Pashtun Kot District

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Pashtun Kot
پشتون کوت
Pashtun Kot is located in Afghanistan
Pashtun Kot
Pashtun Kot
Location within Afghanistan[1]
Coordinates: 35°49′N 64°47′E / 35.81°N 64.78°E / 35.81; 64.78
Country  Afghanistan
Province Faryab Province
District Pashtun Kot
Population [2]
 • Estimate (2002) 277,000

Pashtun Kot (Kowt) district is located in the center of Faryab Province southeast from Maymana. The district center Pashtun Kot is a suburb of Maymana (35°54′42″N 64°47′12″E / 35.91167°N 64.78667°E / 35.91167; 64.78667,907 m altitude). The population is 277,000 (2002) with an ethnic composition of 5% Pashtun, 30% Tajik and 65% Uzbek.[2]

Between 24 April and 7 May 2014, flash flooding from heavy rainfall resulted in the destruction of public facilities, roads, and agricultural land. Assessment findings reported 319 families in total were affected, 6 people died, 517 livestock were killed, 350 gardens were damaged/destroyed, and 524 Jeribs of agricultural land was damaged/destroyed in Kata Qala, Nadir Abad, Nawe Khoshk, Chakab.[3]

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