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Headquarters in Nagoya
Aoki's Pizza Kashiwamori Store

Aoki's Pizza (アオキーズ・ピザ?, Aokīzu Piza) is a pizza restaurant chain in Japan. It has its headquarters in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.[1]

As of 2008 the President and CEO of Aoki's Corporation (株式会社アオキーズ・コーポレーション?, Kabushiki-gaisha Aokīzu Kōporēshon), owner of Aoki's Pizza, is Yoshimori Aoki (青木 良守?, Aoki Yoshimori).[2]

John Kricfalusi of Spümcø created an advertisement for Aoki's Pizza with Jimmy the Idiot Boy and Sody Pop.[3]

It has offered a number of promotions, including one in connection with Microsoft Corporation's Xbox.[4]


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