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The following is a listing of R.E.M. tours.

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R.E.M. traveled extensively, mostly around the Deep South, during their first few years of being a unit. Their first real, albeit relatively local, tour took place in 1981. Mistakenly nicknamed "Rapid.Eye.Movement.Tour.1981" by the band's manager at the time, Jefferson Holt, the tour was arranged by Bill Berry, and its main aim was to help raise the necessary funds to keep the band operating. The tour was in support of their "Radio Free Europe" single, which was to be released on David Hibbert's Hib-Tone label in July 1981.

The tour kicked off on March 26, 1981 at K. O. Jam's in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.[1][2]


In August, the band's first true national tour, in support of Chronic Town, began in San Diego, California. It finished in Florida four months later.[1]


Murmur Tour
Tour by R.E.M.
Location North America, Europe
Associated album Murmur
Start date March 26, 1983
End date November 25, 1983
Legs 4
No. of shows 96 in North America
5 in Europe
101 in Total

A tour in support of Murmur got underway in March. The band made their first live television appearance during the tour, on Late Night with David Letterman on October 6. The tour concluded in Europe in late November.[1]


This set list is representative of the performance in Rouen, France. It does not represent all concerts for the duration of the tour.

  1. "Gardening at Night"
  2. "9-9"
  3. "Catapult"
  4. "Letter Never Sent"
  5. "Pilgrimage"
  6. "7 Chinese Bros."
  7. "Talk About the Passion"
  8. "So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)"
  9. "Sitting Still"
  10. "Harborcoat"
  11. "Moral Kiosk"
  12. "Little America"
  13. "Second Guessing"
  14. "Radio Free Europe"
  15. "Pale Blue Eyes"
  16. "Camera"
  17. "1,000,000"
  18. "Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars)"
  19. "Wolves, Lower"

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue Opening act(s)
North America (Supporting The English Beat)
March 26, 1983 Durham United States Page Auditorium N/A
March 27, 1983 Chapel Hill Memorial Hall N/A
March 30, 1983 Daytona Beach Plaza Hotel N/A
March 31, 1983 Coral Gables University of Miami N/A
April 2, 1983 Sewanee University of the South N/A
April 5, 1983 Nashville Vanderbilt University N/A
April 7, 1983 Cincinnati Bogart's N/A
April 8, 1983 Lexington University of Kentucky N/A
April 9, 1983 Oberlin Oberlin College N/A
April 10, 1983 Detroit Grand Circus Theatre N/A
April 12, 1983 London Canada University of Western Ontario N/A
April 13, 1983 Rochester United States University of Rochester N/A
April 14, 1983 Buffalo Buffalo State University N/A
April 16, 1983 Poughkeepsie Kenyon Hall N/A
April 17, 1983 Montreal Canada Le Spectrum de Montréal N/A
April 19, 1983 Clinton United States Hamilton College N/A
April 20, 1983 New Haven Woolsey Hall N/A
April 22, 1983 Boston Walter Brown Arena N/A
April 23, 1983 Hartford Agora Ballroom N/A
April 24, 1983 Aberdeen Fountain Casino N/A
North America
April 26, 1983 Farmingdale United States Spize N/A
April 28, 1983 Hoboken Maxwell's The Bongos
April 29, 1983 Providence The Living Rooms Arms Akimbo
Prisoners of Beat
April 30, 1983 New York City The Ritz The Individuals
May 2, 1983 Blacksburg After Dark Not Shakespeare
May 3, 1983 Raleigh The Pier Rick Rock
May 4, 1983 Blowing Rock Scott's Music Hall N/A
May 6, 1983 Davidson Love Auditorium 86
May 7, 1983 Atlanta Agora Ballroom N/A
May 8, 1983 Fox Theatre N/A
May 9, 1983 40 Watt Club N/A
May 18, 1983 New York City The Ritz The Individuals
North America (Supporting The Suburbs)
May 21, 1983 St. Paul United States Navy Island Let's Active
The Phones
The Replacements
North America
May 22, 1983 Milwaukee United States The Palms Let's Active
May 23, 1983 Madison Headliners
May 25, 1983 Chicago Park West Let's Active
The dB's
May 26, 1983 Bloomington Jake's Let's Active
May 28, 1983 Lincoln Drumstick
May 29, 1983 Kansas City VFW Hall The Embarrassment
Let's Active
May 30, 1983 Uptown Theater Let's Active
North America (Supporting Bow Wow Wow and The English Beat)
June 1, 1983 Morrison United States Red Rocks Amphitheatre N/A
North America
June 3, 1983 Wichita Falls United States Wichita Falls Let's Active
June 4, 1983 Dallas Charlie's
June 5, 1983 Austin Nite Life Let's Active
Vital Signs
June 7, 1983 Lubbock The Roxy Let's Active
June 9, 1983 Los Angeles Music Machine N/A
June 10, 1983 San Diego The Spirit Let's Active
June 11, 1983 Hollywood The Palace
June 13, 1983 Sacramento Crest Theatre The Features
Let's Active
June 14, 1983 San Francisco Old Waldorf Let's Active
June 16, 1983 Valencia Six Flags Magic Mountain
June 17, 1983 Costa Mesa Concert Factory N/A
June 20, 1983 Berkeley Keystone Berkeley Lloyds
Bad Attitude
June 21, 1983 Palo Alto Keystone Palo Alto Lloyds
June 22, 1983 San Francisco The Stone Lloyds
Victims of Technology
June 28, 1983 Denver Rainbow Music Hall Young Weasels
Computer Class
June 29, 1983 Omaha The 20's Nightclub Digital Sex
June 30, 1983 Columbia Blue Note The Bel-Airs
July 1, 1983 St. Louis Six Flags St. Louis N/A
July 2, 1983 Indianapolis The Chase N/A
July 3, 1983 Milwaukee Summerfest N/A
July 5, 1983 Cleveland Pirate's Cove Hungry Young Men
The Replacements
July 8, 1983 Detroit Saint Andrew's Hall N/A
July 9, 1983 Toronto Canada Larry's Hideaway Personal Effects
July 13, 1983 Boston United States Paradise Rock Club The Replacements
July 14, 1983 Providence The Living Room Parallel 5th
July 15, 1983 Aberdeen Fountain Casino The Replacements
July 17, 1983 New Haven Toad's Place
July 20, 1983 Philadelphia Ripley's Music Hall
July 21, 1983 Richmond Much More Club
July 23, 1983 Winston-Salem Backstreet Music Venue Let's Active
North America (Supporting The Police)
August 12, 1983 Hartford United States Hartford Veterans Memorial Coliseum N/A
August 13, 1983 N/A
August 15, 1983 Norfolk Norfolk Scope N/A
August 18, 1983 New York City Shea Stadium N/A
August 20, 1983 Philadelphia John F. Kennedy Stadium N/A
August 21, 1983 Landover Capital Centre N/A
August 22, 1983 N/A
North America
August 26, 1983 Atlanta United States Six Flags Over Georgia The Killer Whales
September 30, 1983 Athens Stitchcraft, Inc N/A
October 3, 1983 Legion Field Land Sharks
October 4, 1983 Columbia Russell House Ballroom Let's Active
October 7, 1983 Washington, D.C. Ontario Theatre The Fleshtones
Let's Active
October 8, 1983 Philadelphia Irvine Auditorium Pretty Poison
Let's Active
October 9, 1983 Piscataway Busch Student Centre Let's Active
October 11, 1983 Poughkeepsie The Chance
October 12, 1983 Scotia The Skyway
October 13, 1983 Providence The Livingroom
October 14, 1983 Orono University of Maine Let's Active
B. Willie Smith
October 15, 1983 Waterville Colby College Let's Active
October 17, 1983 Syracuse Drumlins
October 20, 1983 Boston The Metro
October 21, 1983 New York City Queens College The Neats
October 22, 1983 New London Connecticut College Let's Active
October 31, 1983 New York City Peppermint Lounge The Fuzztones
The Cramps
November 10, 1983 San Francisco Kabuki Nightclub The Neats
Let's Active
November 11, 1983 Beverly Hills Warner Beverly Hills Theater
November 12, 1983 San Diego Montezuma Hall Let's Active
November 19, 1983 London England Dingwalls Recognition
November 22, 1983 Marquee Club Jerry Floyd
November 23, 1983 Amsterdam Netherlands Paradiso N/A
November 24, 1983 Paris France Les Bains Douches Feedback
November 25, 1983 Rouen Exo 7 N/A


Little America Tour
Tour by R.E.M.
Location Europe, North America, Asia
Associated album Reckoning
Start date April 8, 1984
End date December 6, 1984
Legs 5
No. of shows 32 in Europe
73 in North America
4 in Asia
109 in Total

R.E.M. returned to Europe in April 1984, this time in support of their second studio album, Reckoning, with a tour titled the "Little America tour" ("Little America" being a track on the album).[1] They tour their homeland between June and November, before visiting Asia for the first time in mid-November. This was followed with a few more shows in the UK and Norway during late November and early January 1985.[1]


This set list is representative of the performance in Rouen, France. It does not represent all concerts for the duration of the tour.

  1. "Radio Free Europe"
  2. "Harborcoat"
  3. "Pilgrimage"
  4. "Driver 8"
  5. "Talk About the Passion"
  6. "Hyena"
  7. "7 Chinese Bros."
  8. "So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)"
  9. "Letter Never Sent"
  10. "Auctioneer (Another Engine)"
  11. "Gardening at Night"
  12. "9-9"
  13. "Windout"
  14. "Old Man Kensey"
  15. "Pretty Persuasion"
  16. "Little America"
  17. "Femme Fatale"
  18. "Riders in the Sky"
  19. "(Don't Go Back To) Rockville"
  20. "Wolves, Lower"
  21. "Moon River"
  22. "Wendell Gee"
  23. "See No Evil"
  24. "Just A Touch"

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue Opening act(s)
April 8, 1984 Amsterdam Netherlands Paradiso My Bloody Valentine
April 9, 1984 Utrecht Vrije Vloer
April 10, 1984 Eindhoven Effenaar
April 12, 1984 Munich Germany The Odeon
April 13, 1984 Hamburg Knust Hamburg
April 14, 1984
April 15, 1984 Cologne Luxor
April 17, 1984 Rouen France Exo 7 Flooflash
April 18, 1984 Lyon Club West Side
April 19, 1984 Clermont-Ferrand Mansion de Peuples Les Innocents
April 20, 1984 Paris Eldorado Club
April 24, 1984 Birmingham England Tin Can Club 154
April 25, 1984 Manchester The Gallery
April 26, 1984 Leeds The Warehouse
April 27, 1984 Glasgow Scotland Night Moves
April 29, 1984 Worthing England The Carioca American Girls
Bright Young Things
April 30, 1984 London Marquee Club The American Girls
May 1, 1984 The Escape Club
North America
June 16, 1984 Fresno United States Star Palace The Dream Syndicate
June 17, 1984 Santa Cruz The Catalyst
June 18, 1984 Santa Barbara Mission Theater
June 19, 1984 Los Angeles Hollywood Palace N/A
June 20, 1984 Del Mar Del Mar Fairgrounds Army of Love
June 22, 1984 Los Angeles Hollywood Palladium The Dream Syndicate
June 24, 1984 San Francisco The Warfield
June 26, 1984 Portland Starry Night
June 27, 1984 Seattle McCaw Hall
June 28, 1984 Vancouver Canada Commodore Ballroom
June 29, 1984 Boise United States Mardi Gras Ballroom
July 1, 1984 Salt Lake City Fairpark Coliseum
July 2, 1984 Glenwood Springs Bamboo Bar
July 3, 1984 Denver Rainbow Music Hall
July 5, 1984 Minneapolis Orpheum Theatre
July 6, 1984 Milwaukee Summerfest N/A
July 7, 1984 Chicago Aragon Ballroom The Dream Syndicate
July 8, 1984 Royal Oak Royal Oak Music Theatre
July 10, 1984 Cleveland The Variety Theatre
July 11, 1984 Rochester Minett Hall
July 12, 1984 Montreal Canada Le Spectrum de Montréal
July 13, 1984 Toronto Masonic Temple
July 15, 1984 Buffalo United States Salty Dog Skyroom
July 16, 1984 Diamond Beach Playpen
July 17, 1984 East Setauket Port Haven Music Hall
July 19, 1984 Boston Orpheum Theatre
July 20, 1984 West Hartford Agora Ballroom
July 21, 1984 New York City Beacon Theatre
July 22, 1984
July 24, 1984 Washington, D.C. Warner Theatre
July 25, 1984 Virginia Beach Pavilion Towers Ballroom
July 27, 1984 Greensboro, North Carolina War Memorial Auditorium
July 28, 1984 Atlanta Fox Theatre
August 2, 1984 Mexico City Mexico Margos Touch N/A
August 3, 1984 N/A
August 4, 1984 N/A

Cancellations and rescheduled shows[edit]

June 14, 1983 Los Angeles, California Music Machine Cancelled. Band refused to play.
December 1, 1984 Brighton, England Brighton Polytechnic Cancelled due to Stipe straining his neck.


A "Pre-Construction" tour in April and May took the band around several eastern states. After the release of Fables of the Reconstruction in June, the band traveled to Europe. The following month, they returned to North America for a two-month tour. The "Reconstruction I" tour began in Oregon in July and ended in New Jersey in August.[1]

October's "Reconstruction II" tour took the band back to Europe, beginning in the Netherlands and ending in Scotland.[1]

In November, "Reconstruction III" commenced in Colorado.[1]


"Pageantry Tour", in support of Lifes Rich Pageant album.


"Work Tour", in support of the album Document.[1] R.E.M. did not perform any shows throughout the following year, and signed to Warner Bros. for the release of their sixth studio album Green. R.E.M. remained with Warner Bros. until their breakup in 2011.


R.E.M.'s first major tour, as well as their biggest most visually developed tour to date, featured back-projections and art films playing on the stage during the band's shows.

The final show of the tour, at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, featured the band performing their first full-length album, Murmur in order, from start to finish, followed by Green in order, from start to finish. The night was concluded by an encore set performed by Mike & the Melons with Michael Stipe fronting the road crew. It marked the only live performance of The Wrong Child, and one of the few live performances of Hairshirt.

A concert video called Tourfilm is a compilation of footage from various locations on these tours.

R.E.M. would not tour again until their 1994 release Monster. Subsequent tours would feature backing musicians assuming instrumental roles, which became more prominent especially after Bill Berry's departure in 1997.


After refusing to tour in support of their two previous releases Out of Time and Automatic for the People, the band agreed to tour in support of Monster. The tour was critically and commercially successful, though a handful of shows were either cancelled or postponed due to health problems associated with the band members.[2]

The concert video Road Movie is a compilation of footage taken from the final three nights of the tour, in Atlanta.

New Adventures in Hi-Fi, the band's tenth studio album, was released in 1996 without a supporting tour, though a handful of material was performed during this tour. Eight-track recorders were brought to capture its shows, and used the recordings as the base elements for that album.

This was the final tour to feature Bill Berry, though he briefly reunited with them during a show in 2003. This was also the first tour to feature involvement from Seattle-based multi-instrumentalist Scott McCaughey, who remained active with the group on recordings of albums from New Adventures in Hi-Fi to Collapse Into Now, as well as subsequent tours.


After initially stating they would not tour behind this year's Up, the band changed their mind. A small television-and-radio tour around North America and Europe occurred between October and December. A larger, six-month tour around the same continents began in February in Europe the following year. The North American leg began in August.[1] [1]

"Airportman" was performed at a benefit show before the promo tour commenced in 1998, but not during any tours throughout the band's career. "You're In the Air" and "Diminished" (despite the "I'm Not Over You" coda being performed) were never performed live either.

Regular additional tour musicians were Joey Waronker (drums), Ken Stringfellow (keyboards) and Scott McCaughey (guitars).


Supporting Reveal, R.E.M. undertook a small tour that took in New York City, Toronto, Japan, Australia and California.[1]

Although "Saturn Return" was never performed live, Michael Stipe performed the song entirely himself during a show at Carnegie Hall in March 2011.


A tour in support of the band's Warner Bros. compilation In Time took place in Europe between June and August, then in North America between August and October.[1]

The concert video Perfect Square was taken from footage captured from a show in Wiesbaden, Germany on this tour.

At a concert in Raleigh, North Carolina, Berry made a surprise appearance, performing backing vocals on "Radio Free Europe". He then sat behind the drum kit for a performance of the early R.E.M. song "Permanent Vacation", marking his first performance with the band since his retirement, though he still refused to rejoin the group regardless.

This was the first tour to feature Bill Rieflin, who later recorded the next three albums released from the band and performed with the group on tours supporting two of those three album releases.


A promo tour for Around the Sun began in Europe in September.[1] Prior to the release of the album, the band partook in the political "Vote for Change" tour, which included shows in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Washington, D.C.[1]

A post-album tour commenced in October in North America.[1]

A European tour began in Europe in 2005, then extended to South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. The final leg of the tour took the band back to Europe.[1]

A concert CD/DVD featuring footage from the final shows of this tour in Dublin titled R.E.M. Live was released in 2007.

Around the Sun was a commercial and critical failure, and band members later expressed disappointment in the album after the tour ended. A majority of material from Around the Sun was largely absent in their subsequent tour.

Accelerate Tour[edit]

Murmur Tour
Tour by R.E.M.
Location North America, Europe, South America
Associated album Accelerate
Start date May 23, 2008
End date November 18, 2008
Legs 4
No. of shows 19 in North America
48 in Europe
10 in South America
77 in Total

R.E.M.'s final tour was the "Accelerate Tour", which took place between March and November 2008.[2]

In 2007, before the release of Accelerate and the supporting tour behind it in 2008, R.E.M. held five night "rehearsals" in front of a live audience at The Olympia in Dublin to test out new material from Accelerate and to revisit and perform old favorites, many of which hadn't been played live in nearly two decades. The resulting live album and DVD, Live at The Olympia, was released in 2009.

Accelerate was met with much critical enthusiasm, especially from fans of their back catalog who praised the "back-to-basics" direction that was undertaken with the album. Given the lukewarm reception of their previous album in comparison, the band ignored everything from Around the Sun during a majority of shows during the tour.

R.E.M. disbanded in September 2011 and did not perform any shows after the conclusion of this tour. Their final Collapse into Now release was never performed live, though Michael Stipe did a solo performance of "Every Day Is Yours to Win" at Carnegie Hall in March 2011.

Set list[edit]

This set list is representative of the performance in Mexico City and does not represent all concerts for the duration of the tour.

Opening acts[edit]


Date City Country Venue
North America
May 23, 2008 Burnaby Canada Deer Lake Park
May 24, 2008 George United States Sasquatch! Music Festival
May 29, 2008 Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl
May 31, 2008 Berkeley Hearst Greek Theatre
June 1, 2008
June 3, 2008 Morrison Red Rocks Amphitheatre
June 5, 2008 Saint Paul Xcel Energy Center
June 6, 2008 Chicago United Center
June 8, 2008 Toronto Canada Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
June 10, 2008 Raleigh United States Walnut Creek Amphitheatre
June 11, 2008 Columbia Merriweather Post Pavilion
June 13, 2008 Mansfield Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts
June 14, 2008 Wantagh Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
June 18, 2008 Philadelphia Mann Center for the Performing Arts
June 19, 2008 New York City Madison Square Garden
June 21, 2008 Atlanta Lakewood Amphitheatre
July 2, 2008 Amsterdam Netherlands Westerpark
July 3, 2008 Werchter Belgium Rock Werchter
July 5, 2008 Bilbao Spain Bilbao BBK Live
July 6, 2008 Girona Doctor Loft Festival
July 8, 2008 Lyon France Les Nuits de Fourvière
July 9, 2008 Nice Théâtre de verdure de Nice
July 12, 2008 County Kildare Ireland Oxegen
July 13, 2008 Kinross Scotland T in the Park
July 15, 2008 Dresden Germany Filmnächte am Elbufer
July 16, 2008 Berlin Waldbühne
July 18, 2008 Locarno Switzerland Moon and Stars Festival
July 20, 2008 Perugia Italy Umbria Jazz
July 21, 2008 Verona Verona Arena
July 23, 2008 Naples Neapolis Festival
July 24, 2008 Udine Villa Manin
July 26, 2008 Milan Milano Jazzin' Festival
July 27, 2008 Nyon Switzerland Paléo Festival
August 14, 2008 Salzburg Austria FM4 Frequency Festival
August 16, 2008 Budapest Hungary Sziget Festival
August 17, 2008 Prague Czech Republic Eden Arena
August 19, 2008 Ehrenhof Germany Neues Schloss Ehrenhof
August 20, 2008 Sankt Goarshausen Freilichtbühne Loreley
August 22, 2008 Würzburg Residenzplatz Würzburg
August 24, 2008 Manchester England Old Trafford Cricket Ground
August 25, 2008 Cardiff Wales Cardiff International Arena
August 27, 2008 Hampshire England The Rose Bowl
August 28, 2008 Paris France Rock en Seine
August 30, 2008 London England Twickenham Stadium
September 3, 2008 Oslo Norway Vallhall Arena
September 4, 2008 Bergen Koengen
September 6, 2008 Copenhagen Denmark Parken Stadium
September 7, 2008 Stockholm Sweden Globe Arena
September 9, 2008 Helsinki Finland Finnair Stadium
September 11, 2008 Tallinn Estonia Saku Suurhall Arena
September 12, 2008 Riga Latvia Arena Riga
September 14, 2008 Vilnius Lithuania Siemens Arena
September 17, 2008 Oberhausen Germany König Pilsener Arena
September 18, 2008 Hamburg Color Line Arena
September 20, 2008 Esch-sur-Alzette Luxembourg Rockhal
September 21, 2008 Geneva Switzerland SEG Geneva Arena
September 23, 2008 Munich Germany Olympiahalle
September 24, 2008 Zürich Switzerland Hallenstadion
September 26, 2008 Bologna Italy Futureshow Station
September 27, 2008 Turin Torino Palasport Olimpico
September 30, 2008 Murcia Spain Plaza de Toros de Murcia
October 1, 2008 Madrid Las Ventas
October 4, 2008 Istanbul Turkey S.O.S. Istanbul Festival
October 5, 2008 Athens Greece Panathenaic Stadium
North America
October 24, 2008 Grand Prairie United States Nokia Live At Grand Prairie
October 26, 2008 New Orleans Voodoo Experience
South America
October 29, 2008 Bogotá Colombia ColombiaFEST
November 1, 2008 Buenos Aires Argentina Personal Fest
November 3, 2008 Santiago Chile SUE Festival
November 4, 2008
November 6, 2008 Porto Alegre Brazil Estádio Beira-Rio
November 8, 2008 Rio de Janeiro HSBC Arena
November 10, 2008 São Paulo Via Funchal
November 11, 2008
November 14, 2008 Lima Peru Lima HOT Festival
November 16, 2008 Caracas Venezuela Festival Movistar Música
North America
November 18, 2008 Mexico City Mexico Auditorio Nacional

Live releases[edit]

Videos and DVDs

CDs and Digital Releases

This list includes only official releases made up exclusively and entirely of live performances. Various other live performances by R.E.M. can be found as B-sides, compilation tracks, bonus tracks, promotional EPs, bootlegs, etc.