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Sher Mian Dad Khan
شیر میانداد خان
Birth name Sher Mian Dad
Born 1968
Genres Qawwali, Folk
Website Sher Mian Dad

Sher Mian Dad Khan (also known as Sher Miandad Khan)(Urdu: شیر میانداد خان‎)(born 1968), is a Pakistani qawwal and a folk singer. He was born in Pakpattan, Pakistan and started his qawwali group in 1996. He adopted qawwali singing as his family tradition. His grandfather Din Mohammad Qawwal (Dina Qawwal) was a renowned qawwal of India and Pakistan.[1] He learned music from his father Ustad Miandad Khan.[2] He is a cousin of renowned qawwal Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Sher Mian Dad is the younger brother of another popular Pakistani qawwal Badar Ali Khan also known as Badar Miandad Qawwal.[2]


He has given his qawwali performances of sufiana kalam at many international music fairs and shows including in the United States, India and Singapore.[1] His qawwali group has performed in Geneva, Switzerland and Oslo, Norway and have won some international music awards also.[1][3]


Some of his songs:

  • Jugni (Sakhi Lal Di Jugni)
  • Yad bhuldi nai teri
  • Tumhein dillagi bhulni
  • Qalandri Gharha[4]

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