Kajran District

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Kajran is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan [1]
Coordinates: 33°12′36″N 65°37′12″E / 33.21000°N 65.62000°E / 33.21000; 65.62000
Country  Afghanistan
Province Daykundi Province
 • Total 1,886 km2 (728 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 • Total 26,259

Kijran, also spelled as Kajran (Persian: کجران), is a district in Daykundi Province of Afghanistan. It has an area of about 1,886 square kilometres. The population of the district was reported in 2004 at about 26,259 people.[2]

The district was transferred in 2004 from neighboring Urozgan province in the south. The capital Kajran is at 1346 m altitude.


Kjran Kundi in central Afghanistan province is one of the districts . Formerly two specific Kjran - Central Kjran - ( Kjran current ) and general Kjran ( Kitty current ) was divided . Specific Kjran isolated from the general Kjran an independent district. Kitty 's name came up . Kjran Central Kjran the current or former Kjran is special . Its population of almost 73,800 people have been announced . Kjrany more people are natives among themselves are divided into several groups . The residents are also Valsvaly Pshtvnhavhzarh . Twelver Shia are followers Kjran Baluchi Balatfaq . Kjran so that the students of this district and Kandahar and Kabul in Qom, studying or teaching seminary students are known to be gentlemen : Professor Mahmoud, Sydshhab Ali Zaki, Mohammed Karbalaee moral, Hossein Rahimi, carpenter, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Rajai, Halimi, Hossein Rahimi ( Qari ), Mohseni Amanullah, Mohammad Azizi and ... Named. People of this county speak Persian, Dari and Pashto, the predominant. Kjran past years the number of people who migrated to Turkistan and the number of people in Mazari Sharif is Kjran more . Many Kjrany also migrated to Iran in Tehran, Qom and Semnan city residents and their main concentration Pakdasht ( Mamaznd ) and Varamin district of Tehran. Many others abroad ( Europe ) immigrated to the countries of Sweden, Finland, Belgium, and ... Still ontology ( spiritual / political ) Sydshhab Ali Zaki ( spiritual ), Karbalaee Mhmdakhlaqy spiritual and ... Named.


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