Nawa District

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This article is about the Nawa District in Ghazni Province. For the district in Helmand Province, see Nawa-I-Barakzayi District.
Nawa is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan
Coordinates: 32°19′25″N 67°52′38″E / 32.32361°N 67.87722°E / 32.32361; 67.87722
Country  Afghanistan
Province Ghazni Province
Occupation Flag of Taliban.svg Taliban
Population (2002)[1]
 • Total 29,054

Nawa is a large district in the far south of Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. It is situated 100 km south from Ghazni in a mountainous region. Its population, which is 100% Pashtun, was estimated at 29,054 in 2002, of whom around 45% were children under 12.[1] The district center is the village of Nawa. Military operations in the district were featured in articles in the Washington Post[2] and the New York Times[3] in October 2009.

The district is currently controlled by the Taliban

Economy and agriculture[edit]

Most of the population live in villages in mud-built homes. Agriculture has been seriously affected by drought. The main sources of water are shallow wells. Trade and animal husbandry are sources of income. There is a shortage of clinics and schools, as well as the professionals to work in them.

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