The Hermetic Tradition

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English edition cover.

The Hermetic Tradition: Symbols and Teachings of the Royal Art (in Italian La tradizione ermetica nei suoi simboli, nella sua dottrina e nella sua “arte regia”) is a work by Italian esoteric writer Julius Evola. Published in 1931 by Laterza; English translation by Inner Traditions International, 1994 (ISBN 0892814519).


Part One: The Symbols and Teachings[edit]

  • Introduction to Part One: The Tree, the Serpent, and the Titans
  • One: The Plurality and Duality of Civilizations
  • Two: Living Nature
  • Three: The Hermetic Knowledge
  • Four: "One the All" and the Dragon Ouroboros
  • Five: The Hermetic Presence
  • Six: Creation and Myth
  • Seven: "Woman", "Water," "Mercury," and "Poison"
  • Eight: The Separation: Sun and Moon
  • Nine: Frozen and Flowing Waters
  • Ten: Salt and the Cross
  • Eleven: The Four Elements and Sulfur
  • Twelve: Soul, Spirit, and Body
  • Thirteen: The "Four" in Man
  • Fourteen: The Planets
  • Fifteen: The Centers of Life
  • Sixteen: The Seven, the Operations, and the Mirror
  • Seventeen: Gold in the Art
  • Eighteen: Shadow, Ashes, and Remains
  • Nineteen: Philosophical Incest
  • Twenty: The Tomb and Thirst
  • Twenty-One: Saturn: Inverted Gold
  • Twenty-Two: The Field and the Seed
  • Twenty-Three: The Sword and the Rose
  • Twenty-Four: Stem, Virus and Iron

Part Two: The Hermetic Royal Art[edit]

  • Introduction to Part Two: The Reality of Palingenesis
  • Twenty-Five: The Separation
  • Twenty-Six: Death and the Black Work
  • Twenty-Seven: The Trial of the Void
  • Twenty-Eight: The Flight of the Dragon
  • Twenty-Nine: The Dry Path and the Wet Path
  • Thirty: Hermetic Ascetism
  • Thirty-One: The Path of the Breath and the Path of the Blood
  • Thirty-Two: The Heart and the Light
  • Thirty-Three: Denudations and Eclipses
  • Thirty-Four: The Thirst for God and the Corrosive Waters
  • Thirty-Five: The Path of Venus and the Radical Path
  • Thirty-Six: The Hermetic Fires
  • Thirty-Seven: The White Work: Rebirth
  • Thirty-Eight: The Coniunctio in White
  • Thirty-Nine: The Eternal Vigil
  • Forty: The Body of Light and Production of Silver
  • Forty-One: Birth into Life and Immortality
  • Forty-Two: The Red Work: Return to Earth
  • Forty-Three: The Alchemical Colors and Multiplication
  • Forty-Four: The Planetary Hierarchy
  • Forty-Five: Knowledge of the Red and the Triunity
  • Forti-Six: Prophetic Knowledge
  • Forty-Seven: The Four Stages of Power
  • Forty-Eight: Metallic Transmutation
  • Forty-Nine: Correspondances, Times, and Rites
  • Fifty: Silence and the Tradition
  • Fifty-One: The Invisible Masters
  • Index