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Mohammad Saeed Khan[1]

(1937-01-01)1 January 1937[1]
Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan
Died24 May 2005(2005-05-24) (aged 68)[1]
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Years active1957 – 1994

Mohammad Saeed Khan (1 January 1937 – 24 May 2005), better known as Rangeela, was a Pakistani Lollywood actor, singer and director. He is regarded as one of the finest comedians of the Pakistani film industry. He performed in over 300 films in his career spanning over 4 decades.[1]

Early life and career[edit]

His birth name was Mohammad Saeed Khan and he was born in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan.[1] His family moved to Peshawar, Pakistan when he was very young.[1] He took a keen interest in bodybuilding and physical exercises as a teenager. He moved to Lahore at a young age and earned his livelihood by painting billboards for the Pakistani film industry. Once, when the shooting of a film was taking place, an actor for the film's jolly character role was needed. The film director asked Mohammad Saeed Khan to play the part which he did. All those present during the shooting were amused by his acting style and he became an actor through sheer luck. Rangeela made his professional cinematic debut in a 1958 Punjabi film Jatti, directed by M. J. Rana.[1][2][3]

He started playing humorous roles in movies and, to everybody's surprise, became highly popular. In 1969, he formed 'Rangeela Productions' to produce his own movies. He not only produced films but also directed his productions, sang songs, and wrote some scripts as well. His movies, to the surprise of many film industry stalwarts, attracted a large number of viewers. The film Diya Aur Toofan, released on 9 May 1969, was Rangeela's directional debut.[4] He directed numerous movies under the banner of Rangeela Productions. His acting was showcased in the film Rangeela (1970), in which he played the title role. His third consecutive hit film was Dil Aur Dunya (1971), starring Habib, Aasia and Rangeela. He brought to the film Dil Aur Dunya, a sobering sense of a director's prowess which is the opposite to his celluloid persona.[2]

When Rangeela produced film Dia Aur Toofan, he sang a song Gaa mere manwa gata ja re, janaa hai hamka duur under the music direction of Kamal Ahmed. People of the film industry were taken aback to know Rangeela was producing a film. The film attracted a large number of movie-goers. His song also became very popular.[1][2][4]


His daughter Farah Deeba is a politician from Lahore while his sons Kamran and Jahanzaib acted in some movies.[1][5]


Rangeela died of a cardiac arrest on 24 May 2005 at the age of 48.[1][2] Rangeela was a dominant actor in Pakistani cinema for over forty years. He was married three times and had eight daughters and six sons. One of his daughters is a CPA accountant in America and the other daughter was a member of parliament in Pakistan.[1][2][6]



Year Film Notes
1957 Nooran
1964 Gehra Daagh
1965 Malangi
1967 Imam Din Gohavia
1969 Diya Aur Toofan[4][1][2]
1970 Rangeela[2]
1971 Dil Aur Duniya
1971 Dotsi
1973 Rangeela Aur Munawar Zarif
1973 Ziddi
1973 Kubra Ashiq
1973 Ik Madari
1973 Insaan Aur Gadha
1974 Do Tasweerain
1977 Begum Jaan
1979 Aurat Raj[2]
1979 Maula Jatt Cameo appearance in song "A te wela aap dasse ga"
1980 Nahin Abhi Nahin
1981 Khan -E- Azam
1981 Amanat
1981 Chan Suraj
1982 Ik Doli
1983 Sher Mama
1984 Tere Ghar ke Samne
1987 Disco Dancer
1988 Bazar-e-Husn
1989 Madam Bowery Double Role
1989 Rangeelay Jasoos Double Role
1990 International Guerillas Double Role
1990 Sarmaya
1991 Kalay Chor
1991 Majhu Platinum Jubilee
1992 Hero
1992 Abdullah the Great Double Role

As a Director[edit]

  • Amanat (1981)
  • Aurat Raj (1979)
  • Kubra Ashiq (1973)
  • Dil Aur Duniya (1971)
  • Rangeela (1970)
  • Diya Aur Toofan (1969)[4]
  • Meri Mohabbat Teray Hawalay
  • Ickey ickey wacha
  • Subha Ka Tara
  • Ganwaar
  • Jahaiz
  • Namak Halal
  • Kaka Jee
  • Raja Rani
  • Sahab Bahadur
  • Quli


Playback songs[edit]

  • 1969 (Film: Dia Aur Toofan - Urdu) ... Ga Meray Manwa, Gata Ja Ray, Jana Hay Ham Ka Door, Music: Kamal Ahmed, Poet: Rangeela
  • 1971 (Film: Dil Aur Dunya - Urdu) ... Bata A Dunya Walay, Yeh Kaisi Teri Basti Hay, Music: Kemal Ahmad, Poet: Kaleem Usmani
  • 1971 (Film: Dil Aur Dunya - Urdu) ... Lay Chal Ray Chhailva, Sajania Kay Gaun Mein, Music: Kemal Ahmad, Poet: Kemal Ahmad
  • 1972 (Film: Main Bhi To Insaan Hon - Urdu) ... Mera Mehboob Meray Pyar Ka Qatil Nikla, Music: M. Ashraf, Poet: Shabab Kiranwi[9]


  • Rangeela (1970)
  • Aurat Raj (1979)

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