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Listed below are notable people who are either citizens of Bangladesh, born in the region of what is now Bangladesh, or of Bangladeshi origin living abroad. For brevity, people who fall into more than one category are listed in only one of them. For further information, see Bangladeshi people.

Principals of Bengal's Independence Wars and Movements[edit]

British colonial period[edit]

Martyrs of the Bengali Language Movement 1952[edit]

Bangladesh War of Independence, 1971[edit]

Scientists, engineers, science educators and any subject teachers[edit]

Arts, culture, and literature[edit]

Social reformers and leaders[edit]

Music, film and television[edit]



Media and journalism[edit]

Political figures[edit]


Heads of government[edit]


Government officials and diplomats[edit]

Noted diplomats/heads of major organizations[edit]

Religious personalities[edit]






  • Siddikur Rahman, Bangladeshi professional golfer who plays on the Asian Tour


  • Syque Caesar, artistic gymnast, member of the Michigan Wolverines
  • Margarita Mamun, rhythmic gymnast, 2016 Gold medallist and Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics of Russian and Bangladeshi descent



Martial arts[edit]

  • Riaz Amin, youngest British WEKAF (World Eskrima/Kali/Arnis Federation) world champion, practises Shotokan Karate and Filipino Martial Arts
  • Ruqsana Begum, first British woman in kickboxing to be Asian, Bangladeshi and Muslim, she practises Muay Thai
  • Ali Jacko, British World Champion Lightweight Kickboxer, Black belt in Jujitsu, Wushu and Chinese Boxing
  • Mak Yuree, founder of Butthan, Vajrapran and Combat Self-Defense, holds four world records





  • Brojen Das, swimmer, first Asian to swim across the English Channel and the first person to cross it four times

Table tennis[edit]

  • Zobera Rahman Linu, table tennis player; 16 times national champion, Guinness World Record holder

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