Minxiong, Chiayi

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Coordinates: 23°33′01″N 120°26′45″E / 23.550399°N 120.445696°E / 23.550399; 120.445696

Minxiong Township in Chiayi County
Minxiong Township
Minxiong Township library

Minxiong Township (Chinese: 民雄鄉; pinyin: Mínxióng Xiāng) or Minsyong Township is a rural township in Chiayi County, Taiwan.


The population of Minxiong Township is 71,903 (as of December 2014). It is the most populous district of Chiayi County. Minxiong Township consists of 28 villages with total area of 85.4969 km2.

Mixiong Township is located on Chianan Plain with low hills in its eastern part. The climate is humid and hot.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Tungrong, Zhongle, Xian, Liaoding, Fuquan, Tunghu, Dinglun, Jingpu, Zhonghe, Pinghe, Xichang, Lishou, Sanxing, Tungxing, Zengbei, Beidou, Shuangfu, Fule, Daqi, Xiulin, Songshan, Xingzhong, Xingnan, Jinxing, Fuxing, Wenlong, Shanzhong and Zhongyang Village.



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