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KTechLab V0.3.7 running on Linux
KTechLab V0.3.7 running on Linux
Original author(s)David Saxton
Stable release
0.40.1 / January 30, 2019; 18 months ago (2019-01-30)[1]
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written inC++
Operating systemLinux
TypeElectronic design automation
LicenseGNU General Public License
Websitegithub.com/ktechlab/ktechlab/wiki Edit this on Wikidata

KTechLab is an IDE for electronic and PIC microcontroller circuit design and simulation; it is a circuit designer with auto-routing and a simulator of common electronic components and logic elements.

KTechLab supports programming microcontrollers using a graphical flowchart based language called flowcode.

KTechLab is free and open-source software licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL. Version 0.3.7 was released on March 11, 2009.


KTechLab was first developed by David Saxton, who worked on it until 2007. The design ideas and a lot of the current code have been developed by him. He released various versions, up to version 0.3.6.

When David Saxton stated that he wouldn't be able to continue developing the software, KTechLab stalled for a while before Julian Bäume, Jason Lucas, Zoltan Padrah, Alan Grimes and several others continued his work, releasing version 0.3.7, with more components and bug fixes.

In January 2019, KTechLab was ported to Qt and KDELibs4.[2] The new priority is to port KTechLab to Qt 5 and KF5.

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