List of public elementary schools in New York City

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This is a list of public elementary schools in New York City, which are typically referred to as "PS number" (e.g. "PS 46"). Many PS numbers are ambiguous, being used by more than one school. The sections correspond to New York City DOE Regions. Some charter schools are included throughout this list; others may be added to the charter schools section at the end of the list.


School Name Neighborhood Building Code Reference
PS 1 Alfred F. Smith Two Bridges M001
PS 11 William T. Harris Chelsea M011
PS 15 Roberto Clemente East Village M015
PS 18 Park Terrace Inwood M898
PS 19 Asher Levy East Village Asher Levy
PS 20 Anna Silver Lower East Side Anna Silver
PS MS 34 Franklin D. Roosevelt Lower East Side Franklin Delano Roosevelt
PS 63 S.T.A.R. Academy
(Formerly William McKinley)
Lower East Side [1]
PS 64 Robert Simon East Village
PS 84 Lillian Weber Upper West Side
PS 102 Jaquees Charter School East Harlem M102
PS 108 School of Authors East Harlem M108
PS 110 Florence Nightingale Lower East Side M110
PS 111 Adolph S. Ochs Hell's Kitchen M111
PS 112 Jose Celso Barbosa East Harlem M112
PS 115 Alexander Humboldt Washington Heights M115
PS 116 Mary Lindley Murray Kips Bay M116
PS 125 Ralph Bunche Harlem M125
PS 126 Jacob August Riis Two Bridges M126
PS 128 Audubon Washington Heights M128
PS 129 John H. Finley Harlem M129
PS 130 Hernando De Soto Little Italy M130
PS 132 Juan Pablo Duarte Fort George M132
PS 134 Henrietta Szold Lower East Side M134
PS 140 Nathan Straus Lower East Side M140
PS 142 Amalia Castro Lower East Side M142
PS 145 The Bloomingdale School Manhattan Valley M145
PS 146 Anna M. Short East Harlem M146
PS 150 Tribeca Learning Center Tribeca M840
PS 152 Dyckman Valley School Fort George M152
PS 153 Adam Clayton Powell Hamilton Heights M153
PS 154 The Harriet Tubman Learning Center Harlem M154
PS 155 William Paca East Harlem M115
PS 158 Bayard Taylor Upper East Side M158
PS 161 Pedro Albizu Campos West Harlem M161
PS 163 Alfred B. Smith Manhattan Valley M163
PS 165 Robert E. Simon Manhattan Valley M165
PS 166 The Richard Rogers School of the Arts and Technology Upper West Side M166
PS 171 Patrick Henry Preparatory School East Harlem M171
PS 173 Washington Heights M173
PS 175 Henry H. Garnet Harlem M175
PS 178 Juan Bosch Inwood M178
PS 180 Hugo Newman Harlem M180
PS 182 The Bilingual Bicultural School East Harlem M083
PS 183 Robert Louis Stevenson Upper East Side M183
PS MS 184 Shuang Wen School Lower East Side
PS 185 The Locke School of Arts and Engineering Harlem M185
PS 188 Island School Lower East Side M188
PS 189 Washington Heights M189
PS 315 East Village Community Lower East Side
PS 361 Children’s Workshop School Lower East Side Sister schools with Neighborhood School, East Village Community School, Earth School and Tompkins Square Middle School [2]
PS 363 Neighborhood School East Village Share a building with PS 163 (S.T.A.R. Academy) [3]
PS 364 Earth School Lower East Side
PS 452 Upper West Side

Older classifications[edit]

Region 1: The Bronx[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
PS 2 Morrisania Morrisania
PS 7 Kingsbridge Kingsbridge
PS 8 Isaac Varian Norwood Isaac Varian
PS 9 Ryer Avenue Elementary School Fordham
PS 11 Highbridge School Highbridge
PS 15 Institute for Environmental Learning University Heights
PS 21 Philip Sheridan Wakefield Philip Sheridan
PS 24 Spuyten Duyvil Spuyten Duyvil
PS 28 Mount Hope Mount Hope
PS 32 Belmont Belmont
PS 33 Timothy Dwight University Heights Timothy Dwight IV
PS 37 Multiple Intelligence School Kingsbridge
PS 46 Edgar Allan Poe Fordham Edgar Allan Poe
PS 51 Bronx New School Belmont
PS 53 Basheer Quisim Morrisania
PS/IS 54 Fordham
PS 55 Benjamin Franklin Morrisania Benjamin Franklin
PS 56 Norwood Heights Norwood
PS 58 Morrisania
PS 59 Fordham
PS 63 Author’s Academy Morrisania
PS 64 Pura Belpre Mount Eden Pura Belpré
PS 70 Max Schoenfeld Border of Mount Eden & Mount Hope
PS 73 Bronx Highbridge
PS 79 (closed in 2007) Creston Fordham
PS 81 Robert J. Christen North Riverdale
PS 85 Great Expectations Fordham
PS 90 George Meany Concourse George Meany
PS 91 Bronx University Heights
PS 94 Kings College School Norwood Columbia University
PS 109 Sedgwick Morris Heights
PS 110 Theodore Schoenfeld Morrisania
PS 126 Dr Marjorie H Dunbar Highbridge Marjorie Dunbar
PS 128 Mott Hall III Morrisania
PS 132 Garrett A Morgan Morrisania Garrett A. Morgan
PS 159 Luis Munoz Marin Fordham Luis Muñoz Marín
PS 163 Arthur A Schomburg Fordham Arthur Schomburg
PS 170 Esteban Vicente Mount Eden Esteban Vicente
PS 199X The Shakespeare School Mount Eden William Shakespeare
PS 204 Morris Heights Morris Heights
PS 205 Fiorello LaGuardia Belmont Fiorello H. LaGuardia
P/IS 218 Rafael Hernandez Dual Language Concourse Rafael Hernández Marín
PS 236 Langston Hughes Mount Hope Langston Hughes
PS 246 Poe Center Fordham Edgar Allan Poe
PS 306 Morris Heights
PS 307 Luisa Pineiro Fuentes School of Science and Discovery Kingsbridge
PS 310 Marble Hill Marble Hill
PS 315 Lab School Fordham
PS 396 University Heights

Region 2: The Bronx[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
PS 6 West Farms West Farms
PS 16 Washingtonville
PS 19 Judith K. Weiss Woodlawn [4]
PS 21 Phillip H Sheridan Wakefield Gen. Philip Sheridan
PS 36 Unionport Unionport
PS 41 Gun Hill Road Olinville
PS 44 David C Farragut Fairmount Adm. David Farragut
PS 47 John Randolph Soundview [5]
PS 48 Joseph R Drake Hunts Point Joseph Rodman Drake
PS 50 Clara Barton East Morrisania Clara Barton
PS 57 Crescent East Tremont
PS 61 Francisco Oller East Morrisania Francisco Oller
PS 62 Inocensio Casanova Longwood
PS 67 Mohegan School East Tremont
PS 68 Bronx Edenwald
PS 72 Dr William Dorney Throgs Neck
PS 75 Longwood
PS 76 The Bennington School Allerton
PS 78 Anne Hutchinson Williamsbridge Anne Hutchinson
PS 83 Donald Hertz Morris Park
PS 87 Bronx Wakefield
PS 92 Bronx Tremont
PS 93 Albert G. Oliver Soundview
PS 96 Richard Rodgers Allerton Richard Rodgers
PS 97 Bronx Pelham Gardens
PS 100 Isaac Clason Soundview Isaac Clason (See Clason's Point, Bronx)
PS 102 Joseph O Loretan Park Versailles
PS 105 Senator Abraham Bernstein Bronxdale Abraham Bernstein (politician) [6]
PS 106 Parkchester Unionport
PS 107 Soundview
PS 108 Philip J Abinanti Morris Park
PS 111 Seton Falls Edenwald
PS 112 Bronxwood Edenwald
PS 119 Unionport
PS 130 Abram Stevens Hewitt Longwood Abram Stevens Hewitt
PS 134 George F Bristow East Morrisania George Frederick Bristow
PS 138 Samuel Randall Castle Hill
PS 140 Eagle Longwood
PS 146 Edward Collins Longwood
PS 150 Charles James Fox Longwood
PS 152 Evergreen Soundview
PS 153 Helen Keller Co-Op City Helen Keller
PS 160 Walt Disney Co-Op City Walt Disney
PS 178 Dr Selman Waksman Co-Op City Dr. Selman Waksman
PS 182 Clason Point
PS 194 Countee Cullen Westchester/Zerega Countee Cullen
PS 195 Parkchester
PS 196 Parkchester
PS 197 Soundview
PS 198 Morrisania
PS 211 Fairmount
PS 212 Soundview
PS 214 Lorraine Hansberry West Farms Lorraine Hansberry
The School of Science and Applied Learning Tremont
PS 304 Early Childhood School Throggs Neck
New School #1 @ PS 60
New School #2 @ PS 60
Bronx Little School Park Versailles

Region 3: Queens[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
PS 11 Kathryn Phelan Woodside Kathryn Phelan [7]
PS 12 James B. Colgate Woodside James B. Colgate [8]
PS 13 Clement C. Moore Elmhurst Clement C. Moore [9]
PS 15 Jackie Robinson St. Albans Jackie Robinson [10]
PS 18 Winchester Bellerose [11]
PS 20 John Bowne Flushing John Bowne [12]
PS 21 Edward Hart Linden Hill Edward Hart [13]
PS 22 Thomas Jefferson Flushing Thomas Jefferson [14]
PS 24 Andrew Jackson Flushing Andrew Jackson [15]
PS 26 Rufus King Fresh Meadows Rufus King [16]
PS 29 College Point
PS 30 Ruby S. Couche Rochdale Village, Jamaica Ruby S. Couche, national president of the professional educators' sorority Phi Delta Kappa. She was chosen by Ebony magazine as one of its "100 Most Influential Black Americans" in 1982.
PS 31 Bayside Bayside
PS 32 State Street Flushing [17]
PS 33 Edward M. Funk Queens Village Edward M. Funk, a retired principal of the school who was murdered by a group of teenagers who were attempting to steal his car[18] [19]
PS 34 John Harvard Queens Village John Harvard [20]
PS 35 Nathaniel Woodhull Hollis Nathaniel Woodhull, First U.S. General killed in the American Revolutionary War, General Woodhull was herding the cattle from the British, and was captured and wounded 5 blocks from the school, at what is now 197th Street and Jamaica Ave. An Historical sign marks the location on Jamaica Ave. [21]
PS 36 St. Albans School St. Albans St. Albans, the neighborhood where the school is located. [22]
PS 37 Cynthia Jenkins School Jamaica Cynthia Jenkins [23]
PS 38 Rosedale School Rosedale Rosedale, the neighborhood where the school is located. [24]
PS 40 Samuel Huntington South Jamaica Samuel Huntington [25]
PS 41 Crocheron Bayside Jacob Crocheron (August 23, 1774 – December 27, 1849) was a U.S. Representative from New York
PS 46 Alley Pond Oakland Gardens Alley Pond Park
PS 48 William Wordsworth Jamaica William Wordsworth [26]
PS 49 Dorothy Bonawit Kole Middle Village Dorothy Bonawit Kole [27]
PS 50 Talfourd Lawn Elementary School Briarwood
PS 54 Hillside Hillside
PS 55 Maure South Richmond Hill
PS 79 Francis Lewis Whitestone Francis Lewis (March 21, 1713 – December 30, 1803) was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of New York. He moved to Whitestone, New York in 1734. [28]
PS 80 Thurgood Marshall Magnet Jamaica Thurgood Marshall [29]
PS 82 Hammond Briarwood
PS/IS 87 Middle Village Middle Village
PS 88 Seneca Ridgewood
PS 91 Richard Arkwright Glendale Richard Arkwright [30]
PS 94 David D. Porter Little Neck David Dixon Porter [31]
PS 95 Eastwood School Jamaica [32]
PS 98 The Douglaston School Douglaston Douglaston, the neighborhood in which the school is located in. [33]
PS 99 Kew Gardens Kew Gardens
PS 101 School in the Gardens Forest Hills The school's name is a reference to how the school is located in Forest Hills Gardens. [34]
PS 107 Thomas A. Dooley Flushing Dr. Thomas Anthony Dooley III [35]
PS/IS 113 Isaac Chauncey Glendale Isaac Chauncey [36]
PS 115 Glen Oaks Floral Park, Queens Glen Oaks is an adjacent neighborhood partially served by the school
PS 117 J.Keld/Briarwood School Briarwood Joyce Keld [37]
PS 118 Lorraine Hansberry St. Albans Lorraine Hansberry [38]
PS 120 Queens Flushing
PS 121 Richmond Hill
PS 122 Astoria The Mamie Fay School
PS 128 Juniper Valley & Lorraine Tuzzo Middle Village Lorraine Tuzzo
PS 129 Patricia Larkin College Point Patricia Larkin [39]
PS 130 Bayside
PS 131 Abigail Adams Jamaica Abigail Adams [40]
PS 132 Ralph Bunche Springfield Gardens Ralph Bunche [41]
PS 133 Bellerose
PS 134 The Langston Hughes School Hollis Langston Hughes [42]
PS 135 The Bellaire School Queens Village [43]
PS 136 Roy Wilkins Hollis Roy Wilkins [44]
PS 138 The Sunrise School Rosedale Sunrise Highway [45]
PS 139 Rego Park Rego Park
PS 140 Edward K. Ellington Addisleigh Park Duke Ellington [46]
PS 144 Col. Jeromus Remsen School Forest Hills
PS 147 Ronald McNair Cambria Heights Ronald McNair
PS 153 Maspeth Elementary Maspeth
PS 154 Fresh Meadows
PS 159 Bayside
PS 160 Walter Francis Bishop Briarwood Walter Francis Bishop
PS 161 Arthur Ashe School South Richmond Hill Arthur Ashe
PS 162 John Golden Bayside John Golden
PS 163 Flushing Heights Fresh Meadows
PS 165 Edith K. Bergtraum Kew Gardens Hills
PS 169 Bay Terrace Bayside
PS 173 The Fresh Meadows School Fresh Meadows Fresh Meadows, the neighborhood where the school is located.
PS 174 William Sidney Mount Rego Park William Sidney Mount
PS 175 The Lynn Gross Discovery School Forest Hills
PS 176 The Cambria Heights School Cambria Heights
PS 178 Holliswood
PS 181 Brookfield
PS 182 Samantha Smith Jamaica Samantha Smith
PS 184 Flushing Manor Flushing
PS 186 Castlewood Glen Oaks [47]
PS 188 Kingsbury Oakland Gardens
PS 191 Mayflower Floral Park
PS 193 Alfred J. Kennedy Whitestone Alfred J. Kennedy [48]
PS 195 William Haberle School Rosedale William Haberle [49]
PS 196 Grand Central Parkway Forest Hills Grand Central Parkway, a parkway the school is close to.
PS 200 Pomonok Flushing Pomonok, the neighborhood where the school is located.
PS 201 Magnet School Kissena
PS 203 Oakland Gardens Bayside Oakland Gardens, the neighborhood where the school is located.
PS 205 Alexander Graham Bell Oakland Gardens Alexander Graham Bell
PS 206 Horace Harding Rego Park
PS/IS 208 Bellerose
PS 209 Clearview Gardens Clearview Gardens
PS 213 The Carl Ullman School Bayside Carl Ullman
PS 214 Cadwallader Colden Flushing
PS 220 Edward Mandel Forest Hills Edward Mandel
PS 221 North Hills Douglaston
PS 242 Leonard P. Stavisky Early Childhood School Flushing Leonard P. Stavisky
PS 244 Active Learning (EEC) Kew Gardens Hills
PS 251 Queens
PS/IS 266 Bellerose
PS/IS 270 Gordon Parks Rosedale Gordon Parks [50]
PS 305 Learners & Leaders (EEC) Ridgewood
PS 360 St. Albans

Region 4: Queens[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
PS 2 Alfred Zimberg Astoria
PS 7 Louis F. Simeone Elmhurst
PS 11 Kathryn Phelan Woodside
PS 12 James B. Colgate Woodside James B. Colgate
PS 13 Clement C. Moore Elmhurst Clement Clarke Moore
PS 14 Fairview Corona
PS 16 Nancy DeBenedittis Corona
PS 17 Henry David Thoreau Astoria Henry David Thoreau
PS 19 Marino Jeantet Jackson Heights
PS 28 The Thomas Emanuel Early Childhood Center Corona
PS 58 School of Heroes Maspeth
PS 68 Cambridge Glendale
PS 69 Jackson Heights Jackson Heights Jackson Heights, the neighborhood where the school is located.
PS 70 Queens Astoria Joe Petrosino
PS 71 Forest Ridgewood
PS 76 William Hallet Long Island City
PS/IS 78 Robert F. Wagner Jr. Long Island City Robert F. Wagner Jr.
PS 81 Jean Paul Richter Ridgewood
PS 84 Steinway Astoria
PS 85 The Judge Charles J. Vallone School Astoria [51]
PS 86 The Irvington Jamaica Hills
PS 88 Seneca Ridgewood
PS 89 Elmhurst Elmhurst Elmhurst, a neighborhood where the school is located.
PS 91 Richard Arkwright Glendale
PS 92 Harry T. Stewart Sr. Jackson Heights
PS 102 Bayview Elmhurst
PS 106 Edward Everett Hale Edgemere
PS 111 Jacob Blackwell Long Island City Jacob Blackwell
PS 112 Dutch Kills Long Island City
PS 113 Isaac Chauncey Glendale
PS 116 Elizabeth L. Farrell Jamaica
PS 123 Suydam Jamaica
PS 128 Juniper Valley Middle Village Juniper Valley Park
PS 143 Louis Armstrong Corona Louis Armstrong
PS 148 Queens East Elmhurst
PS 149 Christa McAuliffe Jackson Heights Christa McAuliffe
PS 150 Queens Sunnyside
PS 151 Mary D Carter Astoria
PS 152 Gwendolyn Alleyne Woodside
PS 153 Maspeth Elem Maspeth Maspeth, the neighborhood where the school is located.
PS 166 Henry Gradstein Astoria Henry Gradstein
PS 171 Peter G. Van Alst Astoria
PS 199 Maurice A. Fitzgerald Sunnyside Maurice A. FitzGerald
PS 212 School of Cyberscience and Literacy Jackson Heights [52]
PS 222 F F Christopher A. Santora School Jackson Heights
PS 229 Emmanuel Kaplan Maspeth Emmanuel Kaplan, first principal of the school.
PS 234 Astoria
PS 239 P.O. Ramon Suarez Ridgewood

Region 5: Brooklyn, Queens[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
PS 7 Abraham Lincoln Cypress Hills, Brooklyn Abraham Lincoln [53]
PS 13 Roberto Clemente East New York, Brooklyn Roberto Clemente [54]
PS 41 Francis White School Brownsville, Brooklyn [55]
PS 42 Robert Vernam Arverne, Queens [56]
PS 43 Far Rockaway, Queens [57]
PS 45 Clarence Witherspoon Jamaica, Queens [58]
PS 47 Chris Galas School Broad Channel, Queens [59]
PS 51 Richmond Hill, Queens [60]
PS 56 Harry Eichler Richmond Hill, Queens [61]
PS 60 The Woodhaven School Woodhaven, Queens [62]
PS 62 Chester Park School Richmond Hill, Queens [63]
PS 63 Old South School Ozone Park, Queens [64]
PS 64 Joseph P. Addabbo Ozone Park, Queens Joseph Addabbo [65]
PS 65 The Little Red School House Cypress Hills, Brooklyn [66]
PS 65 The Raymond York Elementary School Ozone Park, Queens Raymond York [67]
PS 66 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Richmond Hill, Queens Jacqueline Kennedy [68]
PS 72 Annette P. Goldman East New York, Brooklyn [69]
PS 89 Cypress Hills Cypress Hills, Brooklyn [70]
PS 90 Edna Cohen School Coney Island, Brooklyn Edna Cohen
PS 96 South Ozone Park, Queens [71]
PS 97 Forest Park School Woodhaven, Queens [72]
PS 100 Glen Morris South Ozone Park, Queens [73]
PS 104 The Bays Water Far Rockaway, Queens [74]
PS 105 The Bay School Far Rockaway, Queens [74]
PS 106 Far Rockaway, Queens [75]
PS 108 Captain Vincent G. Fowler South Ozone Park, Queens Fire Capt. Vincent Fowler [76]
PS 108 Sal Abbracciamento Cypress Hills, Brooklyn [77]
PS 114 Belle Harbor School Belle Harbor, Queens [78]
PS 123 Jamaica, Queens [79]
PS 124 Osmond A Church School South Ozone Park, Queens [80]
PS 146 Howard Beach Howard Beach [81]
PS 149 Danny Kaye School East New York, Brooklyn Danny Kaye [82]
PS 150 Christopher School Brownsville, Brooklyn [83]
PS 155 South Ozone Park, Queens [84]
PS 156 Waverly School Brownsville, Brooklyn [85]
PS 158 Warwick School East New York, Brooklyn [86]
PS 159 Isaac Pitkin School East New York, Brooklyn [87]
PS 165 Ida Posner School Brownsville, Brooklyn [88]
PS 174 Dumont School East New York, Brooklyn [89]
PS 183 Dr. Richard Green Rockaway Park, Queens [81]
PS 183 Daniel Chappie James School Brownsville, Brooklyn Daniel Chappie James
PS 184 Newport Brownsville, Brooklyn [90]
PS 188 Michael E. Berdy Coney Island, Brooklyn
PS 190 Sheffield School East New York, Brooklyn [91]
PS 197 The Ocean School Far Rockaway, Queens [92]
PS 202 Ernest S Jenkyns School East New York, Brooklyn [93]
PS 207 Rockaway Park Rockwood Park, Queens [94]
PS 213 New Lots East New York, Brooklyn [95]
PS 214 Michael Friedsam School Cypress Hills, Brooklyn Michael Friedsam [96]
PS 215 Lucretia Mott Far Rockaway, Queens Lucretia Mott [97]
PS 223 Lyndon B. Johnson Jamaica, Queens Lyndon B. Johnson [98]
PS 224 Hale A. Woodruff School East New York, Brooklyn Hale Woodruff [99]
PS 225 Seaside School Rockaway Park, Queens [100]
PS 232 Lindenwood Lindenwood/Howard Beach, Queens [101]
PS 253 Far Rockaway, Queens [102]
PS 254 The Rosa Parks School Richmond Hill, Queens Rosa Parks [103]
PS 260 Breuckelen School Spring Creek, Brooklyn [104]
PS 273 Wortman School East New York, Brooklyn [105]
PS 284 Lew Wallace school Brownsville, Brooklyn Lew Wallace [106]
PS 290 Geraldine A. Ferraro Campus Cypress Hills, Brooklyn Geraldine A. Ferraro [107][108]
PS 298 Dr. Betty Shabazz Brownsville, Brooklyn Betty Shabazz [109]
PS 306 Ethan Allen East New York, Brooklyn Ethan Allen [110]
PS 323 Brownsville, Brooklyn [111]
PS 327 Dr. Rose B. English School Brownsville, Brooklyn Dr. Rose B. English [112]
PS 328 Phyllis Wheatley School East New York, Brooklyn Phyllis Wheatley [113]
PS 332/PS 401 Charles H. Houston Brownsville, Brooklyn Charles Houston [114]
PS 345 Patrolman Robert Bolden East New York, Brooklyn Robert Bolden [115]
PS 346 Abe Stark East New York, Brooklyn Abe Stark [116]
Achievement First East New York School East New York, Brooklyn [117]
East New York Preparatory Charter School East New York, Brooklyn [118]
Peninsula Preparatory Academy Charter School (PPA) Far Rockaway, Queens [119]
Uft Charter School East New York, Brooklyn [120]

Region 6: Brooklyn[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
PS 6 Norma Adams Clemens Academy Flatbush
PS 12 Ronald Edmonds Learning Center II Crown Heights Ronald Edmonds [121]
PS 705 Brooklyn Arts and Science Elementary Crown Heights
PS 52 Sheepshead Bay Sheepshead Bay
PS 91 The Albany Avenue School Crown Heights/East Flatbush [122]
PS 92 Adrian Hegeman Prospect Lefferts Gardens
PS 114 Ryder Elementary Canarsie
PS 119 Amersfort Flatlands
PS 135 Sheldon A. Brookner East Flatbush
PS 136 School of Science & Technology
PS 167 The Parkway Crown Heights
PS 178 St. Clair McKelway School Crown Heights St. Clair McKelway [123]
PS 191 Paul Robeson Crown Heights Paul Robeson
PS 194 Raoul Wallenberg Sheepshead Bay Raoul Wallenberg
PS 195 Manhattan Beach Manhattan Beach
PS 197 Brooklyn Midwood
PS 198 Brooklyn East Flatbush
PS 203 Floyd Bennett Flatlands Floyd Bennett
PS 206 Joseph F. Lamb Sheepshead Bay Joseph F. Lamb
PS 207 Elizabeth G. Leary Marine Park
PS 208 Elsa Ebeling East Flatbush
PS 217 Colonel David Marcus School Ditmas Park David Marcus
PS 219 Kennedy-King East Flatbush
PS 221 Tossaint L’Ouverture [sic] Crown Heights Toussaint L’Ouverture
PS 222 Katherine R. Snyder Marine Park
PS 233 Langston Hughes East Flatbush Langston Hughes
PS 236 Mill Basin Mill Basin
PS 241 Emma L. Johnston Crown Heights
PS 244 Richard R Green East Flatbush Richard R. Green
PS 245 Flatbush
PS 249 The Caton Flatbush
PS 251 Paedergat Flatlands
PS 254 Dag Hammarskjöld Sheepshead Bay Dag Hammarskjöld
PS 255 Barbara Reing School Sheepshead Bay
PS 268 Emma Lazarus East Flatbush Emma Lazarus
PS 269 Nostrand Flatbush Nostrand Avenue
PS 272 Curtis Estabrook East Flatbush
PS 276 Louis Marshall Canarsie Louis Marshall
PS 277 Gerritsen Beach Gerritsen Beach
PS 289 George V. Brower Crown Heights
PS 312 Bergen Beach Bergen Beach
PS 316 Elijah Stroud Crown Heights
PS 326 Flatlands
PS 335 Granville T. Woods Crown Heights Granville T. Woods
PS 361 East Flatbush
PS 375 Jackie-Robinson School Crown Heights Jackie Robinson
PS 397 Foster-Laurie Prospect Lefferts Gardens
PS 398 Walter Weaver East Flatbush

Region 7: Staten Island, Brooklyn[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
PS 1 The Bergen Sunset Park
PS 1 Tottenville School Tottenville Tottenville, Staten Island [124]
PS 3 Margaret Gioiosa School Pleasant Plains [125]
PS 4 Maurice Wollin School Arden Heights [126]
PS 5 Huguenot School Huguenot Huguenot, Staten Island [127]
PS 6 Cpl. Allan F. Kivlehan School Richmond Valley [128]
PS 8 Shirlee Solomon School Great Kills [129]
PS 11 Thomas Dongan School Dongan Hills Thomas Dongan, 2nd Earl of Limerick [130]
PS 13 M. L. Lindenmeyer School Rosebank [131]
PS 14 Cornelius Vanderbilt School Stapleton Cornelius Vanderbilt [132]
PS 16 John J. Driscoll School Tompkinsville [133]
PS 18 John G. Whittier School West Brighton John Greenleaf Whittier [134]
PS 19 Curtis School West Brighton [135]
PS 20 Port Richmond School Port Richmond Port Richmond, Staten Island [136]
PS 21 Margaret Emery-Elm Park Port Richmond [137]
PS 22 Graniteville School Graniteville Graniteville, Staten Island [138]
PS 23 Richmondtown School Richmondtown Richmondtown, Staten Island [139]
PS 26 Carteret School Travis [140]
PS 29 Bardwell School Castleton Corners [141]
PS 30 Westerleigh School Westerleigh Westerleigh, Staten Island [142]
PS 31 William T. Davis School New Brighton William T. Davis [143]
PS 35 Clove Valley School Sunnyside [144]
PS 36 J. C. Drumgoole School Annadale John Christopher Drumgoole [145]
PS 38 George Cromwell School Midland Beach George Cromwell [146]
PS 39 Francis J. Murphy, Jr. School South Beach [147]
PS 41 New Dorp School New Dorp New Dorp, Staten Island [148]
PS 42 Eltingville School Eltingville Eltingville, Staten Island [149]
PS 44 Thomas C. Brown School Mariners Harbor Thomas C. Brown [150]
PS 45 John Tyler School West Brighton John Tyler [151]
PS 46 Albert V. Maniscalco School South Beach Albert V. Maniscalco [152]
PS 48 Mapleton School Mapleton Mapleton, Brooklyn [153]
PS 48 William G. Wilcox School Concord [154]
PS 50 Frank Hankinson School Oakwood Frank Hankinson [155]
PS 52 John C. Thompson School Dongan Hills [156]
PS 53 Bay Terrace School Bay Terrace Bay Terrace, Staten Island [157]
PS 54 Charles W. Leng School Willowbrook Charles W. Leng [158]
PS 55 Henry M. Boehm School Eltingville [159]
PS 56 Louis Desario School Rossville [160]
PS 57 Hubert H. Humphrey School Clifton Hubert Humphrey [161]
PS 58 Space Shuttle Columbia School New Springville Space Shuttle Columbia [1]</ref>
PS 60 Alice Austen School Graniteville Alice Austen [162]
PS 69 Daniel D. Tompkins School Heartland Village Daniel D. Tompkins [163]
PS 69 Vincent D. Grippo School Borough Park [164]
PS 94 The Henry Longfellow Sunset Park Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
PS 97 The Highlawn Gravesend
PS 99 The Isaac Asimov School for Science and Literature Midwood Isaac Asimov [165]
PS 100 The Coney Island School Brighton Beach
PS 101 The Verrazano Gravesend Giovanni da Verrazzano
PS 102 The Bayview Bay Ridge
PS 105 The Blythebourne School Borough Park
PS 112 Lefferts Park Bensonhurst
PS 127 McKinley Park Dyker Heights
PS 128 Bensonhurst Bensonhurst
PS 153 Homecrest Sheepshead Bay
PS 160 William T. Sampson School Borough Park William T. Sampson [166]
PS 163 Bath Beach School Bath Beach Bath Beach, Brooklyn [167]
PS 164 Caesar Rodney School Borough Park Caesar Rodney [168]
PS 170 Lexington Bay Ridge
PS 176 Ovington Dyker Heights
PS 177 The Marlboro Gravesend
PS 179 Kensington Kensington
PS 180 Homewood Borough Park
PS 185 Walter Kassenbrock Fort Hamilton
PS 186 Dr. Irving A. Gladstone Bensonhurst
PS 192 Brooklyn Borough Park
PS 199 Frederick Wachtel Midwood
PS 200 Benson School Bath Beach
PS 204 Vince Lombardi Bensonhurst Vince Lombardi
PS 205 Clarion Bensonhurst
PS 212 Lady Deborah Moody Bath Beach Deborah Moody
PS 215 Morris H. Weiss Gravesend Morris H. Weiss
PS 216 Arturo Toscanini Gravesend Arturo Toscanini
PS 229 Dyker Bath Beach
PS 247 New York City College Partnership Bensonhurst
PS 253 Ezra Jack Keats International School Brighton Beach Ezra Jack Keats
PS 329 Surfside
PS 506 School of Journalism & Technology Sunset Park
PS 861 Staten Island School of Civic Leadership Graniteville

Region 8: Brooklyn[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
PS 3 The Bedford Village Bedford
PS 5 Dr. Ronald McNair Bedford-Stuyvesant Ronald McNair
PS 8 Robert Fulton Brooklyn Heights Robert Fulton
PS 9 Teunis G. Bergen Prospect Heights Teunis G. Bergen [169]
PS 10 Magnet School for Science & Technology South Slope
PS 11 Purvis J. Behan Clinton Hill
PS 15 Patrick F. Daly Red Hook
PS 16 Leonard Dunkly Williamsburg
PS 17 Henry D. Woodworth Williamsburg Henry D. Woodworth
PS 18 Edward Bush Williamsburg
PS 19 Roberto Clemente Williamsburg Roberto Clemente
PS 20 Clinton Hill Clinton Hill
PS 23 Carter G. Woodson Bedford-Stuyvesant Carter G. Woodson
PS 26 Jesse Owens Bedford-Stuyvesant Jesse Owens
PS 28 The Warren Bedford-Stuyvesant
PS 31 Samuel F. Du Pont Greenpoint Samuel F. Du Pont
PS 32 Samuels Mills Sprole Gowanus
PS 34 Oliver H. Perry Greenpoint Oliver Hazard Perry
PS 38 The Pacific Boerum Hill
PS 39 Henry Bristow Park Slope Henry Bristow
PS 40 George W. Carver Bedford-Stuyvesant George Washington Carver
PS 44 Marcus Garvey Bedford-Stuyvesant Marcus Garvey
PS 45 Horace E. Greene Bushwick
PS 46 Edward C. Blum Fort Greene
PS 54 Samuel C. Barnes Bedford-Stuyvesant
PS 56 Lewis H. Latimer Bedford-Stuyvesant Lewis H. Latimer
PS 58 The Carroll School Carroll Gardens
PS 59 William Floyd Bedford-Stuyvesant William Floyd [170]
PS 67 Charles A. Dorsey Fort Greene
PS 73 Thomas S Boyland School Bedford-Stuyvesant Thomas S. Boyland [171]
PS 75 Mayda Cortiella Bushwick
PS 81 Thaddeus Stevens Bedford-Stuyvesant Thaddeus Stevens
PS 84 Jose de Diego Williamsburg José de Diego
PS 93 William H. Prescott Bedford-Stuyvesant William H. Prescott
PS 107 John W. Kimball South Slope John W. Kimball
PS 110 The Monitor Greenpoint
PS 120 Carlos Tapia Bushwick Carlos Tapia, early 20th Century New York City-based Puerto Rican activist[172]
PS 124 Silas B. Dutcher South Slope Silas Belden Dutcher
PS 130 The Parkside Windsor Terrace
PS 131 Brooklyn Borough Park
PS 132 Conselyea Williamsburg
PS 133 William A. Butler Park Slope
PS 137 Rachel Jean Mitchell School Bedford-Stuyvesant [173]
PS 145 Andrew Jackson Bushwick Andrew Jackson
PS 151 Lyndon B. Johnson Bushwick Lyndon B. Johnson
PS 155 Nicholas Herkimer Bedford-Stuyvesant Nicholas Herkimer [174]
PS 157 Benjamin Franklin Bedford-Stuyvesant Benjamin Franklin
PS 160 William T. Sampson Sunset Park William T. Sampson
PS 169 Sunset Park Sunset Park
PS 196 Ten Eyck Bushwick
PS 243 Weeksville Crown Heights
PS 250 George H. Lindsay Williamsburg George H. Lindsay
PS 256 Benjamin Banneker Bedford-Stuyvesant Benjamin Banneker
PS 257 John F. Hylan Williamsburg Mayor John Francis Hylan
PS 261 Philip Livingston Boerum Hill Philip Livingston
PS 262 El Hajj Malik Shabazz Bedford-Stuyvesant Malcolm X
PS 270 Johann Dekalb Clinton Hill Johann de Kalb
PS 274 Kosciusko Bushwick
PS 287 Bailey K. Ashford Downtown Brooklyn Bailey K. Ashford
PS 295 Sunset Park
PS 297 Abraham Stockton Bedford-Stuyvesant
PS 299 Thomas Warren Field Bushwick
PS 301 Satellite East Middle School Bedford-Stuyvesant
PS 304 Casimir Pulaski Bedford-Stuyvesant Casimir Pulaski
PS 305 Dr. Peter Ray Bedford-Stuyvesant
PS 307 Daniel Hale Williams Vinegar Hill Daniel H. Williams
PS 309 George E. Wibecan Bedford-Stuyvesant
PS 319 Walter Nowinski Williamsburg
PS 321 William Penn School Park Slope
PS 376 Bushwick
PS 377 Alejandrina B. Degautier Bushwick
PS 380 John Wayne Elementary Williamsburg John Wayne
Frederick Douglass Academy IV Secondary School Bedford-Stuyvesant Frederick Douglass
PS 384 Frances E. Carter Bushwick

Region 9: Manhattan, the Bronx[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
PS 1 Courtlandt School Melrose, Bronx
PS 2 Meyer London Chinatown, Manhattan
PS 3 The John Melser Charrette School Greenwich Village, Manhattan John Melser - founding principal
PS 5 Port Morris Longwood, Bronx
PS 6 Lillie D. Blake Upper East Side, Manhattan
PS 7 Samuel Stern East Harlem, Manhattan
PS 11 William T Harris Chelsea, Manhattan William T. Harris
PS 15 Roberto Clemente East Village, Manhattan Roberto Clemente
PS 18 Park Terrace Inwood, Manhattan John Peter Zenger
PS 19 Asher Levy East Village, Manhattan Asher Levy
PS 20 Anna Silver Lower East Side, Manhattan
PS/MS 29 Melrose School Melrose, Bronx
PS 30 Hernandez/Hughes East Harlem, Manhattan
PS 30 Wilton Mott Haven, Bronx
PS/MS 31 William Lloyd Garrison Concourse Village, Bronx William Lloyd Garrison
PS 33 Chelsea School Chelsea, Manhattan
PS 38 Roberto Clemente East Harlem, Manhattan Roberto Clemente
River East Elementary East Harlem, Manhattan
PS 40 Augustus St. Gaudens Gramercy Park, Manhattan Augustus Saint-Gaudens
PS 41 Greenwich Village Greenwich Village, Manhattan
PS 42 Benjamin Altman Lower East Side, Manhattan Benjamin Altman
PS 43 Jonas Bronck Mott Haven Jonas Bronck
PS 49 Willis Ave South Bronx
PS 51 Elias Howe Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan Elias Howe
PS 59 Beekman Hill Int’l Upper East Side, Manhattan
PS 63 William McKinley Upper East Side, Manhattan William McKinley
PS 65 Mother Hale Academy Mott Haven, Bronx
IS 70 O'Henry Chelsea, Manhattan
PS 72 Lexington Academy East Harlem, Manhattan
PS 77 Lower Lab School Upper East Side, Manhattan
PS 83 Luis Muñoz Rivera East Harlem, Manhattan Luis Muñoz Rivera
PS 89 Williamsbridge Pelham Parkway, Bronx
PS 102 Jacques Cartier East Harlem, Manhattan
PS 108 Assembly Angelo Del Toro East Harlem, Manhattan
PS 112 José Celso Barbosa East Harlem, Manhattan José Celso Barbosa
PS 116 Mary Lindley Murray Murray Hill, Manhattan Mary Lindley Murray [175]
PS 124 Yung Wing Chinatown, Manhattan
PS/IS 126 Alfred E Smith Chinatown, Manhattan Al Smith
PS 130 Hernando Desoto Little Italy, Manhattan Hernando de Soto
PS 134 Henrietta Szold Lower East Side, Manhattan Henrietta Szold
PS 137 John L Bernstein Lower East Side, Manhattan
PS 142 Amalia Castro Lower East Side, Manhattan
PS 146 Ann M Short East Harlem, Manhattan
PS 150 Tribeca Learning School Tribeca, Manhattan
PS 155 William Paca East Harlem, Manhattan
PS 157 Grove Hill Longwood, Bronx
PS 158 Bayard Taylor Upper East Side, Manhattan Bayard Taylor
PS 161 Ponce de Léon Longwood, Bronx Juan Ponce de León
PS 171 Patrick Henry Harlem, Manhattan Patrick Henry
The Bilingual Bicultural School East Harlem, Manhattan
PS 179 Mott Haven
PS 182 Luis Muñoz Rivera Clason Point, Bronx Luis Muñoz Rivera
PS 198 Isador and Ida Straus Upper East Side, Manhattan Isidor and Ida Straus
PS 206 José Celso Barbosa East Harlem, Manhattan José Celso Barbosa
PS 212 Midtown West Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
PS 220 Mott Haven Village School Mott Haven, Bronx
PS 234 Independence School Chambers Street/Tribeca, Manhattan
PS 277 Mott Haven, Bronx
PS 290 Manhattan New School Upper East Side, Manhattan
The 47 American Sign Language & English Lower School Kips Bay, Manhattan
Children’s Workshop School East Village, Manhattan

Region 10: Manhattan, the Bronx[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
PS 4 Duke Ellington Washington Heights, Manhattan Duke Ellington
PS 5 Ellen Lurie Inwood, Manhattan
PS 8 Luis Belliard Washington Heights, Manhattan
PS 9 Renaissance School for Music and Art Upper West Side, Manhattan Sarah Anderson [176]
PS 20 P.O. George J. Werdan III Norwood, Bronx
PS 28 Wright Brothers Washington Heights, Manhattan Wright brothers
PS 36 Margaret Douglas Morningside Heights, Manhattan
PS 46 Arthur Tappan Harlem, Manhattan Arthur Tappan
PS 48 Po Michael J. Buczek Washington Heights, Manhattan
PS 76 A. Philip Randolph Harlem, Manhattan A. Philip Randolph
PS 84 Lillian Weber Upper West Side, Manhattan
PS 87 William Sherman Upper West Side, Manhattan William Sherman
PS 92 Mary McLeod Bethune Harlem, Manhattan Mary McLeod Bethune
PS 98 Shorackappock Inwood, Manhattan Spuyten Duyvil
PS 115 Alexander Humboldt Washington Heights, Manhattan Alexander von Humboldt
PS 123 Mahalia Jackson Harlem, Manhattan Mahalia Jackson
PS 125 Ralph Bunche Morningside Heights, Manhattan Ralph Bunche
PS 128 Audubon Washington Heights, Manhattan
PS 129 John H Finley Harlem, Manhattan
PS 132 Juan Pablo Duarte Washington Heights, Manhattan Juan Pablo Duarte
PS 133 Fred R Moore East Harlem, Manhattan
PS 145 Bloomingdale School Upper West Side, Manhattan
PS 152 Dyckman Valley Inwood, Manhattan
PS 154 Harriet Tubman Harlem, Manhattan Harriet Tubman
PS 163 Alfred E Smith Upper West Side, Manhattan Al Smith
PS 166 The Richard Rodgers School of the Arts and Technology Upper West Side, Manhattan Richard Rodgers [177]
PS 173 Fresh Meadows Washington Heights, Manhattan
PS 175 Henry H Garnet Harlem, Manhattan Henry Highland Garnet
Prof. Juan Bosch Public School Inwood, Manhattan
PS 185 John M. Langston Washington Heights, Manhattan John Mercer Langston
PS 187 Hudson Cliffs Washington Heights, Manhattan
PS 189 Washington Heights, Manhattan
PS 191 Amsterdam Upper West Side, Manhattan
PS 192 Jacob H Schiff Harlem, Manhattan Jacob Schiff
PS 197 John B Russwurm Harlem, Manhattan John Brown Russwurm
PS 200 James M Smith Harlem, Manhattan James McCune Smith
PS 208 Alain L Locke Harlem, Manhattan Alain LeRoy Locke
PS242M G. P. Brown Comp. School Harlem, Manhattan
PS 325 Harlem, Manhattan
PS 333 Manhattan School for Children Upper West Side, Manhattan [178]
PS 859 Special Music School Upper West Side, Manhattan [179]

Empowerment Schools: citywide[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
Hellenic Classical Charter School Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Community Roots Charter School Downtown Brooklyn/Fort Greene, Brooklyn
PS 314 Muscota New School Inwood, Manhattan
PS 315 The East Village Community School East Village, Manhattan [180]
PS 363 Neighborhood School East Village, Manhattan [181]
PS 364 Earth School East Village, Manhattan [182]
Central Park East I East Harlem, Manhattan
Amber Charter School East Harlem, Manhattan
Central Park East II East Harlem, Manhattan
The Bellaire School Queens Village, Queens
PS 252 The Queens School of Inquiry Flushing, Queens
PS 499 The Queens College School for Math, Science, and Technology Flushing, Queens
51 Avenue Academy Elmhurst, Queens
Bronx Charter School for Arts Hunts Point, Bronx
Magnet School of Math, Science and Design Technology South Slope, Brooklyn
PS 6 Flatbush, Brooklyn
PS 9 Sarah Anderson Upper West Side, Manhattan
PS 14 Sen. John Calandra Schuylerville, Bronx
PS 16 Wakefield Wakefield, Bronx
PS 21 Crispus Attucks Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Crispus Attucks
PS 23 The New Children’s School Belmont, Bronx
PS 24 Sunset Park, Brooklyn
PS 29 John M. Harrigan Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
PS 32 The Gifford School Great Kills, Staten Island
PS 35 Franz Siegel Concourse Village, Bronx
PS 42 Claremont Claremont Village, Bronx
PS 49 Dorothy Bonawit Kole Middle Village, Queens
PS 50 Vito Marcantonio East Harlem, Manhattan
PS 52 Queens Springfield Gardens, Queens
PS 56 Harry Eichler Richmond Hill, Queens
PS 59 The Comm School Of Technology Belmont, Bronx
PS 64 Robert Simon East Village, Manhattan
PS 69 The New Vision School Jackson Heights, Queens
PS 71 Rose E. Scala Ridgewood, Queens
PS 75 Emily Dickinson Upper West Side, Manhattan Emily Dickinson
PS 81 Thaddeus Stevens Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Thaddeus Stevens
PS 86 Kingsbridge Heights Jerome Park, Bronx
PS 88 S. Silverstein Little School Claremont Village, Bronx
PS 103 Hector Fontanez Wakefield, Bronx New York Police Office Hector Fontanez (killed in the line of duty on September 12, 1991)
PS 105 The Blythebourne Borough Park, Brooklyn
PS 114 Luis Llorens Torres Chl Concourse, Bronx Luis Llorens Torres
PS 115 Daniel Mucatel School Canarsie, Brooklyn Principal Daniel Mucatel, who died unexpectedly in 1999
PS 121 Throop Allerton, Bronx
PS 130 Hernando Desoto Little Italy, Manhattan Hernando de Soto
PS 139 Alexine A. Fenty Flatbush, Brooklyn
PS 146 Ann M. Short East Harlem, Manhattan
PS 147 Isaac Remsen Williamsburg, Brooklyn
PS 149 Danny Kaye Danny Kaye
PS 149 Sojourner Truth Harlem, Manhattan Sojourner Truth
PS 151 Mary D. Carter Astoria, Queens
PS 153 Adam Clayton Powell Harlem, Manhattan Adam Clayton Powell
PS 154 Jonathan D. Hyatt Mott Haven, Bronx
PS 161 Don Pedro Albizu Campos Harlem, Manhattan Pedro Albizu Campos
PS 165 Robert E. Simon Upper West Side, Manhattan Robert E. Simon
PS 172 Beacon School Of Excellence Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn [183]
PS 180 Hugo Newman Harlem, Manhattan
PS 183 Robert L. Stevenson Upper East Side, Manhattan Robert Louis Stevenson
PS 193 Gil Hodges Midwood, Brooklyn Gil Hodges
PS 194 Countee Cullen Harlem, Manhattan
PS 199 Jessie Isador Straus West 70th Street, Manhattan Jesse I. Straus
PS 209 Margaret Mead Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn Margaret Mead
PS 210 21st Century Academy Harlem, Manhattan
PS 215 Morris H. Weiss Gravesend, Brooklyn
PS 226 University Heights, Bronx
PS 228 ECC East Elmhurst, Queens
PS 230 Doris L. Cohen Kensington, Brooklyn
PS 230 Dr. Roland N. Patterson Gravesend, Brooklyn
PS 273 Wortman Richmond Hill, Queens
PS 279 Herman Schreiber Canarsie, Brooklyn
PS 282 Park Slope Park Slope, Brooklyn
PS 291 University Heights, Bronx
PS 315 Dist 22 Flatbush, Brooklyn
PS 321 William Penn Park Slope, Brooklyn William Penn
PS 334 The Anderson School Citywide [184]
PS 340 Kingsbridge, Bronx
PS 360 Kingsbridge, Bronx
PS 372 The Children’s School Gowanus, Brooklyn
PS 399 Stanley Eugene Clark East Flatbush, Brooklyn

Special Education District 75: citywide[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
PS 4 (Staten Island)
PS 9
PS 17 X Denzel Washington Denzel Washington
PS 53 K
PS 94 M
PS 140 K
PS 224 Q
PS 231K
PS 327 The Children’s School
PS 373 R
PS 352 X The Vida Bogart School for All Children [185] [186]
PS 371 Lillian L. Rashkis

Charter schools: citywide[edit]

School Name Neighborhood Named for: References
Public Prep Manhattan (Lower East Side), The Bronx (South Bronx)
Democracy Prep Public Schools Manhattan (Harlem)
Success Academy Charter Schools Manhattan; Bronx; Brooklyn
Harlem Village Academies Manhattan
Knowledge is Power Program Manhattan


In some of the literature issued by the New York City Board of Education there may be a letter or a string of two letters which may be before or after the School Number.[187]

Boroughs: The City of New York comprises five geographic sections called "boroughs." Schools that are part of Community School Districts, High Schools, and Specialized Superintendencies all receive a borough designation as follows:

K = Brooklyn (Kings County)
M = Manhattan
Q = Queens
R = Staten Island (Richmond County)
X = Bronx.

School Levels:

E = Elementary,
I = J.H.S, Middle & Intermediate,
H = High School.

Instructional Leadership Division:

Division 1 - Bronx (BX)
Division 2 - Bronx (BX)
Division 3 - Queens (QNS)
Division 4 - Queens (QNS)
Division 5 - Queens (QNS) & Brooklyn (BK)
Division 6 - Brooklyn (BK)
Division 7 - Brooklyn (BK) & Staten Island (SI)
Division 8 - Brooklyn (BK)
Division 9 - Manhattan (M) & Bronx (BX)
Division 10 - Manhattan (M)

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