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Aircraft Survivor List Editing Philosophy[edit]

Ideally, the first reference for an airframe is to the relevant page on the owning museum's website. (It is not enough to simply link to the museum's homepage.) The use of the museum's website rather than a third-party website serves to prove that the airframe does indeed exist at that location, since they can be presumed to know better than anyone else what is in their collection. The museum's website is presumed to be correct regarding specific information (i.e. variant, identification) unless reliable contradicting information can be found. A second reference must be added that states the airframe's specific identity (e.g. construction number, serial number, bureau number, etc.) if the first reference does not include it. (When choosing between multiple secondary references, the one with the most complete information/profile should be selected.) An additional reference to the aircraft's airworthiness certificate from the respective country's aviation regulatory agency is required if the aircraft is airworthy. Registration numbers are to be replaced with one of the former numbers wherever possible. Airframes are to be referred to by their actual identity, not the one they are painted to represent.

The format for the first sentence of the entry for each airframe should be of the following format: [Identity Number] [Nickname] – [Variant] is airworthy/on display/in storage at [Name of Museum, Airport, etc.] in [City, Region]. (If the airframe is located at a secondary site (i.e. an annex or storage facility), that should be included before the organization's name.) When dealing with an airframe manufactured in one country and subsequently operated by another (for example, lend-lease aircraft), the identity number and variant should be split with a forward slash. The manufacturing country's identity number should come first followed by the operating country's identity number. The same applies to variants. (The manufacturing country's information is included to create a common format between all entries so that the list can be ordered. The operating country's information is included because that is the information that is most likely presently used to identify the airframe and out of respect to the operating country.) When all airframes in a composite are known, their identities will be divided by a forward slash and listed in the place of a single identity number. When all identities are not known, the identity number will be replaced by the word "Composite". Because some museums either have not gotten around to restoring or choose to display them that way, sometimes the word "unrestored" is added to the status of an airframe. The city and region should be the same as the street and/or mailing address listed on the organization's website. Beyond the first sentence, there is no set format. However, there are restrictions on what type of information is appropriate. Appropriate information to add to an entry includes history of the specific airframe. Inappropriate information includes mentions of how often or when the airframe is flown (that is covered by the status section of each entry) and information that is common to all aircraft of that model (that should be covered elsewhere in the article). If there is more than one airframe at a site, there must be a separate entry for each airframe – they are not to be combined in one entry. Furthermore, each entry should be able to stand on its own – it should not need information from any other entry on the list to be complete. The entries are to be ordered according to their identity numbers. (That is to say, the order in which they were built and/or assigned serial numbers.) Whether or not the list is organized according to the airframes' construction number or military serial number is determined by whether the aircraft was initially a civilian or military design, whether more were used in civilian or military service, and/or whether the aircraft is more known for its civilian or military service. Aircraft registrations are not to be used unless there is no other identity number. This is because they lack permanence (as airframes can have more than one registration and multiple airframes can have the same registration at different points in time) which can cause confusion.[1] They also do not allow entries to be ordered chronologically by production date.

The philosophy laid out in this section is partially based on the layout taken from existing Wikipedia aircraft survivor lists and partially of this user's own design.

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