Ghormach District

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Ghormach District

Ghormach District is located in Afghanistan
Ghormach District
Ghormach District
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 35°43′32″N 63°47′22″E / 35.72556°N 63.78944°E / 35.72556; 63.78944Coordinates: 35°43′32″N 63°47′22″E / 35.72556°N 63.78944°E / 35.72556; 63.78944
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceFaryab Province
 • Total804 sq mi (2,083 km2)
 • Total52,566

Ghormach (Pashto: غورماچ ولسوالۍ‎) is a district situated in the northwest of Faryab Province of Afghanistan. The district centre is Ghormach.


The estimated population of Ghormach District in 2003 was roughly 52,566. Based upon the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development of Afghanistan's (MRRD) district profile for Ghormach, Pashtuns made up 97% of the total population, followed by 2% Tajiks and 1% Baloch.[1]

In 2008, Ghormach was transferred from Badghis to Faryab province. All administration issues dealt by Faryab.


Ghormach district experienced a resurgence in poppy cultivation after the fall of the Taliban government in 2001, although the Karzai government's eradication program had made some headway by spring 2007.[2]

Moalem Nooruddin was the chief district officer in 2007 when he was believed to have been captured by the Taliban on 16 December 2007. Other district leaders include Abdullah Jan and as of July 2010 Qari Dalat. [3][4] As of 2007 much of Ghormach District was under Taliban control.[4][5][6]

Taliban captured the district on 11 October 2016.[7]


Ghormach district has 100 villages which covers an area of 2,083 km2. Murghab is surrounded by Turkmenistan, Murghab District of Badghis Province, Almar and Qaysar districts of neighbouring Faryab Province.

Notable localities in this district include Ab-i-Garmak, Arzanak, Du Abi, Garband, Husayn, Joy-i-Shor, Karez, Khatun, Khushki, Pamakhtu, Petaw, Rangin, Rashid, Sartakit, Sawriwon, Senjetak and Sharshari.


There is 1 high school, 2 secondary schools and 13 primary schools in the district.[1]


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