Khwaja Umari District

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Khwaja Umari
Khwaja Umari is located in Afghanistan
Khwaja Umari
Khwaja Umari
Location within Afghanistan[1]
Coordinates: 33°41′N 68°25′E / 33.68°N 68.42°E / 33.68; 68.42
Country  Afghanistan
Province Ghazni Province

Khwaja Umari is a district in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan.[2] It was created in 2005 from the large Bahrami Shahid District. The population in 2005 was estimated at 16,100, of whom 20% were Pashtun, 35% Tajik and 45% Hazara.[2] The district center is the village of Khwaja Umari.

The drought is less severe here than in many other parts of the country, and 80% of the arable land is in use.[2] The main source of income is agriculture, but many work in Ghazni and the rate of unemployment is lower than many other districts.

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