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Brickfilms LLC
Founded Washington, D.C (December 16, 2000)
Founder Jason Rowoldt
Headquarters New York, USA
Key people
Cynthia Price
Website is an online community dedicated to "brickfilms", stop-motion animations made with Lego.[1][unreliable source?] It hosts a forum for filmmakers, technical articles and resources, and a directory of brickfilms.[2] In 2007 the site was the Internet's "main hub for Lego filmmaking", according to the Wall Street Journal.[3] began in 2000 as a website displaying several films collected by Jason Rowoldt, its founder. In 2006, the website's official history stated that it had grown to host an active community of filmmakers and a directory of "hundreds of films".

In early 2003 Jason Rowoldt sold the site to Joshua Leasure.[4]


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