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The Coachella Valley Enterprise Zone Authority (CVEZA) established in 1992 is one of 42 zone authorities competitively designated for 15 years by the State of California. Each enterprise zone promotes, explains, supports, and administers business applications for vouchers issued to its zone businesses that grant certain specific, yet liberal, hiring and sales/use tax credits, business deductions and other incentives that mitigate—and often eliminate—the firm's state income tax obligations. Although under the aegis of the State's Department of Housing and Community Development, a zone authority is funded through various partnership arrangements among city, county or other local government agencies. The public policy behind designation is to maximize the economic improvement and vitality of both the encompassed and adjacent communities through common and unique local incentives and special assistance to zoned business enterprises.

CVEZA'S Geographical, Historical, Beneficial and Procedural Particulars[edit]

CVEZA's 52-square-mile (130 km2) area generally follows I-10 and Hwy 86S for 20 miles (32 km) in the eastern portion of Riverside County's Coachella Valley and encompasses major residential, industrial, and commercial zoned portions of Thousand Palms, Indio, Coachella, Thermal, and Mecca. CVEZA is a Joint Powers Authority comprising the City of Indio, the City of Coachella, and Riverside County.

The Zone's original 15-year designation commenced November 11, 1992 and expired the same date in 2006. The State maintained a subsequent, conditional designation until a final redesignation was made April 11, 2008. The Coachella Valley Enterprise Zone is now designated to November 10, 2021.

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