31][32] Boko Haram (suspected) Boko Haram insurgency
6-7 Shooting 3 4 Fotokol, Cameroon Three soldiers were killed and 4 others were wounded when the Islamic State faction of Boko Haram attacked a post in the area of Fotokol in Cameroon in the night of Saturday to Sunday.[33] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
6 Bombings 3 19 Jalalabad, Afghanistan Three civilians were killed and 19 others were wounded when two explosives were detonated at district 4 of the city of Jalalabad.[34][35] Islamic State War in Afghanistan
7 Rocket attack 5 16 Masyaf, Syria Five people were killed and 16 others were wounded when jihadists fired rockets at the city of Masyaf in Hama Province. The attack occurred hours after an attack by Tahrir al Sham was foiled.[36] Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (suspected) Syrian Civil War
7 Bombing 0 5 Jalalabad, Afghanistan Five civilians were injured when a bomb was detonated in the Afghan city of Jalalabad.[37][35] Islamic State War in Afghanistan
7 Bombing 3 1+ Deir ez-Zor Governorate, Syria An IED targeted a vehicle of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Abu Al Hasan village in the Deir ez-Zor province, killing 3 and injuring a number of others. The attacks are believed to be done by ISIS sleeper cells.[38] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
7 Air strike 14+ 16 Sanaʽa, Yemen 7 April 2019 airstrike in Yemen: A blast occurred near two schools in the largest city of Yemen. At least 14 children died, and 16 became seriously injured. The Houthi movement accused the Saudi-led military coalition of carrying out an airstrike. But the coalition denied carrying out any air strike in Sanaʽa that day.[39] Saudi Arabian-led coalition (suspected) Yemeni Civil War
7 Clashes, arson 10+ 1+ Taraba State and Benue State, Nigeria At least ten people were killed and several were injured in clashes between Jukun and Tiv communities at the shared boundary between Taraba and Benue. Several houses were burnt down by the attackers.[40] Jukun and Tiv Communal conflicts in Nigeria
7 Shooting, bombing 0 (+2) 2 Abu Hadriyah Highway, Saudi Arabia Shi’ite militants attacked a border security checkpoint trying to escape the country. Two attackers were killed, and two others were arrested. Three of the attackers were on a wanted list. Two members of the security forces became injured in the attack.[41] Shi’ite Militants Terrorism in Saudi Arabia
8 Shooting 20 8 Shorabak District, Afghanistan 20 Afghan soldiers were killed and 8 others were injured when the Taliban launched attacks on checkpoints in the Shorabak District.[42][43] Taliban War in Afghanistan
8 Bombing 4 3 Bagram, Afghanistan Four Americans including three soldiers and a contractor were killed while three others were wounded when their convoy struck a roadside bomb near the base in Bagram. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.[44][45] Taliban War in Afghanistan
8 Bombing 2 5 Jalalabad, Afghanistan Two people were killed and 5 were wounded when an IED attached to a military vehicle exploded in the Afghan city of Jalalabad. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for this attack and other attacks done in Jalalabad in days before.[46][47][35] Islamic State War in Afghanistan
8 Shooting 1 0 Kunduz, Afghanistan Unidentified militants killed Kameel Karimi, the representative of Afghanistan Taekwondo Federation, in Kunduz city of Kunduz province.[48] Militants (suspected) War in Afghanistan
9 Suicide bombing 7 (+1) 26 Sheikh Zuweid, Egypt Seven people including officers and civilians were killed and 26 others were injured when a suicide bomber targeted a market in the town of Sheikh Zuweid in the Sinai, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.[49][50] Islamic State Sinai insurgency
9 Car bombings 8 3 Raqqa, Syria Eight people including four civilians and four members of the Syrian Democratic Forces were killed and 3 officers were wounded in a double car bomb attack in Raqqa. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.[51][52] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
9 Shooting 1 0 Mohmand District, Pakistan Apolio worker was shot dead while trying to persuade a family to vaccinate their children against the crippling virus.[53] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
9 Shooting, execution, kidnapping, arson 3 0 Fuqaha, Libya Gunmen believed to be of the Islamic State attacked the town of Fuqaha in Libya killing three people including the mayor and kidnapping another one, the attackers also burnt several homes during the attack.[54][55] Islamic State Second Libyan Civil War
9 Shooting 2 0 Kishtwar, India A Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh leader and his security officer were shot and killed by militants in the town of Kishtwar in Jammu and Kashmir province.[56] Militants Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
9 Bombing 1 2 Buhriz, Iraq An Iraqi soldier was killed and two others were injured when an explosive device targeted their vehicle at Ibrahim el-Mazkour village on the outskirts of Buhriz. No group claimed responsibility but the Islamic State group is mostly responsible for attacks like these.[57] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
9 Bombing 1 2 Asadabad, Afghanistan A civilian was killed and two policemen were injured when a bomb was detonated on a police vehicle in the city of Asadabad. The Taliban was blamed for the attack.[58] Taliban War in Afghanistan
9 Bombing, shooting 5 0 Dantewada district, India A BJP legislator and four of his security personnel were killed when their convoy was attacked with a bomb and following gunfire by Maoists in the Dantewada District.[59][60] PLGA Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
9 Shooting 1 2 Fallujah, Iraq A Tribal fighter was killed and two others were injured when Islamic State militants attacked their checkpoint near Fallujah in Al-Anbar.[61] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
9 Shooting 1 6 Kapai, Philippines Clashes broke out between communist insurgents and army soldiers, resulting in one soldier killed and six wounded.[62] NPA Communist rebellion in the Philippines
10 Bombing 0 3 Jurf Al Nasr, Iraq Three Iraqi paramilitary fighters were injured when a bomb targeted their security patrol in the Jurf Al Nasr area of Babil.[63] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
10 Bombing 1 2 Mosul, Iraq A tribal leader was killed and two of his other relatives were wounded when a bomb exploded targeting his vehicle in the Al-Shura area south of Mosul.[64] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
10 Shooting, suicide bombing, hostage taking 2 (+2) 5 Diffa, Niger Two policemen were killed and four people and a soldier were injured when pro-Islamic State militants of Boko Haram launched an attack towards a group of police and then holed themselves up in a gendarmes house before detonating their vests, it is unclear if hostagers are among the dead.[65] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
11 Shootings, bombings 4 7 Saladin Governorate and Al Anbar Governorate, Iraq Four security members were killed and 7 other people in separate attacks in the provinces of Saladin and Al-Anbar, the attacks were most likely done by Islamic State militants. The attackers had also used bombs in the attacks.[66] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
11 Suicide bombing 2 (+2) 1 Monguno, Nigeria A soldier and a civilian vigilante were killed and another soldier was injured when two suspected Boko Haram suicide bombers detonated their vests when they were stopped to be arrested in the area of Monguno.[67][68] Boko Haram (suspected) Boko Haram insurgency
11 Shooting 2 1 Deir ez-Zor Governorate, Syria Two members of the Syrian Democratic Forces were killed and a third one was injured when they were shot at by members believed to be of the Islamic State.[69] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
11 Bombing 3 1 Quneitra Governorate, Syria Three children died and a fourth one was injured after a land mine exploded. It's unknown who placed the land mine.[70] Unknown Syrian Civil War
11 Arson, attack 11 0 Tchakamari, Cameroon Boko Haram fighters killed 11 civilians during an overnight incursion into Cameroon's Far North Region and burned down a village.[71] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
12 Suicide bombing 20 (+1) 48 Quetta, Pakistan 2019 Quetta bombing: Twenty people including two children and one Frontier Corps (FC) personnel were killed and several others, including four FC personnel, sustained injuries in a suicide attack at a vegetable market in Hazarganji vegetable market of Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan.[72][73][74][75]


Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Islamic State[78][79] Insurgency in Balochistan
12 Bombing 2 10 Chaman, Pakistan Two civilians,including one child were killed and 10 injured, including two FC personal were injured when Unidentified militants had planted an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) on a motorcycle parked in the main bazar on Mall Road.[80] Militants Insurgency in Balochistan
12 Ambush, shooting, kidnapping 1 0 Mandera, Kenya Two Cuban doctors were kidnapped and their bodyguard was killed when they were ambushed in the area of Mandera by Suspected Al-Shabab fighters.[81][82] Al-Shabaab (suspected) Somali Civil War
12 Shooting 7 (+4) 3 Ghor Province, Afghanistan Seven security forces were killed and 3 other people were wounded while 4 Taliban were killed during an attack and ambush on a police convoy in the Ghor Province.[83] Taliban War in Afghanistan
12 Bombing 0 5 Khok Pho District, Thailand Four policemen and a civilian were injured when a bike bomb exploded when the police pick-up truck passed. Insurgents are suspected to be behind the attack.[84] Insurgents (suspected) South Thailand insurgency
12 Bombing 0 0 Barbacoas, Colombia A part of the Transandino pipeline, owned by Ecopetrol, was bombed. The pipeline was not operating at the time of the attack.[85] ELN (suspected) Colombian conflict
13 Shooting 6 50 Kunduz, Afghanistan Six people were killed and 50 others were injured when the Taliban launched attacks on Kunduz in different parts of the city.[86] Taliban War in Afghanistan
13 Shooting 8 9 Baghlan Province, Afghanistan Eight policemen were killed and 9 others were injured when the Taliban stormed and attacked a checkpoint in the Baghlan-e-Markazi district of the Baghlan Province.[87] Taliban War in Afghanistan
13 Suicide bombing 1 (+2) 2 Sibolga, Indonesia A women and her son blew themselves up after their house was surrendered by police. The husband/father was arrested the day before for having links with Islamic State and planning an attack. The women, her son, and another child died. A policeman and a civilian became injured.[88][89] Islamic State Terrorism in Indonesia
14 Ambush, shooting 10 1+ Mayadin District, Syria 10 pro-government militiamen belonging to the Liwaa Al-Quds group were killed and several others were injured in an ambush by the Islamic State near the Bir ‘Ali area in the Al-Mayadeen Desert.[90] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
14 Shooting 1 4 Peshawar, Pakistan One person named Shah Hussain was killed and four others were wounded in firing, accused arrested.[91] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
14 Grenade attack 1 4 Karak District, Pakistan One child was killed and four others wounded after a hand grenade exploded in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Karak district on Sunday. Children picked it up in thinking of toy, search operation started.[92] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
14 Bombing, shooting 0 4 Kandahar Province, Afghanistan Four Romanian soldier became injured when their MRAP vehicle was attacked by terrorist. First an IED exploded, afterwards the soldiers were shot.[93] Unknown War in Afghanistan
15 Shooting 7 (+63) 15 Lake Chad, Chad Seven soldiers were killed and 15 others were injured when Boko Haram militants attacked a base in the Bouhama area in the Lake Chad region. 63 terrorists are also said to have been killed.[94][95] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
15 Shooting 1 (+3) 0 Jharkhand, India Three Naxals and one Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were killed in an encounter in Jharkhand's Giridih district. The encounter between the security forces and the Naxals took place around 6 am on Monday.[96] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
15 Car bombing 0 1 Benghazi, Libya The head of a Libyan counter-terrorism service was injured when a car bomb blew up in the Libyan City of Benghazi.[97] Militants (suspected) Second Libyan Civil War
16 Shooting, Blasting 1 (+5) 4 Peshawar, Pakistan In an clash between terrorists and Policemen, one policeman,five terrorist were killed and four people including two soldiers got injured in an intelligence-based operation in Hayatabad's Phase 7 area of Peshawar.[98][99][100] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
16 Bombing 0 17 Fallujah, Iraq 17 soldiers were left injured when a roadside bomb blew up close to an Iraqi Army convoy in the area of Fallujah.[101] Islamic State (suspected) Iraqi insurgency
16 Shooting 2 (+52) 20+ Cross Kauwa, Nigeria Two Chadian soldiers were killed and over 20 MNJTF personnel were wounded in a Boko Haram attack. 52 militants were also killed.[102] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
17 Shooting, ambush 1 2 Hawija District, Iraq A policeman was killed and two others were injured when ISIS gunmen ambushed a vehicle and opened gunfire in the area of Riyadh in the Hawija District.[103] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
17 Car bombing 4 5 Mogadishu, Somalia Four people were killed and 5 others were injured when a car bomb blew up in a busy road in the city of Mogadishu, the Al-Shabaab group is suspected for the attack.[104][105] Al-Shabaab (suspected) Somali Civil War
17 Shooting 2 0 Baidoa, Somalia Two soldiers, including an Ethiopian soldier, have been killed by Al-Shabaab militants.[106] Al-Shabaab Somali Civil War
18 Shooting, petrol bombings, riots 1 3+ Derry, Northern Ireland A 29 year old journalist was shot and killed during mass riots and fire bombings in the Creggan area of Derry in Northern Ireland. Police treat the shooting as a terrorist incident.[107] New IRA (suspected) Dissident Irish Republican campaign
18 Shooting 14 0 Makran Coastal Highway, Pakistan 2019 Makran massacre: 14 people were killed when Baluchistan separatists stopped buses and shot at people who they identified to be Pakistani Navy officers on the Makran Coastal Highway. The attackers who were wearing Frontier Corps uniforms later fled from the scene.[108] Baloch nationalists Insurgency in Balochistan
18 Shooting 10+ 0 Al-Kawm, Syria More than 10 Syrian Soldiers were killed when Islamic State militants ambushed them in the town of Al-Kawm the militants then retreated to the desert.[109] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
18 Attack 3 5 Kamango, DR Congo Three Congolese army soldiers were killed and five others were injured by an attack blamed at first to the Allied Democratic Forces but later claimed by the Islamic State. It was the first attack in Central Africa claimed by the Syrian-based terrorist group.[110] Islamic State ADF insurgency
18 Bombing 0 3 Boungou, Burkina Faso Three people got injured after a university bus struck a roadside IED. It’s unknown who placed the bomb.[111] Unknown Terrorism in Burkina Faso
18-19 Ambush 0 0 Oudalan Province, Burkina Faso A gendarmerie position was attacked by unknown militants in an overnight attack. There was no claim of responsibility, or reports about casualties.[112] Militants Insurgency in the Maghreb
19 Car bombing 3 2 Herat, Afghanistan Three security officers were killed and two others were injured when a car bomb detonated in Herat while the officers where trying to defuse it.[113][114] Taliban War in Afghanistan
19 Ambush 1 2 Butembo, DR Congo A doctor was killed when attackers stormed a hospital. A health ministry staffer and a driver became injured. The attack was blamed on militants.[115] Militants ADF insurgency
20 Suicide bombings, shooting 7 (+4) 8 Kabul, Afghanistan Seven people were killed and 8 others were injured when suicide bombers and gunmen stormed the Afghan ministry of information in Kabul, the attack was claimed by the Islamic State.[116][117][118] Islamic State War in Afghanistan
20 Shooting 19 0 Aleppo, Syria 19 Syrian soldiers were killed when HTS allied militants attacked their positions near the city of Aleppo.[119] Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Syrian Civil War
20 Bombing 2 5 Qayyarah, Iraq Two policemen were killed and 5 others were wounded when their vehicle struck an explosive device in the Al-Houd village in Qayyarah, Mosul. No group claimed responsibility but attacks like these are often done by the Islamic State.[120] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
20 Shooting 1 (+1) 4 Mopti Region, Mali An Egyptian peacekeeper was killed and 4 others were injured during an attack on their vehicle in the Mopti Region, the attack was responded by one of the attackers being killed and 8 others detained.[121] Militants (suspected) Northern Mali Conflict
21 Shooting 12-16 0 Guiré, Mali 12 Malian soldiers were killed when terrorists attacked them in Guire in Central Mali, several soldiers are reported to be missing and some reports stated that 16 soldiers were killed in the attack. Al-Qaeda aligned groups often attack soldiers in this area.[122] Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Northern Mali Conflict
21 Suicide bombings 258 500+ Colombo, Negombo & Batticaloa, Sri Lanka 2019 Sri Lanka Easter bombings: A series of explosions were reported at three churches, three hotels and two other places in several cities in Sri Lanka, including the capital Colombo. At least 253 people, including dozens of foreign nationals, were killed and more than 500 wounded in the bombings.[123][124][125] The church bombings occurred during Easter mass in Negombo, Batticaloa and Colombo while the three hotels targeted were the Shangri-La, Cinnamon Grand and Kingsbury hotels in Colombo.[126][127][128][129] Two other attacks occurred in Dehiwala and Dematagoda while authorities were conducting their investigations following the morning attacks. 76 suspects have been arrested pertaining to the attacks.[130] Islamic State, National Thowheeth Jama'ath[131][132] Terrorism in Sri Lanka
21 Shooting, bombing 0 (+4) 3 Al Zulfi, Saudi Arabia Islamic State members attacked a Saudi police station. The attack was foiled, four attackers were killed. Three policemen became injured.[133] Islamic State Terrorism in Saudi Arabia
21 Melee attack 0 0 Ankara, Turkey Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of opposition party CHP, was attacked while he was attending a funeral for a Turkish soldier killed in clashes with the PKK. He was safely driven away by police officers.[134] Supporters of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan 2019 Turkish local elections
22 Bombing 0 0 Colombo, Sri Lanka A ninth bomb was detonated in Sri Lanka near St Anthony's Shrine, a church that was hit by suicide bombers the previous day. There were no casualties.[135] National Thowheeth Jama'ath (suspected) Terrorism in Sri Lanka
22 Shooting 7 0 Blangoua, Cameroon Seven people were killed in an attack by Boko Haram militants in the evening.[136] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
23 Vehicle ramming 0 8 Sunnyvale, United States A driver intentionally drove his vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians and cyclists before crashing into a tree. According to a police statement, he was targeting a family he thought were Muslim.[137][138] Isaiah Joel Peoples Terrorism in the United States
23 Air strike 8 8 Kitaf wa Al Boqe'e District, Yemen Eight people were killed, and eight others became injured when a missile from an air strike hit a petrol station 50m from a hospital. It's not clear wo carried out the attack, but the Saudi-led coalition is carrying out air strikes in the area.[139] Saudi Arabian-led coalition (suspected) Yemeni Civil War
23 Shooting 1 0 Bannu, Pakistan Pakistani police say gunmen have killed a policeman assigned to escort polio workers during a three-day nationwide campaign against the crippling disease.[140] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
23 Kidnapping 1 0 Coeneo municipality, Mexico David Eduardo Otlica Aviles, the PRD mayor of Nahuatzen in Michoacán, was kidnapped by unknown men from his house in San Isidro, Nahuatzen. His body was later found in Cortijo Viejo in the municipality of Coeneo.[141] Unknown Terrorism in Mexico
24 Shooting 1 0 Peshawar, Pakistan Militant Islamists shot dead a police officer guarding a polio immunization team in Peshawar.[142] Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (suspected) Terrorism in Pakistan
24 Shooting 11 0 Hama, Syria 11 Syrian soldiers were killed when HTS-allied rebels ambushed their positions near Hama.[143] Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Syrian Civil War
25 Shooting 1 0 Chaman, Pakistan Gunmen shot and killed female polio vaccinator, the fourth in week in the surge of violence against efforts to rid the world of the crippling childhood disease.[144] Militant Insurgency in Balochistan
25 Shooting 3 1 Yathrib, Iraq Three security personnel were killed when Islamic State militants attacked a checkpoint in the area of Yathrib in Saladin province.[145] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
25 Bombing 0 3 Kirkuk Governorate, Iraq Three policemen were injured when a roadside bomb detonated on them in the Rashad area of Kirkuk Province.[145] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
25 Beheading 1 0 Nigeria Amaq News Agency released a video of the beheading of a MNJTF soldier. The man was taken prisoner by ISWAP in Nigeria.[146] ISWAP Boko Haram insurgency
26 Shooting, bombing 1 (+15) 2 Kalmunai, Sri Lanka April 2019 Kalmunai shootout: During a police raid on a suspected jihadist safe house, at least three suicide bombers detonated their explosives, and more militants opened fire on police officers. Six terrorists were killed during the raid, along with nine of their family members. A civilian was shot dead during the battle, and two others are injured.[147][148] Islamic State (claimed), National Thowheeth Jama'ath Terrorism in Sri Lanka
26 Shooting 6 0 Koulpélogo Province, Burkina Faso Armed jihadists attacked a village school in eastern Burkina Faso, killing five teachers and a municipal worker.[149] Jihadist Insurgency in the Maghreb
26 Bombing 1 3 Jebel ech Chambi, Tunisia A Tunisian soldier was killed and another three were wounded when an IED exploded on their vehicle in the Chambi Mountains. Al-Qaeda linked militants claimed responsibility for the attack.[150] Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Insurgency in the Maghreb
26 Ambush 0 (+several) 0 Sabid, Somalia Al-Shabaab militants attacked an army base manned by government forces in Sabid town, south of Mogadishu. However, the attack was repulsed and several militants were killed.[151] Al-Shabaab Somali Civil War
27 Shooting, arson 4 4 Far North Region, Cameroon Four people were killed and four others were badly injured in an attack by suspected Boko Haram militants in the Kofia Island in Far North Region of Cameroon.[152] Boko Haram (suspected) Boko Haram insurgency
27 Shooting 22 (+8) 24+ Aleppo, Syria Al-Qaeda-linked militants have launched attacks on positions of government forces in northern Syria, killing 22 and wounding at least two dozen others. Eight insurgents were also killed. [153] Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Syrian Civil War
27 Shooting 1 3 Poway, United States Poway synagogue shooting: A man started shooting at Jews in the Chabad of Poway synagogue in Poway, California (a city near San Diego, California). One women was killed and three other persons became injured. The suspect published an anti-Semitic and racist open letter on 8chan where he blamed Jews for a supposed white genocide and other ills. He was inspired by Australia-born terrorist Brenton Harrison Tarrant and Robert Bowers the perpetrators of the violent Christchurch mosque shootings at Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand and the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting at Tree of Life - Or L'Simcha Congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States respectively.[154][155] John T. Earnest Terrorism in the United States
27 Bombing 1 2 Baiji, Iraq A man was killed and two municipal oil workers were injured when a bomb exploded targeting their vehicle in Iraq's Baiji. The Islamic State is said to have been behind the attack.[156] Islamic State Iraqi insurgency
27 Shooting 8 (+several) 5 Ghor Province, Afghanistan Eight policemen were killed and 5 were wounded when the Taliban attacked them in the Band-e-Bayan district of Ghor, a number of militants were also killed.[157] Taliban War in Afghanistan
27 Shooting 2 0 Chhattisgarh, India Two police personnel killed in Naxal attack in Chhattisgarh's Bijapur[158] Naxalite Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
27 Bombing 3 1 North Waziristan, Pakistan Three security officers were killed and another one was wounded when an explosive went off in the Shava Tehsil in North Waziristan. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.[159] Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
27 Ambush 1 6 Awash, Ethiopia An Ethiopian football player, playing for the Northern Ethiopia Walta Tigray Police in the Ethiopian Higher League, was killed and six other players became injured when they were attacked by unknown gunmen. The team was on their way home after playing two matches.[160] Unknown Terrorism in Ethiopia
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