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Coordinates: 24°01′53.9″N 120°33′28.5″E / 24.031639°N 120.557917°E / 24.031639; 120.557917

Huatan Township in Changhua County
Huatan Township Office

Huatan Township (Chinese: 花壇鄉; pinyin: Huātán Xiāng) is a rural township in Changhua County, Taiwan.


Formerly called Katangkha (Chinese: 茄苳跤; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ka-tang-kha).[1]


It has a population total of 45,916 and an area of 36.3469 km2.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Huatan Village, Jindun Village, Zhongzhuang Village, Lunya Village, Liucuo Village, Nankou Village, Beikou Village, Zhongkou Village, Wende Village, Baisha Village, Yanzhu Village, Zhangsha Village, Qiaotou Village, Wanya Village, Wantung Village, Sanchun Village, Yongchun Village, Zhangchun Village.[2]


Huatan Station

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