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SAP Cloud Platform
Type of site
IndustryCloud computing, web services
ParentSAP SE
Launched2012; 10 years ago (2012)[1]
Current statusDiscontinued

SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) was a platform as a service developed by SAP SE for creating new applications or extending existing applications in a secure cloud computing environment managed by SAP. The SAP Cloud Platform integrated data and business processes.[2][3]SAP Cloud Platform has been discontinued in favour of SAP BTP.[4]


SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service,[5] which includes the in-memory SAP HANA database management system, connects to both on premises and cloud-based systems running SAP or other third-party software and relies on open standards,[6] like Java, JavaScript, Node.js and Cloud Foundry[7] for integration options.

SAP and Apple Inc. partnered to develop mobile applications on iOS using cloud-based software development kits (SDKs) for the SAP Cloud Platform.[8][9]

SAP Cloud Platform is based on open source technology, developed & supported in partnership with SUSE.[10]

The company is also in partnership with Cloud Foundry for a beta offering of SAP Cloud Platform that enables customers to test out and give feedback for the functionalities coming with Cloud Foundry.[11]


Initially unveiled as SAP NetWeaver Cloud belonging to the SAP HANA Cloud portfolio on October 16, 2012[12] the cloud platform was reintroduced with the new name SAP HANA Cloud Platform on May 13, 2013[13] as the foundation for SAP cloud products, including the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud.[14] Adoption of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform has increased steadily[15] since the platform's launch in 2012, with SAP claiming over 4000 customers and 500 partners adopting the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.[16][17]

On February 27, 2017, SAP HANA Cloud Platform was renamed SAP Cloud Platform at the Mobile World Congress.[18]

On January 18, 2021, SAP Cloud Platform was officially removed from SAP's product portfolio to support SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).[19]


SAP Cloud Platform contains many services. For a better overview, they were assigned to several categories. The following list contains all the categories defined by SAP:[20]

  • Collaboration
    • SAP Jam
    • SAP Cloud Platform, gamification service
    • SAP Document Center
  • User Experience
    • SAP Cloud Platform Build
    • SAP Fiori Cloud
    • SAP Cloud Platform Portal
    • SAP Cloud Platform Forms by Adobe
    • SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development by Mendix
  • Integration
    • SAP Cloud Platform Integration
    • SAP Cloud Platform Remote Data Sync
    • SAP Agile Data Preparation
    • SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning
    • SAP Cloud Platform API[21] Management
    • SAP Cloud Platform Workflow
    • SAP Cloud Platform Business Rules
    • SAP Cloud Platform Connector
    • SAP Cloud Platform Smart Data Integration
    • SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging (Beta)
  • Analytics
    • SAP Cloud Platform Predictive services
    • SAP Cloud Platform Streaming Analytics
    • SAP HANA for Advanced Analytics
    • SAP BusinessObjects Cloud[22]
    • SAP Leonardo
  • Internet of Things[23][24]
    • SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things
  • Security
    • Cloud App Security with SAP Cloud Platform
    • SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication
    • SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning
  • Mobile
    • Mobile Service for development and operations
    • Mobile Service for app and device management
    • Mobile Service for app protection
    • Mobile Service for SAP Fiori
    • SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS
  • Business Services
    • SAP Business Services for YaaS
    • SAP Localization Hub, tax service
  • Runtimes & Containers
  • Data & Storage
    • SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services
    • SAP Cloud Platform SAP HANA service
    • SAP Cloud Platform ASE service
    • SAP Cloud Platform Document service
  • DevOps
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
    • SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE
    • SAP Monitoring Service
    • SAP Translation Hub


Some applications are available from the SAP HANA App Center, to extend and integrate applications, customize existing applications, and extend their mobile footprint with mobile-first apps. With SAP Cloud Platform developers can build applications which are running in the cloud, but still access data from the premises or other clouds.[25][26]

SAP Cloud Platform, developer edition offers users a way to explore SAP Cloud Platform and its capabilities. In addition to 1GB shared SAP HANA, SAP Cloud Platform provides users to:[27]

  • Create column views using both HANA Studio and SQL commands via JDBC
  • Connect to the HANA instance on SAP Cloud Platform easily via Eclipse
  • Deploy the apps on Cloud Foundry based runtimes and backing services
  • Connect to up to 2 on-premises systems
  • Create unlimited HTML apps
  • Test drive the Java applications

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