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Origin South Korea
Years active 1999 (1999)–present
Associated acts JYP Nation

g.o.d (지오디, ji-oh-dee) is a five-member South Korean pop music group. The name is an acronym for Groove Over Dose.[1] They were one of the few groups to have an album become a "million seller" in K-pop.[2][3][4] The members had gone on to solo careers after indefinitely discontinuing group activity. However, they regrouped and made a comeback in 2014.[5]

As one of the most recent million album selling groups in South Korea, they are often referred to as "the Nation's idol",[6] and considered as the "Legends of K-Pop"[7] with other first generation idols such as Shinhwa, H.O.T, Sechs Kies, Fin.K.L, SES, etc.



In 1997, Park Joon-hyung flew to South Korea with the goal of creating a group which blended Western and Asian influences.[8] He and JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin-young held auditions with the intention of adding another four members to create a six-man band. Joon's cousin Danny Ahn, the latter's friend Son Ho-young and Yoon Kye-sang were recruited. Kim Tae-woo was the final member to join. The planned name was GOT6 but was changed to g.o.d instead when it became a five-member band.[9] JYP Entertainment would eventually form a boy band named Got7.

1999–2000: Debut and early years[edit]

The group debuted with the single "어머님께" (To Mother). The music video featured actor Jang Hyuk.

After winning the Daesang from the three major broadcasting systems in South Korea for their multi-million selling fourth album, they began a "100-day Human Concert" where all the shows were sold out and each day had a different theme.

The five members also appeared in a South Korean TV series, called "Baby Diary", in which they acted as a family to take care of a little baby named Han Jae Min. Every one of them had a duty (i.e. Son Ho Young acted as 'mommy' and Park Joon Hyung as 'daddy').

2000–2006: Chapter 4 and hiatus[edit]

In 2001, g.o.d launched their fourth album Chapter 4, their second album to hit a million in sales.[10] It won the Disk Daesang (Grand Prize) at the 16th Golden Disc Awards. The title track "Road" (길) topped the rankings on several music shows and has since become a classic hit.

Yoon left the group in 2004 and g.o.d continued promoting as a four-piece band. They went on hiatus in 2006. Various media outlets and sources have described them as having disbanded between 2006 and 2014, which all members have denied.[citation needed]

2014–present: Reunion[edit]

g.o.d. announced that they would be reuniting in mid-March 2014.[11] On May 3, 2014 their 15th anniversary concert through a TV advertisement which aired on Korean cable channel JTBC, followed by confirmation from their management agency SidusHQ.[5] Yoon Kye-sang confirmed he would join the other god members for the 15th anniversary album.[12]

The new album Chapter 8 features four title songs and 14 songs in total and several songs were pre-released as teasers for their official comeback tour. The single "The Lone Duckling" (also "The Ugly Duckling") (미운 오리 새끼) was released on May 7, 2014 and is a ballad song written by Duble Sidekick. All proceeds from the song were donated to those affected by the Sewol ferry accident. The song achieved an "all kill" in the digital charts for that month[13] and topped the Korea K-Pop Hot 100.[14] On July 1, the music video for the song "Sky Blue Promise" (하늘색 약속) was pre-released. The title is a reference to their fandom color sky blue.[15][16] The music video for "Saturday Night" was uploaded on YouTube on July 8.[17]

The group performed their first concert in 12 years, named g.o.d 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert, on July 12, 2014 at Jamsil Sports Complex with around 14,000 fans. They continued their national tour to five cities, including Gwangju, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Seoul with a total of 10 concerts.[18] They also made their first televised performance together in 12 years on September 5 as exclusive guests on You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook, the only guests who have been granted the honor.[19][20]

For the first two months of 2017 g.o.d embarked on their second nationwide tour since reuniting. Entitled "g.o.d to MEN" the tour began in Seoul and went to five other major cities.[21][22]







g.o.d is known for their versatility and their songs reflect a combination of a variety of genres, such as R&B, hip hop, rap, and pop.[27] Joon Park has stated that from the beginning he had intended for the group to effectively combine Western and Asian influences into their music.[8] Their hit songs reflect this diversity: their debut single "To Mother" (어머님께) is a R&B ballad interspersed with lines rapped by Danny Ahn while the upbeat and rhythmic "Friday Night" heavily features funk elements.[28] They were one of the few first generation k-pop groups to successfully incorporate elements of African American genres such as rap and hip hop into their music and utilize lines rapped entirely in Korean, which was uncommon at that time.[citation needed] In contrast to many of their contemporaries such as Shinhwa and H.O.T. which mainly appealed to younger fans, g.o.d was largely focused on lyrical content rather than choreography, garnering them a wider demographic of fans.[29]

At the time of its release, "To Mother" (어머님께) was the most request track on radio stations.[1] Other songs, such as "One Candle" (촛불하나), "Love and Remember" (사랑해 그리고 기억해) and "Road" (길), are considered classics and regularly covered by the younger generation of K-pop artists.[citation needed]

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