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General statistics

At a rate of 600 words a minute, 16 hours a day, a person could read about 17,000,000 words in a month. In the month of July 2006, Wikipedia grew by over 30,000,000 words. Reading the current incarnation at that rate would take over seven years, and by the time they were done, so much would have changed with the parts they had already read that they would have to start over. The best way to get an idea of the bigger picture is with statistics. The available statistics cover various aspects of Wikipedia, whether as an encyclopedia, a website, or a community. Some provide current snapshots and others track growth and development over time.

During the month of September 2013, Wikipedia was ranked as the 9th most popular site on the internet for desktop & mobile platforms with 116,835,000 visitors.[1] Of these, about one out of 15,000 contribute five or more edits (you can too!), and of those, a stable 10% contribute more than 100 edits each month. The largest number of these active editors was in March 2007, 4800, and is around 3300 in 2013.

Automatically updated statistics[edit]

  • Special:Statistics – a page that reports the current number of articles, which can also be seen wherever the MediaWiki feature {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} is used. Also recorded are the total number of pages overall, the number of edits and edits per page, and the number of registered users and administrators, along with links to other statistics pages.
  • Wikipedia:Database reports – a page that contains an index of automatically generated reports about the project.

Active counters[edit]

  • Number of pages: 32,679,394
  • Number of articles: 4,493,649
  • Number of files: 829,039
  • Number of edits: 709,714,541
  • Number of users: 21,154,154
  • Number of admins: 1,406
  • Number of active registered users: 129,415 (Registered users who have performed an action in the last 30 days; the number of unregistered active users is not compiled)
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The 1 billionth edit took place on April 16, 2010.

Page views[edit]

Deletion and vandalism statistics[edit]


Periodically updated statistics[edit]

Manually created chart of English-language Wikipedia Article Count: January 2001 – May 2013
A relatively stable 10% of editors who make over 5 edits each month make over 100 edits.

A number of statistics have been generated by various people from database downloads, which allow them to analyze the Wikipedia database automatically using various programs and scripts. The frequency of updates varies according to when new downloads are available and how often the maintainers can produce them.

Manually updated statistics[edit]

These are compilations of statistical information that are updated regularly from outside sources.

Archived statistics[edit]

The following statistical resources are currently unavailable or no longer updated, and listed for historical interest. They are sorted by the month in which they were last updated:


Graph showing the number of days between every 10,000,000 edits.

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