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Conformal is a family of electronic design automation (EDA) products developed and marketed by Cadence Design Systems for Digital ASIC and Custom ASIC Design. The flagship product, Conformal-LEC belong to the class of Equivalency Checking tools that help verify Design and Netlist transformations through a formal verification proof . There are other products offered in Low Power Verification, Constraint Management, Transistor Verification and their latest offering, a product in ECO automation. Conformal-LEC was first developed by Verplex Corporation in 1998 until the company was acquired by Cadence in 2003.

To date (Q2'2012), 80% of the Digital ASIC flows go through Conformal-LEC.

Add-on products[edit]

  • Conformal LEC
  • Conformal Low Power
  • Conformal Constraint Designer
  • Conformal Custom
  • Conformal ECO Designer