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Hialeah Police Department
Abbreviation HPD
Agency overview
Formed 1925
Annual budget 38.8 Million
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction* City of Hialeah in the state of Florida, U.S.
Miami-Dade County Florida Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Hialeah Highlighted.svg
Map of Hialeah Police Department's jurisdiction.
Size 23 square miles (60 km2)
Population 217,141 (2006)
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters 5555 E. 8 Avenue, Hialeah, FL
Police Officers 300
Civilians 150
Agency executive Sergio Velazquez, Chief of Police
Sectors 5
Hialeah Police Department
* Divisional agency: Division of the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.

The Hialeah Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency serving the City of Hialeah, Florida. Their jurisdiction lies within the actual city limits of Hialeah, but have mutual aid agreements with neighboring police departments, most importantly the county-wide Miami-Dade Police Department.

As of 2010, the Hialeah Police Department is the 89th largest Police Department in the United States[1]

The current Chief of Police is Chief Sergio Velazquez.


Breakdown of the makeup of the rank and file of the Hialeah Police Department[2]

  • Male: 89%
  • Female: 11%
  • Hispanic: 63%
  • African-American/Black: 7%
  • White: 29%


The Chief of Police leads the Hialeah Police Department. The Chief of Police manages the department with the assistance of three Majors responsible for the following Divisions:

  • Criminal Investigations Division: Major Hubert Ruiz
  • Uniform Patrol Division: Major Manuel Rodriguez
  • Professional Compliance Bureau: Major George Fuente

Uniform Patrol Division[edit]

The Uniform Patrol Division is overseen by Uniform Patrol Division Major Manuel Rodriguez. There are six (6) Patrol Districts each overseen by a District Commander. As of March 2013, the Districts are overseen by the following Commanders:

  • District 1 - Commander Fernando Villa
  • District 2 - Commander Ernesto Gutierrez
  • District 3 - Commander Gabriel Gonzalez
  • District 4 - Commander Luis Lahera
  • District 5 - Commander Rodolfo Bello

The Crime Suppression Section[edit]

The Crime Suppression Section is overseen by Commander Ernesto Gutierrez and consists of the following units:

  • Community Enhancement Unit (CEU)
  • Community Response Team (CRT)
  • Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)
  • SWAT
  • K-9 Unit
  • Motor Unit
  • Bicycle Unit

Criminal Investigations Division[edit]

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is overseen by Major Hubert Ruiz. The Division consists of four (4) Sections, each supervised by their respective section Lieutenants:

The Crimes Persons Section
  • Homicide Unit
  • Robbery Unit
  • Traffic Homicide Investigations Unit
The Crimes Property Section
  • Burglary Unit
  • Pawn Shop Unit
  • Auto Theft Unit
  • Economic Crimes Unit
  • Organized Fraud Unit
The Family & Juvenile Section
  • Sexual Predator Unit
  • Domestic Violence Unit
  • Special Victims Unit
The Special Investigations Section (SIS)
  • Narcotics Unit
  • Intelligence Unit

The Professional Compliance Bureau, Support Services and Training Division[edit]

This Section is overseen by Major George Fuente and consists of the following entities:

  • Professional Compliance Bureau (Internal Affairs)
  • Support Services
  • Records
  • Police Academy Training Advisor
  • Rangemaster

Ranks and insignia[edit]

Hialeah Police Department sworn personnel with the rank of Officer wear a silver badge on their uniform. Detectives wear gold badges. Officers assigned as Detectives wear gold badges while performing Detective duties, however they must wear their silver Officer badge whenever in full uniform. The ranks of Sergeant through Chief of Police wear gold badges. Rank insignia for Sergeant is worn on the upper sleeves below the shoulder patch while rank insignia for Lieutenant through Chief is worn on the collars of the shirt.

Title Insignia
Chief of Police
4 Gold Stars.svg
Deputy Chief
3 Gold Stars.svg
US-O4 insignia.svg
Captain insignia gold.svg
Captain insignia gold.svg
US-O1 insignia.svg
LASD Sergeant.jpg
Police Officer

Officers killed in the line of duty[edit]

Since the establishment of the Hialeah Police Department, three officers have died in the line of duty.[3]

Officer Date of Death Details
Officer Hugo Becker
Saturday, June 25, 1966
Automobile Accident
Officer Emilio Miyares
Thursday, November 6, 1986
Sergeant Pedro Cainas
Thursday, November 19, 1992

Awards, medals and ribbons[edit]

The Hialeah Police Department recognizes its members through commendations and subsequent medals and / or ribbons where merited. The Gold Medal of Valor and Silver Medal of Valor are worn under the police badge on a police uniform. Awarded ribbons are worn over the name plate of the right breast. The following is a list of the medals / ribbons:


An outstanding act in the line of duty that places an officer's life in imminent hazard and the officer has full knowledge of the risk involved. The actions clearly display conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of the officer's life above and beyond the call of duty. May be awarded to all officers killed in the line of duty.


An individual act, showing personal valor, where the officer places himself at imminent personal risk, usually involving an armed adversary.

Combat Action Ribbon.svg

An award recognizing an officers involvement in combat with an armed adversary, where the officer acts in a credible manner.

Purple Heart ribbon.svg

An award recognizing a wound inflicted intentionally on an officer, by an armed adversary.

Air Force Distinguished Service ribbon.svg

A highly commendable accomplishment under adverse conditions with some degree of hazard to the officer or where death or injury to a third party is prevented.

Marine Corps Reserve Ribbon.svg

An act performed in the line of duty which through disregard of personal safety or prompt or alert action, results in saving a life.

Meritorious Service Medal ribbon.svg

A creditable act in the line of duty which meets some but not all of the requirements of the other awards. It is unusual in nature, showing initiative and accomplishment.

Presidential Unit Citation (Philippines).svg


Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon.svg


Soldier's Medal ribbon.svg


Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon.svg

Awarded to a Unit in the Department that performs an act, or a series of acts, over a period of time, which demonstrate a high degree of teamwork and professionalism. These acts result in the attainment of departmental goals.

Meritorious Unit Commendation.jpg

An award recognizing the introduction of a new method., procedure, policy, technique or device which is adopted for use by the Department which improves administrative procedures.

Organizational Excellence ribbon.svg

An award recognizing the development of a new Training Program or technique, or the significant improvement of an existing one which adopted for use by the Department.

Coast Guard Achievement ribbon.svg

An award recognizing an employee who has created, developed or significantly improved Technical Support Programs within the Department. To include contributions of a technical nature that would normally have required the Department to seek outside assistance.


An award recognizing s Supervisor who consistently exhibits outstanding leadership and managerial qualities: to include all supervisory ranks and classifications of both sworn and non-sworn personnel.

Army Good Conduct Medal ribbon.svg

An award recognizing four years of faithful and diligent service to the Department. To be eligible, an officer must have received no more than one written reprimand and no suspensions during a four-year period.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal ribbon.svg

A service award recognizing an officers tactical deployment outside the City limits, providing support to another Law Enforcement Agency, under the Mutual Aid Pact. To be eligible, an officer's deployment must be in excess of 1/2 of a shift.


A service award recognizing Departmental personnel who serve during a time of Crisis or Disaster, officially declared by the Chief of Police.

National Defense Service Medal ribbon.svg

All Departmental members who have served in one of the United States Military Services and who received an Honorable Discharge are entitled to wear this ribbon with their Departmental Awards.

NCO Professional Development Ribbon.svg

All Departmental members who have achieved a degree from an Accredited College and / or University.

The Gold Medal of Valor[edit]

Previous Gold Medal of Valor recipients
  • Sergeant Yan Perez
  • Sergeant Luis Garcia
  • Sergeant Andrew Lopez-Cao
  • Sergeant Fernando Montalvo (Retired)
  • Officer Richard Quintero
  • Officer Mark Quinlan (Retired)
  • Officer Nicholas Lopez
  • Officer Adrian Gonzalez
  • Sergeant Barbaro Hernandez
  • Officer Louis Hererra
  • Detective Rei Carvajal
  • Sergeant Jose Proveyer
  • Sergeant Julian Guerra (Retired)
  • Detective Osvaldo Rodriguez (Retired)
  • Sergeant Michael Letizia (Retired)
  • Crime Scene Tech Jim Olson (Retired)
  • Lieutenant Joseph Puglise (Retired)
  • Detective Richard Kelly (Retired)

The Silver Medal of Valor[edit]

Previous Silver Medal of Valor recipients
  • Officer Azael Acay
  • Sergeant Ernesto Clavijo
  • Detective Noel Torres (Retired)
  • Officer Robert Hasmi (Retired)
  • Sergeant Theresa Pierce (Retired)
  • Lieutenant Joseph Puglise (Retired)
  • Detective Guillermo "Willie" Perez (Retired)
  • Sergeant Victor Anchipolovsky (Retired)
  • Officer Rogelio Hernandez, Sr. (Retired)
  • Sergeant Terell Duke (Retired)
  • Officer Antonio Llaneras (Retired)
  • Sergeant Steven Lublinski (Retired)
  • Officer Kenneth Povenzano (Retired)
  • Sergeant John Gerry (Retired)
  • Deputy Chief Edward Beyer (Retired - Two Time Recipient)
  • Officer Richard Burton (Retired)
  • Detective Charles Corton (Retired)
  • Officer Robert Czipulis (Retired)
  • Sergeant George Deprado (Retired)
  • Captain Martin Farraher (Retired)
  • Sergeant Arnold Finley (Retired)
  • Sergeant Kent Hart (Retired - Three Time Recipient)
  • Lieutenant Jorge Hierro (Retired)
  • Lieutenant Barry Krane (Retired)
  • Sergeant Steven Lublinski (Retired)
  • Lieutenant Daniel Magill (Retired)
  • Officer Thomas McGrath (Retired)
  • Officer Elio Oliva (Retired)
  • Officer Mario Pena (Retired)
  • Officer Kenneth Provenzano (Retired)
  • Sergeant John Sabia (Retired)
  • Officer Arthur Simon (Retired - Two Time Recipient)
  • Officer Rudy Toth (Retired)
  • Lieutenant Humberto Valdes (Retired)
  • Sergeant William O'Connell (Retired)
  • Officer Rolando A. Bolanos
  • Officer Jorge Ruiz


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