Central Min

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Central Min
Min Zhong
Native to Southern China, United States (mainly California)
Region eastern Fujian; Fuzhou; Yong'an, Sanming
Native speakers
3.1 million  (2000 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 czo
Glottolog minz1235[2]
Min Zhong (pink)

Central Min, or Min Zhong (simplified Chinese: 闽中; traditional Chinese: 閩中; pinyin: Mǐnzhōng), is a member of the Min subcategory of Chinese languages. It is spoken around Yong'an, Sanming and Sha located in the central mountain areas of Fujian. The total population of approximately 3,000,000 native speakers, is the fourth most common variety of the Min branch of Chinese languages.


  • Sanming
  • Yong'an
  • Shaxian


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