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South Point Group of Schools, Kolkata
Birla Building, 9/1 R. N. Mukherjee Road[1]

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Coordinates22°31′33″N 88°22′12″E / 22.52583°N 88.37000°E / 22.52583; 88.37000Coordinates: 22°31′33″N 88°22′12″E / 22.52583°N 88.37000°E / 22.52583; 88.37000
TypePrivate school
MottoCourage to Know
Established1954 (1954)
FounderShatikanta Guha
School boardCentral Board of Secondary Education
DirectorMadhu Kohli (Junior school)
PrincipalDK Chadda
PrincipalRupa Sanyal Bhattacharjee (High School)
Faculty300 (Junior school)
275 (High school)[2]
Teaching staff200 (Junior school)
220 (High school)[2]
GradesNursery I to V (Junior school)
Number of students15000[3]
Colour(s)Navy blue, gold and white             
PublicationNursery books, song books and CDs[4](Junior school),
Write Now (High school wall magazine)
Pointer (School magazine)
South Point School at Mandeville Gardens Kolkata.jpg
South Point School at Mandeville Gardens Kolkata

South Point School (SPS) or South Point High School (SPHS) is a co-educational private day school located in Kolkata, West Bengal.[5][6] The school opened in the year, 1954 and introduced higher secondary level in 1960. The school split into two buildings with the high school shifting to Ballygunge Place in 1980.[7][8]

South Point group of schools, consisting of the junior and senior divisions, made an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records[9] as the largest educational institute in the world in 1984 till 1992. The existing South Point school in Kolkata of the M.P. Birla Group, which was, till recently, managed by R. S. Lodha, has around 13,500 regular students on its rolls, and is reported to be the second-largest school in the world.[10] The EducationWorld - IMRB International Survey ranked South Point High School at fourth in their 2007 list of India's most respected schools.[7][11]

From March 30, 2011 the students were given choice to study either under West Bengal Board or CBSE. Till Class V the course remained the same and from Class VI according to their choice students can either go for state board or the central one.[12]

Notable alumni[edit]


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