Khost (Matun) District

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Khost District
Khost districts.png
Country  Afghanistan
Province Khost Province
District center Khost
Population (2006.[1])
 • Total 160,214
Time zone D† (Afghanistan Standard Time) (UTC+4:30)

Khost (Matun) District (Pashto: خوست ولسوالۍ‎, Persian: ولسوالی خوست‎‎) is situated in the central and eastern part of Khost Province, Afghanistan. The district center is the town of Khost. Khost Airfield is situated 2 miles southeast of the town of Khost.


Nadir Shah era[edit]

When Nadir Shah was a general, he was responsible for putting down an uprising in the District, where the locals had rebelled against the Amir due to heavy taxation and robbery.[2]

British era[edit]

On 2 January 1879, General Roberts entered Matun from Hazir Pir in the Kurram valley, with a small armed contingent.[3] The intent was to pacify the district, which was described as "an unsophisticated country where the revenue had hitherto been collected in copper."[4]

Soviet-Afghan War[edit]

During the Soviet-Afghan War, the mujahideen guerrillas, blockaded Khost District, cutting off all lines of communication. The Soviets were forced to respond with Operation Magistral in 1987 to reopen the Khost-Gardez Road and bring relief to the District.[5] Khost District was the scene of intense fighting in 1987, with over 1500 guerrillas and one American adviser killed by DRA troops, according to Tass, the official Soviet news agency.[6]


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