List of television programs based on video games

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This is a list of television programs based on video games:

Animated programs[edit]

There have also been several one-off video game-based cartoons, including specials such as Bubsy, Battletoads and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

Live action programs[edit]

Series about video games[edit]

AaronStone- A boy turns into his favorite online superhero

  • Captain N: The Game Master - Revolves around a kid who travels across various NES videogames.
  • Code Monkeys - About the lives of video game programmers and animated to resemble and parody the tropes of 1980s 8 and 16 bit video games.
  • GamesMaster (1992-1998)
  • Deadly Games (1995) - plot centred on video game villains that have escaped into reality.
  • Harsh Realm (1999) - Hobbes who is a soldier about to retire, is put into a virtual reality where the only way to get out alive and get back to his wife and the love of his life, is to kill a guy called Santiago. Santiago is another soldier who is in the game and has taken it over.
  • .hack (2002–present)
  • GameCenter CX
  • Ace Lightning (2002) - Children's television series centred on a teenage boy's life after his video game characters come to life.
  • Game Over (2004) - TV series about the lives of video game characters after the game was over. Aired on UPN originally.
  • King Koopa’s Kool Kartoons - not actually based on a game, just a framing device for cartoons and toy giveaways.
  • Nick Arcade
  • The Power Team (1990–1992) Featured various Acclaim video game characters.
  • ReBoot (1994) - The characters commonly assume the roles of enemy NPCs in "Game Cubes".
  • Video Power
  • The Guild
  • Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006)
  • Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (2010)
  • Tron: Uprising (2012)
  • Virtual Insanity Advance (2012) - Sketch-comedy series centered on video games where people simulate popular and ancient corresponding video-games while interacting with real people and features short animated segments of cartoons based on popular video games.
  • Video Game High School
  • Video & Arcade Top 10
  • Sword Art Online (2012) - A series where players get trapped in a VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Game) named Sword Art Online.
  • Accel World (2012) - A series about a boy who plays VR video games to escape bullies in school and discovers a secret program that is able to accelerate the human cognitive process to the point at which time appears to stop.
  • Log Horizon (2013) - The series follows the strategist, Shiroe, and the other players of the long-lived MMORPG Elder Tales after they find themselves whisked away into the game world following a game update.
  • Overlord (2015)- Japanese anime series about a VRMMO that is in the process of getting shut down but becomes real.
  • Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (2016)

Series episodes with plots centered on video games[edit]

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