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Kushki Kuhna is a district of Herat province in northwestern Afghanistan. It is situated in the northern part of the province. It borders Kushk District to the west, the nation of Turkmenistan to the north, Badghis Province to the east, and Karukh District to the south. The population Kushki Kuhna is 32,000 (as of 2002), which includes the following ethnic groups: 55% Tajik, 40% Pashtun and 5% Hazara.[1]

The headquarters or district center is also known as Kushki Kuhna. The main source of income is the agriculture. The infrastructure, health and education systems have been improved since 2002.

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Coordinates: 34°52′17″N 62°32′54″E / 34.8714°N 62.5483°E / 34.8714; 62.5483