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Greek: Ἄρης


>Achaea (ancient region)
>list of Formula One World Drivers' Champions(table sorting problems)
>Category:Companies that have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by year(add the subcateg. e.g 2017 to the categ Category:2017 in economics)
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>>#mathtests // >>>>>>>>>>>>>#Math1 >>Category:Integers(e.g.23//500) (also add VisibleAnchors // OtherFields // Sections 510s,520s etc)
(Category:Parliamentary elections in Greece)
__Metapolitefsi(check-correct definition)
__"[["Greek legislative election, 1950"]]" (el:Ελληνικές βουλευτικές εκλογές 1950)
____(el:Κατάλογος Ελλήνων βουλευτών (1950))
____"[["Democratic Alignment (1950)"]]"
__("[["Theodoros Pangalos (general)"]]")
__"[["Greek legislative election, 1928"]]"
__Georgios Gennimatas(add categories)
>>>#List of (ALL) Greek MPs
("{{"el:κατηγορία:Κατάλογοι Ελλήνων βουλευτών"}}")
>>>#MPsLists(Greece):list of MPs in each article about gr.parties(terms of office of (former) Greek MPs from thiswebpage)
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Edit the article: Orestis Karnezis
>>>Category:Expatriate footballers in Greece
(plus List of foreign football players in Super League)
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Category:Greek European Athletics champions (track and field)
Category:Greek current and former world record holders in athletics (track and field)
Category:Standing high jump
(new cat/s.)categ:Gymnastics events and categ:Rowing events subcateg of Category:Sports events by sport type (see Gymnastics and Rings (gymnastics))
>Category:Eastern Orthodox church buildings dedicated to Theotokos
new cat/s: films shot in Athens/Corfu/Pireaus subcateg/s of Category:Films shot in Greece
Category:20th century in Greece////21st century in Greece
>>#EugeneRogan political biographers/Biographers of political leaders < Biographers by topic
>#GREEK ELECTIONS 2015(Constituencies)
(>newList)#List of things named after two persons
>Ascii values of numbers(???Lua function)
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>>Category:Women rulers // Category:Lists of women // Category:Spouses of politicians
--Sum,Average,etc in Tables
>>add people to Anastasius////add birth dates to Yannis
>newC: chemical entities named after people
Category:awards named after people//#category Organizations named after people(3jan2016)
>>>TOdo-1: NUMBER of personnel & listing DATE for Athex companies //Cypr.St.Exch- Cyprus Popular Bank // ++ICAP exchange, e.g. Arsenal holdings// Stoxx, FTSE Eurotop 100
>>TOdo_2 Cb // WARRANTS // (started)examples of #ICB classification // noOfCompaniesInASE // list of MIC codes (Market Identifier code) // CUSIP checkdigit module
>>> +AthexSectors // >L.ofSt.Exch -- PSI 20, BEL20 //// CAC 40.comp -- CAC-40 //// AEX index#Composition////////// Euronext 100, euronext-100 //// Euronext.MICcodes
>>>FTSE MIB.c // {{LuxSE}} //Shanghai Stock Exchange -- CSI 300 Index - .AxJo
>>>Greek government-debt crisis timeline (64,206 bytes)("#"2015) // Greek government-debt crisis (188,219 bytes) Category:Maritime incidents by year
>get biographyData after searching in (techcrunch)
(embed) wikt.contractions e.g. in disambig. pages
>grouping of citations
>>> Inc (magazine) lists of companies
>> (use gr.wiktionary) (also gr.wikip.Categ) // MYTHOLOGY
>>>>{{Current Cabinet of Greece}}///Category:Lists of Greek MPs >> ISO 4217, nca currency codes <Category:Currency symbols
>>> use of a module for displaying Unicode characters ??
>>>>>>>>>Events in years BC -- >Hist.sct.
>>>web:50 interesting WP articles >>
>>>...>>pgToEdit (Econ.ministers, etc) // #OnInterestingness
>>>>>red/s from math. symb.( cos, etc // (Lie) algebras, fun. // gcd(a,b), lcm )
>>1.U.Heidelberg 2.U.Göttingen 3.Poincaré 4.Viète 5.Clavius 6.Weyl
>>>1.biogr-details updating for recently PAs 2.bios of people born in 1914
>>>0. NAMED AFTER WHOM? 1.Places named after... // 2.Things named after...
>>Scottish Economists List // ((c. Internal migrants <people by place&internal migration ))
---1. List of Fin.min. before 1967, sep. section 3. Name days (see >>>)
>>>lists of math/cians(+ by birth date)(see below)
>>>1.MYCENOLOGISTS -- 2.Eleusinian Mysteries -- 3.Category:Historians of the Byzantine Empire
>>>>> 1.ELECTIONS uk + map 2.Guardian tables
>>> MOVE TO SUBCATEGS: Category:20th-century mathematicians
As of Monday, 22 October 2018, 21:07 (UTC), Hellenic Wikipedia has 258,029 registered users, 844 active editors, and 21 administrators. 7,247,668 edits, 467,769 pages of all kinds and 154,396 articles (english Wikipedia has 5,738,696 articles)
Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits/5001–10000

  • (module digitstringToNumber(zero)_equals_0)
colA colB colC
dht htd tdh
bsh shb hbs
fje jef efj






CEOs by company[edit]

company CEO on ... (date) source
Citigroup Michael Corbat 2018-10-11 nyt2(Mike Corbat)
Sears Eddie Lampert 2018-10-11 nyt2

2018 new CEOs[edit]

company date(ann) date(eff) newCEO oldCEO source
Airbus 2018-10-09 ?? Guillaume Faure ??Tom Enders nyt2
Coca-Cola 2018-10-19 ?? Brian Smith ?? nyt2
Nextdoor 2018-10-11 ?? Sarah Friar ??

2012 new CEOs[edit]

date company newCEO oldCEO
2012-05-... Airbus Tom Enders Louis Gallois
bsh shb hbs

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Managers by club[edit]

club manager on ... (date) source

2018 new managers[edit]

club date(came) date(left) newManager formerM src(came) src(left)
Monaco f.c. ?? 2018-10-12 ??Thierry Henri Leonardo Zardim kathim.

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Players with no appearances not included in the list.

updated|match played 18 September 2018

Sortable table
Cl-code Name Club No. Pos. Nat. ... Apps Results AllResults
W D L Round1 Round02
d1-5 d6-10 d11-15 d16-19 d20-24 d25-29 d30-34 d35-d38
LIV_01 Virgil van Dijk Liverpool 4 DF Netherlands ... 5 5 0 0 WWWWW

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Ranking (last year)[edit]

"team1=MCI |team2=MUN |team3=TOT |team4=LIV |team5=CHE |team6=ARS |team7=BUR |team8=EVE |team9=LEI |team10=NEW |team11=CRY |team12=BOU |team13=WHU |team14=WAT |team15=BHA |team16=HUD |team17=SOU
_______ _________|team21=WOL | team22=CAR| team23=FUL"



  1. MCI(1)
  2. MUN(2)
  3. TOT(3)
  4. LIV(4): 2018-19 Liverpool F.C. season












As of 26 May 2018 the stocks comprising this index are: Viohalco, Coca-Cola HBC AG, EYDAP, Terna Energy, Lamda Development S.A., Hellenic Petroleum, Gr. Sarantis S.A, GEK Terna, Titan Cement, ADMIE Public Power Corporation, Mytilineos Holdings, OTE, OPAP, Motor Oil Hellas, Jumbo S.A., Piraeus Port Authority (OLP), Eurobank Ergasias, Alpha Bank, National Bank of Greece, Piraeus Bank, Folli Follie, Hellenic Exchanges Group, Grivalia Properties R.E.I.C., Aegean Airlines.

Former members in recent history include Ellaktor, Metka (Metal Constructions of Greece S.A.), Attica Bank, ATEbank, Bank of Cyprus, Cosmote, Corinth Pipeworks, Emporiki Bank, EYDAP, Frigoglass, Intralot, Marfin Investment Group, Marfin Popular Bank/Cyprus Popular Bank, Greek Postal Savings Bank/TT Hellenic Postbank etc.



Company Traded as Market Sector
ADMIE (IPTO) HOLDING S.A. AthexADMIE Conventional Electricity
Aegean Airlines AthexAEGN Airlines
Alpha Bank AthexALPHA Banks
Jumbo AthexBELA Toys
Coca-Cola HBC AG AthexEEE Soft Drinks
Hellenic Petroleum AthexELPE Integrated Oil and Gas
National Bank of Greece AthexETE Banks
Eurobank Ergasias AthexEUROB Banks
Hellenic Exchanges Group AthexEXAE Investment Services
Folli Follie AthexFFGRP Specialty Retailers
GEK Terna AthexGEKTERNA Heavy Construction
Grivalia Properties R.E.I.C. AthexGRIV Specialty REITs
OTE AthexHTO Fixed Line Telecommunications
Lamda Development S.A. AthexLAMDA Real Estate Holding & Development
Motor Oil Hellas AthexMOH Exploration & Production
Mytilineos Holdings AthexMYTIL Nonferrous Metals
OPAP AthexOPAP Gambling
Piraeus Port Authority S.A. AthexPPA Transportation Services
Public Power Corporation AthexPPC Conventional Electricity
Gr. Sarantis S.A. AthexSAR Personal Products
Terna Energy AthexTENERGY Alternative Electricity
Titan Cement AthexTITK[1] Construction Materials and Fixtures
Piraeus Bank AthexTPEIR Banks
Viohalco AthexVIO Diversified Industrials


Former companies Traded as Market Sector
Ellaktor AthexELLAKTOR Heavy Construction
Fourlis S.A. AthexFOYRK Durable Household Products
Metka AthexMETKK Industrial Machinery

List of winners of mathematics awards by year[edit]





1.0 In the news[edit]

Portal:Current events


2017 Events
2017 deaths

Previous years[edit]



1.1 Pages to create[edit]


    • bold, Italic, boldItalic // sorted hlist
    • ... similar to table
    • template DropParenth $1 $2= $1($2)
    • ... similar to template {{awards}}// templateForLine
    • lse

1.1.B.CATEGS to create[edit]

Not People
  • continuation novels
  • awards by foundations
  • -------- MYCENOLOGISTS,
  • Gr. Repr. to IMF: Elena Panaritis, Panagiotis Roumeliotis
      • maybe, people by studies, motivation:Frank Hubbard,Hapsicord maker,studied Eng.Litt
      •  ? MIDDLE NAMES
      • Russian middle-"patronymic" names
  • HISTORIANS (instead of a categ. , a list can put in 18th cent. page, etc)
  • things named after first names of people??

1.1.C.ARTICLES to create:[edit]

  • !corporation aggregate
  • (sophists:) Diophantus the Arab

1.2 WP pages with reported problems, etc[edit]

With no references

1.4 To do[edit]

  • Add coords/googlemapLinks to streets
  • June2015: check/update Alexa ranks

===1.5 Pages to consult or edit



%%% HISTORY[edit]

------ 3.2. PERIODS OF HISTORY ------[edit]

WORLD history
AMERICAN history
EUROPEAN history
Category:Former empires of Europe

------ 3.3. ECONOMIC History ------[edit]

------ 3.4. EVENTS ------[edit]

%%%% a.MYTHOLOGY, RELIGION //b.SPORTS-2 //c.Names[edit]

4a.Mythology, Religion[edit]




  • People known best with first name Bill:
    • Bill Bryson, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates

%%%%% SCIENCE,1 (not series)[edit]


>>mathAnnalen,v.39(en)___>#List of authors in Mathematische Annalen by volume
List of numbers
byMe:Category:19th century in mathematics
byMe:Category:20th century in mathematics
toCreate:Category:21th century in mathematics



>>Action (physics), etc[edit]


Mathematical books before 1900 (timeline)[edit]

  • 1743 Thomas Simpson: Mathematical Dissertations on Physical and Analytical Subjects

Abbreviations in maths, etc[edit]

    • NLP>>Nonlinear Programming

Quantum Chaos, etc[edit]

Quantum chaos, Quantum erdodicity, Wigner's theorem

%%%%%* MATH SERIES[edit]

S1. PRINCETON MATH SERIES in Annals of Mathematics Studies[edit]

S2. WILEY, Intercience Tracts in Pure and Applied Mathematics[edit]

  • 1996(all?) and after: link
  • other:

S3-1. Ergebnisse_der_Mathematik_und_ihrer_Grenzgebiete[edit]

  • ...


  • A: A Aksoy, M Anderson, M Aoki, B Aupetit

S3-3. LNM_______________________[edit]

no 1-1000
no 1001-2000
  • 1989
  • 1999
    • No 1718. Eberle A. Uniqueness and Non-Uniqueness of Semigroups Generated by Singular Diffusion Operators
  • 2001
    • No1762. Serrai C. Second Order PDEs in Finite and Infinite Dimension. A probabilistic approach.
authors (LNM)

%%%%%** Lists of MATHematicians[edit]

(Category:Lists of mathematicians // List of mathematicians (Z))

"*"Awards with residency restrictions[edit]

  • Birkhoff prize, Naylor, Milner award (Europe), Royal Society Pfizer Award (Africa)

1.Maths. grad. not categ/ed as math/cians[edit]

  • Stanley Newman, puzzle designer

2.mP. POLITicians-math/cians[edit]

3.mA. ATHLetes -math/cians[edit]

4.Math/cians by UNIVersity[edit]

mU1i.GÖTTINGEN m.[edit]

mU2i.BERKELEY m.[edit]

mU2ii.HARVARD m.[edit]

  1. Edwin Hewitt 1942 PhD
  2. Irving Kaplansky 1941 PhD, enwiki
  3. Bernard Koopman 1926 PhD
  4. Lynn Harold Loomis, 1942 PhD
  5. Richard P. Stanley 1971 PhD
  6. Steven Zelditch BA 1975 (Quantum ergodicity etc)

mU2iii.PRINCETON m.[edit]

  • Faculty: David Gabbai, John Nash, Elias M. Stein (1963), Andrew Wiles
  • Alumni: Felix Browder 1948 PhD, Sigurdur Helgason (m) 1954 PhD

5.Math/cians by field[edit]


Without WP page

Eberhard Kirchberg (C*) // Hiroki Takamura (C*-algebras) // Ghislain Vaillant (C*)

mF2. Μ. WITHOUT field category in WP[edit]

6.Math/cians without personal WP page[edit]

(i)Mentioned in enWP[edit]

(ii)with page in other WPs, not in enWP[edit]

(iii)Not mentioned in enWP[edit]

7.List of math/cians by birth date[edit]


8.List of diseased mathematicians by death date[edit]

(Could also add a mathematician's page in the category e.g. "2006 in mathematics" if he has died in 2006)

%%%%% %%% Econ-1: Company RANKING[edit]

Fortune (link)[edit]

Alexa Traffic ranks[edit]

%%%%% %%%% Econ-2: FTSE100 stock quotes for MOBILE users[edit]

26DEC2015: BARCatLSE

The remaining companies are in the tables below:

Example of SortedCollapsibleTable[edit]

%%%%% %%%%% Econ-3 (3 sections)[edit]

Fin.MIN. of Greece before 1967 and Econ.Min before 1982[edit]


Economics ABBREViations[edit]

ICB classification[edit]

  • subsector 2727, Diversified Industrials: Viohalco
  • subsector 5337, Food Retailers & Wholesalers: Delhaize

%%%%% %%%%% % 1.Lists of things named after Plato 2.List of places named after philosophers and writers[edit]




%%%%% %%%%% %% IMU's Frontiers and Perspectives[edit]


%%%%% %%%%% %%% MODULES[edit]


%%%%% %%%%% %%%% OTHER/////////////[edit]

Other Abbrevs[edit]

  • H1=first half (link for H2=2nd half exists in a disamb. pg)

Abbreviations about Europ. Union/Europe[edit]

    • +EFSF
    • EFSM
    • +ESM
    • EU
    • euco

Math/cians by birth date[edit]

Greek islands[edit]

(List of islands of Greece)
The following are the largest Greek islands listed by surface area. The table includes all islands of over 75 square miles (190 km2).

list of SCOTTISH Economists[edit]

(Category:Scottish economists) // (Category:Lists of economists)



The following MPs have been elected in the Greek legislative election, September 2015:


category Organizations named after people[edit]

Category:Organizations named after people

Preference stocks, Athens Stock Exchange[edit]

On the Athens Stock Exchange the stock symbols of the preference shares are:

  • * AAAP : Wool Industry Tria Alpha S.A. [2]
  • * EMDPO
  • * KLONP
  • * LEBEP
  • * ΜHXAP
  • * ΜPP
  • * PRAXP
  • * TITP
  • * XYLEP

Parliamentary terms (Greece)[edit]

  • 1st: from 17 November 1974 until 22 October 1977.
  • 2nd: from 20 November 1977 until 19 September 1981
  • 3rd: from 18 October 1981 until 7 May 1985

List of things named after two persons[edit]

Translators of Ancient Greek texts[edit]

Category:Translators of Ancient Greek texts

+TABLES with each row correponding to a pair(Translator,

into French
into GERMAN (Plato-ger.wikisource//Plato-ger.WP)
into LATIN
  • (covered:)

Eugene Rogan (historian)[edit]

....(Eugene Rogan).....
He was student of Albert Hourani.


(,_2015%E2%80%93present) (List of members of the Hellenic Parliament, 2015 (September))

Members of Parliament[edit]

As of 22 April 2016 the Democratic Coalition has ..... MPs in the Hellenic Parliament:

Name Constituency
[[]] () c
[[]] () c
[[]] () c

Members of Parliament[edit]

As of 22 April 2016 the Independent Greeks have nine MPs in the Hellenic Parliament:

Name Constituency
Dimitrios Kammenos Piraeus B
Panagiotis (Panos) Kammenos Athens B
Kostas Katsikis Attica
Vassilios Kokkalis (fr) Larissa
Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha Serres
Elena Koundoura (el) Athens A
Georgios Lazaridis Thessaloniki B
Athanasios Papachristopoulos (fr) Athens B
Konstantinos Zouraris Thessaloniki A

List of (ALL) Greek MPs[edit]



REDLINK ArticleWhereFound
Henkin construction Howard Jerome Keisler
Henkin–Keisler model Howard Jerome Keisler


Greek ArticleWhereFound
abc Greece at the 1920 Summer Olympics
Antonis Dimitriou Hotel Grande Bretagne


AncientGreek Notes ArticleWhereFound
List of ancient Olympic victors

List of authors in Mathematische Annalen by volume[edit]

  1. Mathematische Annalen(SpringerLink)
  2. Mathematische Annalen in GDZ


MIDDLE OF SANDBOX(below: 1.math tests 2. ...)[edit]

Middle of Sandbox is here!

Edward Gibbon (died 1770)[edit]

<Gibbon section 1:INFO>[edit]

<Gibbon section 2:WIKITEXT>[edit]


Football matches[edit]


Leicester City F.C. vs Seville

  • Italics indicate loan player
No. Nationality Name Position Birth year
1 Denmark Kasper Schmeichel GK 1986
5 Jamaica Wes Morgan CB 1984 England Nottingham Forest
6 Germany Robert Huth CB 1984 England Stoke City
17 England Danny Simpson RB 1987 England Queens Park Rangers
28 Austria Christian Fuchs LB 1986 Germany Schalke 04
4 England Danny Drinkwater CM 1990 England Manchester United
11 England Marc Albrighton RM / LM 1989 England Aston Villa
25 Nigeria Wilfred Ndidi DM 1996 Belgium Genk
26 Algeria Riyad Mahrez LW / RW / AM 1991 France Le Havre
9 England Jamie Vardy CF 1987 England Fleetwood Town
20 Japan Shinji Okazaki CF / LW / RW / AM 1986 Germany Mainz 05

...MATH TESTS[edit]

(see user:SoSivr#mathhelp)


(see Help:Displaying a formula)

  • ...

(ii)Using #expr[edit]

  • TRANSCENDENTAL NUMBERS (as digit sequences the last digit obviously may not be correct)
    • e: 2.71828182846 // π: 3.14159265359
    • (e/π) equals 0.86525597943


  1. ^ Some shares of this company are traded as AthexTITP
  2. ^ "AAAP".


Back up transfers[edit]


Nationality Name Position From (club) To (club) Transfer/loan month
Netherlands van Dijk, VirgilVirgil van Dijk CB Southampton Liverpool loan
Belgium Mirallas, KevinKevin Mirallas CB Everton Olympiacos transfer
country1 Abc, LmLm Abc Liverpool
country1 Pqr, MnMn Pqr Liverpool

.............................................. .......................

Transfers 2018[edit]

This is a list of transfers/loans that took place (were signed) in 2018.

Nationality Name Position From To Transfer/loan month
club country club country
Netherlands van Dijk, VirgilVirgil van Dijk CB Southampton England Liverpool Netherlands loan
Belgium Mirallas, KevinKevin Mirallas LW Everton England Olympiacos Greece transfer
country1 Abc, LmLm Abc Liverpool England
country1 Pqr, MnMn Pqr Liverpool England
country1 Fgh, QrQr Fgh Tottenham England