The Mystery of the Grail

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The Mystery of the Grail and the Gibelin Imperial Concept: Initiation and Magic in the Quest for the Spirit (Italian: Il Mistero del Graal e la Tradizione Ghibellina dell'Impero) is a work by the Italian philosopher Julius Evola. It was published in 1937 by Laterza, Bari; English translation by Inner Traditions International, 1995 (ISBN 0892815736). This book uses the Grail mythos as a window to Traditional European spirituality and culture, and of a theorized heroic society where theorized warriors with transcendental orientation and spiritual power protected the world from theorized dark, disintegrating forces.[1] Evola in this text also postulated that occult forces were acting to degrade the modern world.[1] Historian Richard Barber noted the book's significance as the first text on the subject to synthesize esotericism and conspiracy theory - this synthesis characterizing much of the later Grail literature.[1]


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