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Karin L. Stanford is a writer and professor of Pan-African Studies and Politics at California State University, Northridge.

Career and published works[edit]

Her latest book is Breaking the Silence - Inspirational Stories of Black Cancer Survivors. This collection of testimonials was inspired by Stanford's own experiences with breast cancer. Stanford's other published works include Black Political Organization in the Post-Civil Rights Era, coedited with Ollie Johnson and Beyond The Boundaries: Reverend Jesse Jackson In International Affairs.

The author of numerous articles on black women and black politics, Stanford is the former director of the Washington, D.C., Bureau of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and a former Congressional Black Caucus fellow. She is currently teaching the "Politics of Hip Hop", a class delving into the history and influence of the musical genre.[citation needed]

Jesse Jackson affair[edit]

Stanford had an affair with Jesse Jackson

She gained notoriety in 2000 when it was revealed that the Rev. Jesse Jackson is the father of her daughter (b. 1999) and that she received $40,000 from Rainbow/PUSH. Commentators questioned the legality of these payments and charged that Jackson was paying her “hush money”.[1][2]

The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition later released financial records showing it paid Stanford $15,000 in moving expenses to relocate to Southern California and a $21,000 consulting fee for a 150-page report. An agreement to lend Stanford an additional $40,000 was withdrawn.[3]