Farkhar District

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Farkhar District is a district of Takhar Province, Afghanistan.It is located in southern east(130degree from north) of Taloqan city the center of Takhar province. It is a scenic valley surrounded with high mountains. The Khanabad River flows inside this valley. People from all around Afghanistan come to this valley for sightseeing. Around 99% of the people in Farkhar speak Persian. Farkhar's population is about 40,000 people.

Towns and villages[edit]

The major villages of this district are: Shaktan, Shingan, nahr ab, Gazustan, Abi dara, Kurani, Pire Farkhar, Shori, Dehak, Jangle Gaza, Dasht e konj, Chashma e Garmuk, Shahre Farkhar, Kundal, Mazre Shikh, Khanaqa, Khurmab, Ardishan, Kashan, Sare Kham, Singan, Pyani, Dahne Zure, Khafdara, Sang e Atash, Khawaki, Farhangurd, Khusdeh, Darbaho, Huti, Warook, Ghashob, Yookh, Lujdeh and Mashtan.

Farkhar was a major centre of jihadist opposition to the Soviet occupation. It was the main training centre of the Afghan leader Ahmad Shah Masoud.[citation needed]