Bisu language

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Native to Thailand, China
Native speakers
ca. 2,000  (2005–2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
bzi – Bisu
lwm – Laomian, Bisu

Bisu (Chinese: 毕苏语) is a Loloish language of Thailand, with a couple thousand speakers in China. Varieties are Bisu proper (Mbisu) and Laomian (Guba), considered by Pelkey to be distinct languages.

The Laomian are classified within the Lahu ethnic group; the Lahu proper call them the "Lawmeh" (Bradley 2007).


According to Bisuyu Yanjiu 毕苏语研究 (2002), there are over 5,000 Bisu speakers in Yunnan, China, and a total of nearly 10,000 Bisu speakers in all countries combined. Within Yunnan, it is spoken mostly in Pu'er Prefecture, as well as neighboring parts of Xishuangbanna.

Laomian, a closely related Bisoid language, is spoken in Laomian Dazhai 老缅大寨, Zhutang Township 竹塘乡, Lancang County, Yunnan.[4]


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