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A1260 shield

Route information
Length: 3 mi (5 km)
Major junctions
North end: Hampton
  A15 A15 road
A1139 A1139 road
A605 A605 road
A1179 A1179 road
A47 A47 road
South end: Longthorpe
Road network
For more details on this topic, see Road transport in Peterborough.

The A1260 is a major road that serves the city of Peterborough in Eastern England. The road is dual-carriageway from its southern terminus with the A15 at Hampton to its northern terminus with the A47 at Longthorpe. The road is also known as the "Nene Parkway" and serves as major route from getting from the southern end of Peterborough to the Northern end without having to travel into to the centre of the city via the A15. The road itself starts at Hampton at a small roundabout with the A15 where after it goes past Serpentine Green at another roundabout before it very quickly heads to a major junction where its meets the A1139. After that junction the road takes on the form of a major dual-carriageway with its own grade separated junctions where it meets the A605 on a restricted junction before passing over the River Nene before meeting the A1179 on another junction. After that junction the road quickly heads north before coming to a major junction with the A47 where the road terminates on a large roundabout with the A47 passing over on top.

Coordinates: 52°33′32″N 0°16′42″W / 52.5590°N 0.2782°W / 52.5590; -0.2782