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This is a list of equipment of the Romanian Armed Forces currently in service and in storage.

Vehicular Land Forces[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Variant Numbers Details
Main Battle Tanks
TR-85 Tancul romanesc TR 85 M1.jpg  Romania Main battle tank TR-85
TR-85M1 Bizon
TR-580 TR-580 FerdinandMuseum.jpg  Romania Main battle tank TR-580 43[1] Romanian produced version of the T-55.
T-55 Dispozitiv de tancuri in lupta ofensiva.jpg  Soviet Union Main battle tank T-55AM
Infantry Fighting Vehicles
MLI-84 MLI-84M Military Parade on December the 1st 2009.jpg  Romania Infantry fighting vehicle MLI-84
MLI-84M Jder
Licensed built BMP-1 with a number of modifications. MLI-84M is the modernized version, equipped with a 25 mm Oerlikon KBA cannon and Spike missiles.
Armoured Personnel Carriers
MLVM MLVM, Expomil 2005.jpg  Romania Armoured personnel carrier MLVM
76[1][3] Infantry fighting vehicle for mountainous terrain. Classified as an armoured personnel carrier by UN because of its light armour and armament. Used by the vânători de munte units.
TAB B33 Zimbru Romanian APC TAB 8x8 - 01.jpg  Romania Armoured personnel carrier 69[1][3][4] Licensed built BTR-80 with a number of modifications.
TAB-77 TAB-77 APC.jpg  Romania Armoured personnel carrier TAB-77M
161[1] Romanian produced version of the BTR-70 with a number of modifications.
TAB-71 TAB-71M.jpeg  Romania Armoured personnel carrier TAB-71M
378[1] Licensed built BTR-60 with a number of modifications. Will be replaced by the future TBT 8×8 APV, currently in development.
TABC-79 Batalionul 33vanatori de munte(12).JPG  Romania Armoured personnel carrier TAB-C
MT-LB ArmedForcesAcademy11Slovakia12.JPG  Soviet Union Armoured personnel carrier SNAR-10 "Jaguar"
SNAR-10M "Pantera"
8[4][5] Artillery/mortar locating radar.
Mowag Piranha Romanian Piranha IIIC APCs during the Romanian National Day military parade.jpg   Switzerland Armoured personnel carrier Piranha IIIC 31[6] Up-armoured with armour kits from Plasan Sasa (Israel); More on order.[7]
Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicles
HMMWV Ziua infanteriei craiova 20.jpg  United States Multi-purpose armoured vehicle M1113
Up-armoured M1114 is used by ISAF troops in Afghanistan.
URO VAMTAC Romanian URO VAMTAC vehicles during the Romanian National Day military parade 2.jpg  Spain Multi-purpose armoured vehicle S3
Mainly used by Special Forces; S3-HD variant with light up-armour.
Wolf Armoured Vehicle Zeev 1.jpg  Israel Multi-purpose armoured vehicle 3[9] Used by the Military Police.
Panhard PVP Porte ouverte 18RT-15 juin 2009 véhicule régiment01.jpg  France Multi-purpose armoured vehicle 16[6]
Cougar Mine resistant ambush protected vehicles.jpg  United States Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle Cougar HE 108 Provided by the United States, used by the EOD troops in Afghanistan.
Oshkosh M-ATV M153 CROWS mounted on a U.S. Army M-ATV.jpg  United States Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle M-ATV Unknown Provided by the United States, used by the ISAF troops in Afghanistan.
International MaxxPro Romanian MaxxPro Dash (4x4) 1.jpg  United States Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle MaxxPro Dash 60[8] Provided by the United States, used by the ISAF troops in Afghanistan.[10]
Engineering Vehicles
DMT-85M1 Dragor de mine(07).JPG  Romania Armored engineer vehicle 5[11] Armoured engineer vehicle based on the TR-85M1 chassis with a new, fixed superstructure, a 6.5t crane and a Pearson's TWMP mine clearing plough. The commander has a cupola with RWS. Five were built between 2007 and 2009.
TER TR-85  Romania Armoured recovery vehicle Unknown[9] Based on TR-85 chassis. Will be replaced with a version based on TR-85M1 chassis, currently in development.
BPZ-2 Carro pioniere1.jpg  Germany Armoured recovery vehicle 3[8] Delivered as offset for Gepard SPAAG by KMW[12]
PMA Batalionul 114 Tancuri Pod Mobil de Asalt.jpg  East Germany Armoured vehicle-launched bridge BLG-67M Unknown Will be replaced with a version based on TR-85M1 chassis, currently in development. Used by military engineering units.[13]
NX 7 B3  France Trench digger Unknown Used by military engineering units.[14]
MFRD MFRD 13e Genie 2007 07 14.jpg  France Counter-mobility vehicle Unknown Used by military engineering units.[15]
AMT 125 Automacara AMT125.jpg  Romania Crane truck Unknown[9] Used by military engineering units.
AMT 950 AMT 950 in Irak.jpg  Romania Crane truck Unknown[9] Used by military engineering units.
Autogreder Tehnica de geniu III Autogreder.jpg  Romania Road grader[9] AG-180 Unknown Used by military engineering units.
Ł34 Autoincarcator Armata Romana.jpg  Poland Wheeled loader Unknown[9] Used by military engineering units.
Bulldozer Romanian Army Bulldozer in Irak.jpg  Romania Bulldozer S.1500L.S. Unknown[9] Used by military engineering units.
VW Transporter Romanian Army SIBCRA.jpg  Germany Van SIBCRA Unknown[9] Sampling and Identification of Biological, Chemical and Radiological Agents vehicle.[16]
Unarmoured Multi-Purpose Vehicles
Chevrolet LSSV Tahoe Defilarea autostatiilor radio Harris.jpg  United States Four-wheel drive command vehicle 13[9] Equipped with Harris radio equipment.
Land Rover Defender Land Rover Defender front 20070518.jpg  United Kingdom Four-wheel Drive Multi-Purpose Vehicle Unknown Used by Military Police in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of SFOR.[17]
ARO 24 Series MILITARI AI BATALIONULUI 265 POLITIE MILITARA5.jpg  Romania Four-wheel Drive Multi-Purpose Vehicle 243D
Rocar TV United Nations field hospital in Mogadishu (1993).JPEG  Romania Light transport vehicle ? Unknown Small numbers; some in storage for sale (scrap).
DAC 091 010 Expomil 2K05 - 01 - Aerostar - LAROM - centrul de comandă - 03--A.jpg  Romania Truck 665T/G 6×6
443T 4×4
887R 8×8
11.154 4×4
12.135 6×6
15.240 6×6
16.220 4×4
31.310 8×8
352 The DAC 665T chassis is also used for APR-40 multiple rocket launcher, while the slightly improved APRA-40 is based on DAC 15.215 DFAEG.[18]
ROMAN Roman military truck.jpg  Romania Truck 16.310 FAEG
22.310 DFAEG
26.360 DFAEG
26.410 DFAEG
124 chassis for weapons systems like LAROM, ATROM, as Rocket Containers Transport and Load Vehicle, to carry command posts and weather stations and various others transport duties.

Special equipment[edit]

Model Image Type Origin Numbers Details
Army Watercraft
DPM-4 Distribuitor plantator de mine.jpg Minelayer  Romania Unknown Towed by DAC 6×6 trucks. Used by military engineering units.[19]
BP-10 151st Infantry Battalion (10).jpg Assault boat  Romania Unknown Paddled for silent approach or fitted with an outboard motor.[20] Capacity: 10 soldiers
Zodiac MK3 Zodiac Mark 3 Assault Boat.jpg Assault boat  France Unknown Equipped with Evinrude Etec 50 hp engine.[13]
PR-71 Instructia pontonierilor Trecerea coloanei mixte de tehnica.jpg Pontoon bridge  Romania Unknown Used by military engineering units.[21]
ST 140 ST 140 motorboat.jpg Utility armoured motorboat  Romania Unknown[9] 3.5 tons, 8–10 mm armour, 140 hp engine. Used by military engineering units for maneuvering pontoons, it can also transport up to 20 soldiers.
MLC 240 Self-propelled barge  Romania 4[22] Used by military engineering units.
MLC 300 MLC 300.jpg Ferryboat  Romania 4[22] Used by military engineering units.


Model Image Caliber Origin Numbers Details
M 1988 Ar Md.1988 60mm.jpg 60mm  Romania Unknown There are also two 2001 versions: a commando version and an extended range version.
M 1977 82 mm mortar Model 1977 cropped.jpg 82mm  Romania 1 174[1] Also available in 81 mm caliber.
M 1982 Trageri cu aruncatorul cal 120 mm in poligonul bazei Lagman 2008.jpg 120mm  Romania 314[1]
M82 Obuzierul de Munte M1982 76mm.jpg 76mm  Romania Unknown Mountain howitzer used by vânători de munte units. Based on the Yugoslav M48.
M30 Inregistrarea elementelor de tragere.jpg 122mm  Soviet Union 40[4]
M81 152 mm howitzer M81 (1).jpg 152mm  Romania 245[4] Licensed built after the Soviet 152 mm howitzer D-20.
M85 A425 152 mm M1985.JPG 152mm  Romania 103[4] A variant of the M81 howitzer, with performance similar to the 2A65 "Msta-B".
Rocket Launchers
LAROM LAROM - DAC 26410 - 01.jpg Multiple Rocket Launcher  Romania/ Israel 54[3][4] Based on the APRA-40 Model 1988 122C.
APR 40 SVLR 122mm BM-21.jpg Multiple Rocket Launcher  Romania 135[1][3][23] Romanian improved version of BM-21 Grad; further developed into APRA-40.


Model Image Type Origin Numbers Details
Towed Guns
M 1977 Batalionul 612 artilerie antitanc 18.jpg 100mm towed anti-tank gun  Romania 208[4][5] Upgraded with modern day and night fire control system.
Anti-Tank Launcher Vehicles
9P122 "Malyutka" Romanian 9P133 Malyutka.jpg ATGM Launcher Vehicle  Soviet Union 90[4] 12 9P122 Sagger B and 78 9P133 Sagger C
9P148 "Konkurs" Romanian 9P148 Konkurs cropped.jpg ATGM Launcher Vehicle  Soviet Union 48[4] Also capable of firing the 9K111 Fagot missile.
Shoulder-Fired/Mounted Weapons
AG-7 Batalionul 191 infanterie 62.jpg Rocket propelled grenade  Romania Unknown[9] Romanian version of RPG-7; standard anti-tank weapon at infantry squad level.
AG-9 Militari romani in cadrul misiunii KFOR.jpg 73mm Recoilless rifle  Romania Unknown[9] Romanian version of SPG-9; sometimes mounted on ARO 4×4 vehicles.
9K111 Fagot POLK 9K111 Fagot.jpg Anti-tank missile  Soviet Union Unknown Acquired in the 1980s.
M72A5 LAW USAF M72 LAW.jpg Light anti-tank weapon  Norway 24[24] Bought from Nammo Raufoss AS, Norway. Used by special forces.


Model Image Type Origin Numbers Details
Anti-aircraft artillery
ZU-2 ZU-2 anti-aircraft machine gun.jpg 2×14.5mm anti-aircraft machine gun  Romania Unknown Romanian manufactured version. There is also a 4x14.5mm version called the MR-4,[25] essentially a ZPU-4, but with a two-wheel carriage designed locally.[26]
M 1980/88 Batalionul 635 Apărare Antiaeriană “Precista” (11).jpg 2×30mm anti-aircraft gun  Romania 300[9]
Oerlikon GDF-203 Tun Oerlikon in pozitie de tragere.jpg 2×35mm anti-aircraft gun   Switzerland 72[4][23]
Gepard Romanian Gepard tank.jpg Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun  Germany 36[4] Plus 7 vehicles for spare parts.
Surface-to-air missiles
2K12 Kub Trageri la capu midia 19.jpg surface-to-air missile system  Soviet Union 40[9] 8 batteries.
9K33 OSA Romanian SA-8.jpg surface-to-air missile system  Soviet Union 24[9] 4 batteries of 9K33M3 "OSA-AKM" type (16 9A33B TELAR and
8 9T217 transloader vehicles).
CA-95 CA-95M SAM system during the Romanian National Day military parade 3.jpg surface-to-air missile system  Romania 48[9] Licensed built 9K31 Strela-1 (NATO designation SA-9 "Gaskin")
using a TABC-79 vehicle instead of BRDM-2.
CA-94 Lansator CA-94M.jpg MANPAD  Romania 297[1] Including CA-94M modernized version.


Model Image Caliber Type Origin Details
Pistol Md. 1933 TT 33 Pistol.jpg 7.62×25mm Pistol  Romania License-built Tokarev TT-33 pistol (1952-1972).
Pistol md. 1995 Pistol Md. 95.jpg 9×19mm Pistol  Romania Not to be confused with Carpati model 1995.
Pistol md. 2000 Pistol Md. 2000 BSDA 2010.jpg 9×19mm Pistol  Romania Modernized version of Pistol md. 1995.
Glock 17 Glock 17C cropped.jpg 9×19mm Pistol  Austria Used by troops on deployment and several special operations units.
Submachine Guns
HK MP5 Hkmp5count-terr-wiki.jpg 9×19mm Submachine gun  Germany Used by special forces.
HK UMP9 HKUMP45.JPG 9×19mm Submachine gun  Germany Used by special forces.
Uzi Minuzi200.jpg 9×19mm Submachine gun  Israel MiniUzi used by military police.[27]
Assault Rifles
PA md. 86 PA md.86 with AG-40 grenade launcher.jpg 5.45×39mm Assault rifle  Romania Standard service rifle in TOs.
PM md. 63/65/90 PMmd.1963.jpg 7.62×39mm Assault rifle  Romania Romanian Navy and Army reserve.
HK G36 800px-G36bw.jpg 5.56×45mm assault rifle  Germany Used by special forces.
SIG 551 LB Swiss Arms SG 551 LB.jpg 5.56×45mm Assault rifle   Switzerland Used by special forces.
Steyr AUG AUG A1 508mm 04.jpg 5.56×45mm Assault rifle  Austria Used by special forces.
Light Machine Guns
PM md. 93 Soviet RPK-74.JPEG 5.45×39mm Light machine gun  Romania Romanian version of RPK-74.
PM md. 64 Soviet RPK.JPEG 7.62×39mm light machine gun  Romania Romanian version of RPK, standard LMG.
M249 light machine gun M249 FN MINIMI DM-SD-05-05342.jpg 5.56×45mm Light machine gun  United States US version of FN MINIMI. Used by special forces.
General-Purpose Machine Guns
Vektor SS-77 South African National Defense Force soldiers on their way.jpg 7.62×51mm General purpose machine gun  South Africa SS-77 MK1[28]
Mitraliera md. 66 Batalionul 191 infanterie 71.jpg 7.62×54mmR General purpose machine gun  Romania Romanian version of PKM, standard GPMG.
M240 machine gun PEO M240B Profile.jpg 7.62×51mm General purpose machine gun  United States Mounted use on HMMWV.
Heavy Machine Guns
Browning M2HB QCB M2 - 24th MEU.jpg 12.7×99mm Heavy machine gun  United States Mounted use; small numbers.
DShK Mitraliera DShK UM Cugir.jpg 12.7×108mm or
Heavy machine gun  Romania Mainly mounted use (tanks, URO VAMTAC and Humvee), but also on tripod.
DMRs and Sniper Rifles
PSL PSL-Sniper Rifle with Scope.jpg 7.62×54mmR Designated marksman rifle  Romania Looks similar to the Russian SVD, but actually based on AK-47 mechanism; also available in 7.62×51mm.
ArmaLite AR-10 SuperSASS Ar10t.jpg 7.62×51mm Sniper rifle  United States Used by special forces.
Brügger & Thomet APR Brügger & Thomet APR338.jpg 7.62×51mm Sniper rifle   Switzerland Used by special forces.
Barrett M82 M107 1.jpg 12.7×99mm Anti-materiel rifle/sniper rifle  United States Used by special forces.
AG-40 Georgian under barrel grenade launchers stc delta (2).JPG 40mm Grenade launcher  Romania P version in 40×47mm and PN version in 40×46mm NATO.
F-1 F1 grenade travmatik com 01 by-sa.jpg Defensive grenade  Soviet Union
RG-42 RG-42 grenade Navy.jpg Offensive grenade  Romania
RKG-3 RKG-3M grenade.jpg Anti-tank grenade  Romania RKG-3E (EM) version.
GMM Multifunctional grenade  Romania Defensive, offensive and HEAT variants.


Model Image Type Origin Numbers Details
MAI-75 Pressure activated blast mine  Romania 1940[29] For training purposes only.
MAI-68 Pressure activated blast mine  Romania 120+120[29] 120 with disc and 120 without disc. For training purposes only.
MAI-6 Pressure activated blast mine  Romania 90[29] For training purposes only.
MAI-2 Trip wire fragmentation mine  Romania 110[29] For training purposes only.
MSS Bounding fragmentation mine  Romania 120[29] For training purposes only.
MAT-62B Anti-tank blast mine  Romania Unknown
MAT-76 Anti-tank blast mine  Romania Unknown

Stored equipment[edit]

Model Image Type Origin Numbers Details
T-72 Romanian T-72M tank.jpg Main battle tank  Soviet Union 30 T-72M variant;[8] 28 tanks (5 operational, 23 need repairs) are for sale.[30]
SU-100 Czechoslovak-produced SU-100 tank destroyer Muzeul Militar Naţional.jpg Tank destroyer  Czechoslovakia 23[4]
2S1 2S1 Gvozdika.jpg 122mm self-propelled howitzer  Soviet Union 6[1] In storage since 2005.
Md. 89 2S1 Model 1989.jpg 122mm self-propelled howitzer  Romania 41[1] 2S1 turret on MLI-84 chassis. In storage since 2005.
M 1993 Obuzierul de munte Bucegi calibrul 98mm Model1995 1.JPG 98mm mountain howitzer  Romania 148[3] Replaced with the M1982 120mm mortars in 2004.
M82 A412 130 mm M1982.JPG 130mm towed gun  Romania 75[31] 72 pieces for sale.[5][30] Licensed built after the Chinese Type 59-1, itself a copy of the Soviet 130 mm towed field gun M1954 M-46. Romania also produced a 76mm mountain gun and a 120 mm mortar designated M82.
ML-20 Ostroleka-forty bema7.jpg 152mm gun-howitzer  Soviet Union 14

Air Force[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Variant Numbers Details
Fixed-wing Aircraft
F-16 Romanian F-16.jpg  United States Fighter Aircraft F-16 AM/BM block 15 MLU 9[32] 12 on order from Portugal.[33]

First 6 officially handed over on 28 September 2016 and entered service on 6 October. Another 3 arrived on 15 December 2016 and the remaining 3 will be handed over in the spring of 2017.[34]

MiG-21 LanceR MiG-21 Lancer C cropped.jpg  Soviet Union Fighter Aircraft MiG-21 LanceR A
MiG-21 LanceR B
MiG-21 LanceR C
36[35][better source needed] Ground attack.[36]
Dual-seat trainer.
Air superiority.[36]
An-30 Romanian Air Force Antonov An-30.jpg  Soviet Union Reconnaissance Aircraft An-30 2[37] Aerial cartography for Treaty on Open Skies.
C-27J Aeronava C 27J de transport scurt mediu curier la mitingul aviatic.jpg  Italy Cargo/Transport Aircraft C-27J 7[38]
C-130 Romanian Air Force C-130.jpg  United States Cargo/Transport Aircraft C-130H 4[37] At least three in service and one retired or used for spare parts.
Boeing C-17 Globemaster III C-17 test sortie.jpg  United States Strategic Transport 3 (shared) Shared within NATO's Heavy Airlift Wing.[39] Heavy Airlift Wing (HAW) is part of the SAC group which includes 10 NATO nations—Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, United States—and Partnership for Peace members Sweden and Finland. They will share acquisition and operating costs for the eventual fleet of three C-17s over the nearly 30-year agreement.
An-26 Antonov.an26.fairford.arp.jpg  Soviet Union Cargo/Transport Aircraft An-26 2[33]
IAR 99 725-Avioane IAR.99C Soim-DSC 3031 cropped.jpg  Romania Trainer Aircraft/Reconnaissance aircraft IAR-99
IAR-99C used for reconnaissance and close in air support missions
Iak-52 Yakkes Yak-52 RA-3085K.jpg  Romania Trainer Aircraft Iak-52 12[40] Licensed-built Yak-52 by Aerostar.
IAR 316 RoAF IAR 316B cropped.jpg  Romania Training Helicopter IAR-316 6[40] A squadron remains operational with the training unit at Boboc.
IAR 330 IAR-330 Puma SOCAT antitank gunship 2.jpg  Romania Utility Helicopter IAR-330 Puma L/M 35[40]
Attack Helicopter IAR-330 SOCAT 22[40]
RQ-7 Shadow 200 UAV (2).jpg  United States UAV Shadow-600 7 11 initially, 4 crashed (1 in country, 3 in Iraq).
Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk Global Hawk 1.jpg  United States Reconnaissance Aircraft Block 40 0 (shared) 5 ordered, to be delivered by 2018.[41]
ScanEagle ScanEagle UAV catapult launcher 2005-04-16.jpg  United States UAV 10[42] Used in Afghanistan
S-60 Zagan 57 mm armata plot S 60.jpg  Soviet Union 57 mm anti-aircraft gun CRT 1RL-35M1 250 Will be replaced with SHORAD systems. Still used for training as of 2010.
MIM-23 Romanian MIM-23 HAWK.jpg  United States surface-to-air missile Hawk PIP-III R[6] 224 8 batteries.[40] To be modernized to the HAWK XXI or an equivalent standard by 2018.
S-75 Romanian SA-2 VOLHOV 3.jpg  Soviet Union surface-to-air missile S-75 M3 "Volhov" 6 batteries;[40] 18 or 20 initially delivered by USSR between 1963–1967, modernized three times since then.[43] Towed by Soviet era ZIL 131 trucks.
AN/FPS-117 RAAF AN-FPS-117 radar in 2007.jpg  United States radar AN/FPS-117E (T)
2 (+1 on order)[45][46]
3-dimensional air search radar; in service since 1998.
P-18 P 18-2.jpg  Soviet Union radar P-18[47] 2-dimensional air search radar; in service since 1977; mounted on Ural-375D chassis.
P-37 P-37 in the Technical museum Togliatti.jpg  Soviet Union radar P-37 Bar Lock 2D E band/F band radar; in service since 1975.
TPS-79 Romanian Gap Filler TPS-79(R).gif  United States
radar TPS-79(R) 19 3-dimensional air search radar.[48] in service since late 2004. Towed by DAC 665 T utility truck.
PRV-13 Odd pair.jpg  Soviet Union Radar altimeter PRV-13[47] In service since 1978.

Naval forces[edit]

Sea Fleet[edit]

Class Photo Type Ships Origin Commissioned Note
Frigates (3 in service[49])
Type 22 Regele Ferdinand Frigate 24.jpg Multipurpose Frigates F-221 Regele Ferdinand
F-222 Regina Maria
 United Kingdom 2004
The frigates are currently in the second phase of the modernization program.
Mărășești Mărășești frigate.jpg Multipurpose Frigate F-111 Mărășești  Romania 1992
Submarine (1 in service[1][49])
Kilo DelfinulSubmarine.jpg Conventional Submarine Delfinul  Soviet Union 1985 The submarine is not operational and is currently waiting to go through repairs and modernization, although actual official details have not been made public.
Corvettes (4 in service[49])
Tetal-I Amiral Petre Barbuneanu corvette.jpg Multipurpose corvettes F-263 Vice-Amiral Eugeniu Roșca
F-260 Amiral Petre Bărbuneanu
 Romania 1987
Tetal-II Contraamiral Eustațiu Sebastian Corvette.jpg Multipurpose corvettes F-264 Contraamiral Eustațiu Sebastian
F-265 Contraamiral Horia Macellariu
 Romania 1988
Missile corvettes (3 in service[49])
Zborul Romanian Tarantul-I warships.jpg Missile corvettes F-188 Zborul
F-189 Pescărușul
F-190 Lăstunul
 Soviet Union 1989
Fast Attack Craft (3 in service)
Epitrop Torpedo boats F-202 Smeul
F-204 Vijelia
F-209 Vulcanul
 Romania Based on the Soviet Osa-class missile boat.
Mine Warfare (5 in service[49])
Musca Minesweepers F-24 Lt. Remus Lepri
F-25 Lt. Lupu Dinescu
F-29 Lt. Dimitrie Nicolescu
F-30 Slt. Alexandru Axente
 Romania 1986
Cosar Minelayer F-274 Vice-Amiral Constantin Bălescu  Romania 1981

River Fleet[edit]

Class Photo Type Ships Origin Commissioned Note
River monitors (3 in service[49])
Mihail Kogălniceanu Romanian river monitor F-46.jpg River Monitors F-45 Mihail Kogălniceanu
F-46 Ion C. Brătianu
F-47 Lascăr Catargiu
 Romania 1993
Gunboats (5 in service[49])
Smârdan Romanian river monitor F-177.jpg Armoured patrol boats F-176 Rahova
F-177 Opanez
F-178 Smârdan
F-179 Posada
F-180 Rovine
 Romania 1987
Patrol boats (12 in service[49])
VD 141 Romanian River Patrol Crafts.jpg Patrol boats F-142
 Romania 1980 Organized in two sections, one based at Brăila and the other one at Tulcea .

Coastal Defense[edit]

Model Image Type Origin Numbers Details
Romanian 4K51 Rubezh missile launch.jpg
Anti-ship mobile missile launcher (P-21/22 - P15 Termit)  Soviet Union 4 4 mobile launchers[50] on MAZ - 543 8X8 platforms.

Auxiliary Vessels[edit]

Class Photo Type Ships Origin Commissioned Note
Auxiliary Vessels[51]
Croitor Tender F-281 Constanța
F-283 Midia
 Romania 1979 Constanța is allocated to the Frigate Flotilla and Midia is used as a Navy Divers training ship.
Gorch Fock Mircea@Brest2008 01.JPG Sail Training Ship Mircea  Germany 1938
Venus Navy Divers ship Venus  Romania N/A
Jupiter Navy Divers ship Jupiter  Romania N/A
Egreta IAR 330 and Egreta.jpg Command ship Egreta  Romania 1985
Grigore Antipa Survey ship Grigore Antipa  Romania 1980 Used mainly as a Navy Divers ship.
Project 1395[52] Hydrographics ship Cpt. cdor. Alexandru Cătuneanu  Romania 1993
Project 1395 Sea-going Tugboat Grozavul  Romania 1993
Stan Tug 1606 Sea-going Tugboat Vârtosul[53][54]
Voinicul [55]
 Romania 2016
Project 1407 Oil tanker TMM-531  Romania N/A
Project 406/3 Oil tanker Tulcea TMM-532  Romania 1992
Lupeni[57] River Tugboat RF-328  Romania N/A
C417 River Barge C417  Romania N/A

Naval Aviation[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Variant Numbers Details
IAR 330 IAR 330 Puma Naval first flight.jpg  Romania Maritime helicopter Puma Naval 3[58] Include the SOCAT upgrade package; the Navy Pumas also have flotation gear fitted under the nose and main undercarriage fairings. Currently operated from Navy frigates for search and rescue, medevac, maritime surveillance missions and ASW.[59][60]

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