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Events from 1999 in England





  • 2 February - The Football Association dismisses Glenn Hoddie as manager due to the controversy sparked by his comments about disabled people.
  • 12 February - A 15-mile extension to the M1 motorway north of Leeds is opened by John Prescott.[1]
  • 17 February - Kevin Keegan accepts a contract to manage the England football team for their next four matches, but decides to continue with his job as Fulham manager for the time being.
  • 22 February - Harold Shipman, the Hyde GP accused of murdering eight female patients last September, is charged with a further seven murders.
  • 24 February - The report of the murder of black London teenager Stephen Lawrence, who was stabbed to death in 1993, condemns London's police force as "institutionally racist", as well as condemning its officers for "fundamental errors".[2]


  • 2 March - Singer Dusty Springfield, who received an OBE last month, dies aged 59 after a five-year battle against breast cancer.
  • 11 March - Wembley Stadium is sold for £103million to a consortium backed by the Football Association. The stadium, which was opened in 1923, is set to be demolished by the end of next year and a new stadium opened in its place by August 2003.
  • 20 March - Brian Jones and Swiss balloonist Bertrand Piccard complete the first non-stop hot air balloon circumnavigation of the world.[3]
  • 21 March - Comedian Ernie Wise, who formed one half of the Morecambe and Wise comedy double from 1941 to 1984, dies of a heart attack aged 73.[4]
  • 24 March - Ross Kemp, who has achieved TV stardom with his role as Grant Mitchell in EastEnders, signs a £1million deal with ITV, meaning that he will leave EastEnders this autumn after nearly 10 years.
  • 26 March
    • Chelsea assistant manager Graham Rix, 41, is sentenced to a year in prison for having sex with a 15-year-old girl.
    • Paul Scholes, 24-year-old Manchester United midfielder, scores a hat-trick in a 3-1 Wembley win over Poland in Kevin Keegan's first game as England manager.
  • 29 March - The family of James Hanratty, one of the last men to be executed in Britain for the A6 murder 37 years ago, are given the right to appeal against his murder conviction by the Criminal Cases Review Commission.[5]


  • 14 April - Edgar Pearce, the so-called "Mardi Gra bomber", convicted for a series of bombings and sentenced to 21 years in jail.[6]
  • 17 April - A bomb explodes in Brixton, South London, and injures 45 people.[7]
  • 21 April - After being two goals down, Manchester United beat Italian champions Juventus 3-2 in the European Cup semi-final in Turin to complete a 4-3 aggregate win and reach the European Cup final for the second time in their history. Their previous final appearance came in 1968 when they won the trophy.
  • 24 April - A second bomb explosion in Brick Lane, east London injures 13 people.
  • 26 April - TV presenter Jill Dando, 37, dies after being shot on the doorstep of her Fulham home.[8]
  • 28 April
    • Kevin Keegan reveals that he is prepared to become England manager on a permanent basis and quit his job as manager of Fulham (who are already promoted from Division Two as champions) at the end of this football season.
    • Sir Alf Ramsey, manager of England's 1966 World Cup winning team, dies of a stroke aged 79.
  • 30 April - A third bomb in London explodes in the Admiral Duncan pub, in Old Compton Street, Soho, London — the centre of the London gay scene — killing two people (including a pregnant woman) and injuring over thirty. David Copeland, a 23-year-old Farnborough man, is arrested hours later in connection with the three explosions.[9]





  • 11 August - The solar eclipse attracts the attention of 350million people across Europe, with Cornwall being the only region of Britain to experience totality.[8]
  • 22 August - Norfolk farmer Tony Martin, 54, is charged with the murder of a 16-year-old burglar who was shot dead at his home two days ago. He is also charged with wounding a 29-year-old man who was also present at the time of the burglary.[19]
  • 28 August - Ruud Gullit resigns after one year as manager of Newcastle United, during which they were beaten FA Cup finalists for the second year in succession.




  • 12 November - Rock singer Gary Glitter, 54, is jailed for four months at Bristol Crown Court for downloading child pornography. He is, however, cleared of having unlawful sex with a teenage fan 20 years ago.
  • 17 November - England qualify for Euro 2000 with a 2-1 aggregate win over Scotland in the qualifying playoff round.


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