A177 road (England)

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A177 shield

Major junctions
South East end: Stockton-on-Tees
54°34′17″N 1°18′43″W / 54.5715°N 1.3120°W / 54.5715; -1.3120 (A177 road (southern end))
  A1305 A1305 road
A139 A139 road
A1027 A1027 road
A689 A689 road
A688 A688 road
[ A 1 (M)  ] A1(M) motorway
A167 A167 road
North West end: Durham
54°45′11″N 1°35′25″W / 54.7530°N 1.5904°W / 54.7530; -1.5904 (A177 road (northern end))
Road network

The A177 is a road in County Durham, England. It runs from Stockton to Durham, passing Sedgefield. It therefore links the two main centres for Durham University: Durham City and the university's Queen's Campus in Stockton, via the NETPark science park in Sedgefield, in which the university is a lead partner.

Coordinates: 54°39′29″N 1°27′38″W / 54.6581°N 1.4605°W / 54.6581; -1.4605 (A177 road)