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Developer Florian La Roche
OS family Unix-like
Working state Discontinued
Initial release 1994; 24 years ago (1994)
Final release with kernel 2.0.36 / November 17, 1998; 19 years ago (1998-11-17)
License GNU GPL

Jurix was an early GNU/Linux distribution created by Florian La Roche, a former employee of the legal department at Saarland University. The distribution was maintained between 1993 and 1999[1] and hosted on the now-defunct "jurix.jura.uni-sb.de" and "susix.jura.uni-sb.de" domains.

In 1996, Jurix superseded Slackware as a base for SuSE Linux.[2]

The name "Jurix" was borrowed from the department's first HTTP server, named by Alexander Sigel.[3] It is not known whether the name was taken from the nearby Dutch law and IT organisation JURIX, or simply a portmanteau of "Jura" (meaning "law" in German) and "Linux".

A readme from 1999 touts the following software, among others:[4]


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