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World Tour '05
Tour by Laura Pausini
Official promotional poster for the tour.
Associated album Resta in ascolto / Escucha
Start date 30 January 2005
End date 16 August 2006
Legs 5
No. of shows 50 in Europe
8 in America
58 in Total
Laura Pausini concert chronology

The 2005 World Tour is fourth world tour by Italian singer-songwriter Laura Pausini which started on 30 January 2005 in Ravenna, Italy and ended on 14 July 2005, in Locarno, Switzerland supporting her eight studio album Resta in ascolto / Escucha.

The shows played in 22 and 23 March from Paris, France were professionally recorded and made their way into Pausini's second live DVD, Live in Paris 05.

The album was issued by Warner Music in November 2005 in CD, DVD, CD+DVD and two-disc DVD editions.

About the tour[edit]

Announced the final semester of 2004, the tour visited Europe and the Americas during almost seven months in 2005. For Europe, the tour was sponsored by Barilla. The tour was sold out across the Americas and mostly the entire European continent. Music critics are agree that Resta in Ascolto is the album that took Pausini to a new level of fame. For the shows in Paris, Laura used an inalambric microphone for the "Mi abbandono a Te" performance and made some variations for the custom changes.

Broadcast and recordings[edit]

The recording took place at the Zénith de Paris during the shows played on 23 and 24 March. It has the complete setlist. It was released by Warner Music worldwide on 25 November in three editions: CD, DVD, CD+DVD (jewel case and amaray case).

Also, the DVD contains some extra features including official video "Bendecida Pasión" and the Spanish performance for "Escucha Atento" live.


The setlist presents some variations in every continent.

However, this is the most complete information about the programme in every city. During the shows in France, she presents a special performance of "On n'oublie jamais rien, on vit avec". The Italian song "Ogni Volta" was added to a medley with "Benedetta Passione" as Pausini wanted to pay a tribute to the author of that song, Vasco Rossi.

But, for technical reasons, this song was not performed at Le Zénith in Paris (this show is the one available on DVD).

For the shows in Brazil, presents some songs in Portuguese. This songs are: "Incancellabile" and "Le cose che vivi".

  1. Gente
  2. Un'emergenza d'amore
  3. Medley: Che Bene Mi Fai / Fidati Di Me / La Mia Risposta / Così Importante
  4. Vivimi
  5. Mi Abbandono A Te
  6. La Solitudine
  7. Benedetta Passione / Ogni Volta
  8. Non c'è
  9. Medley: Strani amori / Lettera / Il Mondo Che Vorrei / Il Tuo Nome in Maiuscolo
  10. Resta in Ascolto
  11. La Prospettiva Di Me
  12. Medley: Seamisai / Mi Rubi l'anima / I Need Love / Come Se Non Fosse Stato Mai Amore
  13. In Assenza Di Te
  14. Tra te e il mare
  15. Incancellabile
  16. Surrender
  17. E Ritorno Da Te
  18. Le cose che vivi
United States & Latin America
  1. Gente
  2. Emergencia De Amor
  3. Medley: Me siento Tan Bien / Fíate De Mi / Mi Respuesta / Tan Importante
  4. Víveme
  5. Me Abandono A Ti
  6. La Soledad
  7. Bendecida Pasión
  8. Se Fué
  9. Medley: Amores Extraños / Carta / El mundo Que Soñé / Tu Nombre En Mayúsculas
  10. Escucha Atento
  11. Mi Perspectiva
  12. Como Si No Nos Hubiéramos Amado
  13. Love Comes From The Inside
  14. I Need Love
  15. En Ausencia De ti
  16. Entre Tú Y Mil Mares
  17. Inolvidable
  18. Surrender
  19. Volveré junto A Ti
  20. Le cose che vivi
  1. Gente
  2. Un'emergenza d'amore
  3. Medley: Che Bene Mi Fai / Fidati Di Me / La Mia Risposta / Così Importante
  4. Vivimi
  5. Mi Abbandono A Te
  6. La Solitudine
  7. Benedetta Passione / Ogni Volta
    1. Se Fué
  8. Medley: Strani amori / Lettera / Il Mondo Che Vorrei / Il Tuo Nome in Maiuscolo
  9. Resta in Ascolto
  10. La Prospettiva Di Me
  11. Medley: Seamisai / Mi Rubi l'anima / I Need Love / Come Se Non Fosse Stato Mai Amore
    1. In assenza di te
  12. Tra te e il mare
  13. Inesquecível
  14. Surrender
  15. E Ritorno Da Te
  16. Le cose che vivi

Tour dates[edit]

Performing "Mi Abbandono A Te"
Date City Country Venue
Europe – Winter Tour
30 January 2005 Ravenna Italy PalaDeAndré
5 February 2005 Turin Mazda Palace
6 February 2005 Genova Mazda Palace
11 February 2005 Milan Mediolanum Forum
12 February 2005
14 February 2005 Perugia PalaEvangelisti
15 February 2005 Rome PalaLottomatica
17 February 2005 Ancona PalaRossini
18 February 2005 Naples PalaPartenope
20 February 2005 Acireale PalaTupparello
21 February 2005 Reggio Calabria PalaCalafiore
23 February 2005 Florence PalaSport
24 February 2005 Livorno PalaLivorno
26 February 2005 Treviso Palaverde
27 February 2005 Montichiari PalaGeorge
2 March 2005 Marseille France Le Dôme de Marseille
4 March 2005 Brussels Belgium Forest National
6 March 2005 Stockholm Sweden Annexet
8 March 2005 Tampere Finland Tampere Hall
9 March 2005 Helsinki Hartwall Areena
10 March 2005 Turku Elysee Arena
13 March 2005 The Hague Netherlands World Forum Convention Center
15 March 2005 London United Kingdom Hammersmith Apollo
17 March 2005 Lille France Le Zénith
18 March 2005 Amnéville Galaxie Amnéville
20 March 2005 Geneva Switzerland SEG Geneva Arena
22 March 2005 Paris France Zénith de Paris
23 March 2005
25 March 2005 Lyon Halle Tony Garnier
29 March 2005 Milan Italy Mediolanum Forum
31 March 2005 Bologna PalaMalaguti
1 April 2005 Pesaro Adriatic Arena
3 April 2005 Basel Switzerland St. Jakobshalle
5 April 2005 Nice France Palais Nikaia
8 April 2005 Bolzano Italy Palaonda
North America
17 April 2005 Miami United States James L. Knight Center
20 April 2005 New York City The Town Hall
22 April 2005 Los Angeles Wiltern Theatre
24 April 2005 Mexico City Mexico Teatro Metropólitan
26 April 2005 Panama City Panama Atlapa Convention Center
South America
28 April 2005 São Paulo Brazil Credicard Hall
29 April 2005
1 May 2005 Buenos Aires Argentina Teatro Gran Rex
Europe – Summer Tour
16 June 2005 Castel del Piano Italy Municipal Stadium
19 June 2005 Verona Verona Arena
21 June 2005 Cernobbio Villa Erba
22 June 2005 Genova Piazza Della Vittoria Coca-Cola Live & MTV
25 June 2005 Cagliari Fiera di Cagliari
28 June 2005 Taranto Stadio Erasmo Iacovone
30 June 2005 Palermo Velodromo Paolo Borsellino
3 July 2005 Catanzaro Arena Magna Grecia
5 July 2005 Rome Fiesta Capannelle Racecourse
6 July 2005 Venice Arena Ca 'Noghera
8 July 2005 Monte Carlo Monaco Salle des Etoiles
9 July 2005
11 July 2005 Montreux Switzerland Stravinsky Hall Montreux Jazz Festival
12 July 2005 Modena Italy Parco Novi Sad
14 July 2005 Locarno Switzerland Piazza Grande Moon&Stars Festival
North America
16 August 2006 San Juan Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum
Cancellations and rescheduled shows
7 April 2005 Koper Slovenia Pala Bonifika Cancelled due to conflicts between the conditional logistic of the show and security to run the evening.


  • Alfredo Golino – Drums
  • Cesare Chiodo – Bass
  • Paolo Carta – Guitar
  • Gabriele Fersini – Guitar
  • Bruno Zucchetti – Keyboards
  • Roberta Grana – Backing vocal
  • Barbara Zappamiglio – Backing vocal
  • Carlo Palmas – Keyboard

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