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IndustrySports equipment
Founded1906; 114 years ago (1906) in Vardal, Oppland, Norway
FounderMartin Madshus
Biri, Gjøvik, Oppland
ProductsCross country skis, ski boots, poles
ParentK2 Sports

Madshus is a Norwegian ski and ski-equipment manufacturer, located at Biri in Gjøvik. The company produces cross-country skis, ski boots and poles.


Madshus skis

Madshus is the world's oldest ski manufacturer. The first Madshus skis were produced by Martin Madshus in 1906 in a barn in Vardal near Gjøvik. The company was moved to Lillehammer in 1936, and then to Biri in 1972. In 1988, the factory was bought by K2 Sports Inc, but the skis are still produced at Biri. Some Madshus skis have been made in China (e.g. some 2013-2014 Glittertinds).

Madshus is one of only two remaining Norwegian ski manufacturers, the other being Åsnes Ski.

Notable Madshus skiers
Discipline Flag Athlete
Biathlon Norway Ole Einar Bjørndalen
Halvard Hanevold
Emil Hegle Svendsen
Germany Michael Greis
Kati Wilhelm
Sweden Anna-Carin Olofsson
Cross country Norway Frode Estil
Kristin Størmer Steira
Heidi Weng
Germany Axel Teichmann
René Sommerfeldt
Evi Sachenbacher Stehle
Italy Christian Zorzi
Finland Krista Pärmäkoski
Nordic combined Norway Magnus Moan
Finland Antti Kuisma
Hannu Manninen
Germany Ronny Ackermann
Sebastian Haseney
Georg Hettich

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