Baghlani Jadid District

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Baghlani Jadid

بغلان جدید
Baghlani Jadid is located in Afghanistan
Baghlani Jadid
Baghlani Jadid
Location within Afghanistan
Coordinates: 36°19′48″N 68°37′12″E / 36.33000°N 68.62000°E / 36.33000; 68.62000
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceBaghlan Province
 • Total1,613 km2 (623 sq mi)
 • Total119,607

Baghlani Jadid (surface: 1,613 km²) is a district of Baghlan Province in northern Afghanistan. It has a population of about 119,607.


The district is situated in the northernmost part of the province. It borders Kunduz Province to the north and Samangan Province to the west . Most of the population live in the valley of the Kunduz River. The majority of its territory is uninhabited mountain ranges. An all-weather Kunduz-Kabul highway passes through the district from north to south. The main city is Baghlani Jadid. In 2005, Baghlani Jadid absorbed the district of Baghlan-e-Markazi, also in Baghlan Province, to create a new and bigger Baghlani Jadid district.


According to Afghanistan's Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, the population of the district was estimated to be around 119,607 in 2004.[1] Ethnically, Pashtuns are around 50% of the population and make up the majority in the district,[2] followed by Tajiks at 40% and Uzbeks make up the remaining 10%.[3]


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