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Ngawn (Chin)
Native speakers
23500 (2016)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3cnw

Ngawn (Chin) is a language spoken in Falam District, Chin State, and Kale District, Sagaing Region,Burma.Most of Ngawn people are live in Ngawn Land Areas. There are (27) Ngawn's villages in Falam township, Chin State. There are Ngawn' village in Chin State.


Ngawn English Myanmar
Dam a cim? How are you? ေနေကာင္းလား
Tui Water ေရ
Pa (Pa aw) Father (Dady) အေဖ
Nu (Nu aw) Mother (Mom) အေမ
Hade Moon
Ni Sun ေန
Pathian God ဘုရား
Mei Fire မီး
Inn Home အိမ္
Saimun Khawdar Khawpual Zawngkong Vazang
Sihtui Kelkong Zawlnu Sialsih N.Munpi
Duhmang Ngamual Thutmual Bualkhaw Phaizawl
Farkhawm Tuisan New Suangpi Valung Khuangmual
Zawnglei Suangdo
Those villages are located in (Hualngo area and Zanniat area), Falam Township, Chin State. And those villages are founded by Ngawn people. Zawlpi village is a new one they founded in 2016 officially.
Lianhna Ṭiau
Kawlfang Niimzawl Zawlpi

Some of Ngawn people are living in Tonzang Township, Chin State and Kalay Kabaw, Sagaing Region.

Tuikhing Sialthawzang Kiimlai Mainuai Aungzua
Smikekwin Thayakone (W) Nanchaung Pyinkhonegyi Myaungsone
Sentaw Santa (W) Kalay

Ngawn People Have Some Organizations

1. Ngawn Pawlkompi (Ngawn Union)
2. Ngawn Youth Association (N.Y.A)
3. Ngawn Students Fellowship (N.S.F)
4. Ngawn Social & Culture Committee
5. Ngawn Literature Committee
6. Ngawn Bible Committee
7. Others


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