Sihu, Yunlin

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Coordinates: 23°38′28″N 120°12′04″E / 23.641065°N 120.201019°E / 23.641065; 120.201019

Sihu Township in Yunlin County
Sihu Township
Sihu Township office

Sihu Township (Chinese: 四湖鄉; pinyin: Sìhú Xiāng, Wade–Giles: Szuhu) is a rural township in Yunlin County, Taiwan. It has a population total of 25,415 and an area of 77.1189 square kilometres, including a section of coastline on the Taiwan Strait.


Sihu's coastal waters were traditionally used in oyster farming, but in 1991 they were zoned for offshore industrial use.[1]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises 21 villages: Botung, Bozi, Caicuo, Feisha, Feitung, Guanggou, Huliao, Huxi, Lincuo, Lintung,Luchang, Lunbei, Lunnan, Neihu, Sanxing, Shihu, Sihu, Xiangdiao, Xide, Xinzhuang and Xiwei.


The township produces radishes.[2]

Notable natives[edit]


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