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Dried meat is a feature of many cuisines around the world. Examples include:

Drywoers - from South africa, dried sausage

  • Jerky, meat that has been trimmed of fat, cut into strips, marinated, and dried or smoked.
  • Kuivaliha, air-dried salted meat (often reindeer) of northern Finland.
  • Lahndi or qadid, air-dried salted meat (often lamb) in northern Afghanistan and Northern Africa (gueddid).
  • Pastırma, Turkish air-dried salted and often spiced meat.
  • Pemmican, a meat mixture, sometimes with dried fruit, used by the native peoples of North America.
  • Suho meso, a smoked beef eaten in Bosnia.
  • Sukuti, air dried, spiced meat of the Newari community of Nepal.
  • Kawaab, air dried, spiced meat of the Hyderabadi community of India.

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