Chora District

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Chorah in Urozgan Province of Afghanistan.jpg
Chora is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan
Coordinates: 32°50′50″N 66°03′00″E / 32.84722°N 66.05000°E / 32.84722; 66.05000Coordinates: 32°50′50″N 66°03′00″E / 32.84722°N 66.05000°E / 32.84722; 66.05000
Country Afghanistan
 • Total3,005 km2 (1,160 sq mi)
 • Total73,750

Chora District is a district of Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan.[1] The district center is the town of Chora, with a population of about 3,000. It is a rural town with no industry beyond livestock, agriculture, and small merchants.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to officially open the Tarinkot to Chora Road Oct. 4, 2011. The Dutch State Secretary, Ben Knapen, along with the Uruzgan provincial governor, Mohammed Sherzad, held the ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of construction of the road that will better connect the Chora district to the provincial capital city by cutting travel time between the two by more than half.

District profile:[2]

  • Villages: 100
  • Schools: 21 primary, 2 high schools.
  • Health centers: 1.


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