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The Digital Archive Project (DAP) is an online collaboration that provides advice and support for individuals interested publishing television programs that are not produced or distributed through mainstream content distribution. DAP offers support on capturing television broadcasts, how to clean up old VHS recordings, and how to author DVDs.

The project consists of a loose online association of people formed through common interests in humor, encoding, and archiving television programs that would otherwise not see the light of day. The group does not attempt to publish or make these shows available.


The DAP was originally created as a means of sharing and preserving, in a digital format, episodes of the cult classic TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000, originally from a suggestion in the Ars Technica forums in the year 2000. The size of the group has fluctuated in size over the years, all while having many shows added to the list of archived material. The current qualifications for a show to be on the list include: no commercial release, no immediate plans for release, and not currently in production.

The group does not host any of these files; however, when one joins the IRC channel there are people there who may assist visitors, depending on the visitor's behaviour.


Current shows[edit]

Past shows[edit]

In the case of DAP-supported material gaining an official release, the material is dropped from the DAP's list and trading it is no longer permitted. Shows dropped from the DAP include:

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